Tuesday, December 11, 2018

pickpockets: Maestros del robo (2018) REVIEW

Pickpockets PosterHere we are again with a brand new movie review for you my fellow readers. Pickpockets is a movie where you will feel the vibes of a south american ghetto life with all its fantasies and cruel n rough life conditions. I really enjoyed the movie when I seen it just two days ago and it was quite enjoyable and breath taking etc. The way it goes and the structure of events just catches you and you basically become a part of the story yourself. These two kids are pickpockets and plus there is this girlfriend of the white boy who is a graffiti girl and lives in the wrecks of trailers or whatsoever. So in order to find where this girl lives, our boys steal her id card and painting stuff without her noticing. So that these boys are proffessional, they didn't spend any effort for it. Let me lastly mention the master behind this stuff. He is Ricko and he is this spanish guy who has trouble with mafia and is a really good pickpocket who can make millions a day. But he still needs these boys as slaves to get the exacts amount matching his debt.


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