Sunday, December 2, 2018

Thank U, Next!

This blog post is going to be a song analizing which we will review the brand new released single from the famous pop music icon Ariana Grande.

Let's start with why the fans of Ariana Grande got surprised and what surprised them in this new top pop single released only one and a half days ago. Thank U, Next is basically a song written on self-love and it is emotional. The song was produced by Crazy Mike , Scootie and TBHits.
As you can understand from the lyrics and the references of the song, it is clear that Ariana Grande wrote about or mentioned her romantic relationships over the years which we all know from the public. More surprisingly, Ariana actually gave the names of those boys she dated in her lyrics and what she felt from her relationship with them on her own perspective. Some of the men she dated are; Sean , Ricky Alvarez , Pete Davidson , Mac Miller.

Ariana Grande also mentioned her own parents relationship when she was a child in the song. Ariana Grande publicly told her fans that the upcoming album would be titled the same as the single "Thank u, next". In the same day as the new song got released, it already hit the charts by getting to the very top of the Genius Music Charts. 

In the music video for the single Thank U Next , you can easily spot the man in blue sweater who is Jonathan Bennett, and a friend of hers named Courtney Chipolone. Also Elizabeth Gillies is in the music video too. (wears a pink shirt).

One Youtuber named Rachel Nielsen also said, "Grew from the drama, that's a hard way to grow up y'all like your whole life in the media, everything surrounding you, wow!"

My own personal view on this new released Ariana Grande top viewed pop song is that I actually don't listen to new pop songs that often but this one really made me write a blog post about it so that it gives a lot of clues about the newly forming social ideology on the person's view upon his or her ex's and the way to look at life. If you were to ask me if this is a way I would prefer, well I don't know. Because I don't have any ex's or girlfriend, so I might not be able to answer my view correctly but if I were to write a song about the people I dated in a romantic relationship, I would not include their names and would not be in such an attitude of skipping the men as if they are in a music playlist where you can go "Thank You , Next".

Also, you can get her new single from Amazon too! 

- Written by Yunus E. Vurgun



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