Sunday, December 2, 2018

Don't Run From Your Enemies pt 1

Why run away from your enemies? Why do we not face their "wrath" head on like a bull? How do we let human beings like ourselves consume us with fear?

Someone who prefers to see you fall would never like to see your eyes full of warmth and positivity. They'd prefer your eyes be filled with fear of them or sadness, tears.

Your enemy, worst of all, can be your closest friend or even one of your family members. Betrayal hurts the most, coming from experience and it inspired me to write this.

When an enemy approached you with negativity, the best thing that you could do for yourself is to ZONE them out. You don't need their negativity. You need their words that they spew wrapped up in your head. Their words may be spit towards you but dodge it. Let it slide, do not let it anger you. Anger will cause you to retaliate and the enemy just wants to see you angry.

A close friend had back-stabbed or betrayed you? You may not realize that you have had numerous amounts of friends surrounding you and waiting for you to talk to them with open arms. Yes, the hurt from your enemies might cause you to have trust issues and cause you to block out persons that are around you but letting someone or more it can do so much for you. They can provide you with positivity and help build up YOUR strength for your comeback. I'm sure we can all relate to betrayal from someone that was once or is still present in your life.

If you know of any of your friends experiencing betrayal or hurt because of one of their family members or their friends, at least try and communicate with them and show them that, they're not alone. They have people here who love them and will appreciate them.

Surrounding yourself with positivity is one of the best comebacks. A smile a day casts the negativity away. Never forget that. Remind your friends that you appreciate their existence in your life and tell them that you love them.


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