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Sunday, December 30, 2018

What Would Happen If You Were To Become a Living Virtual Reality?

mFirst of first, Ladies and gentleman, the V.R. (Virtual Reality) is not a simple kid's game anymore. Let's clap! Or shall we clap for it? Maybe it is not as we thought and maybe it is not a fun place where we can spend our free time? Maybe it is so powerful that maybe one day we will become a permenant part of it and maybe if the whole world collapses under the wars of humanity, it will be the only way out for our minds and souls....
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Are We Already In It?

I don't think so. But... Who knows ha? Either you like it or not, there is a point of view, a hypothesis that we are indeed living in a virtual "fake" world. The idea supports that there is this huge virtual enviroment named the universe that is made by don't know who and somehow and someone is controlling our simulation and hiding the real world from us. Hmm? I'm not buying it, sorry. 

According to Ivana from, this truth about the religions might be an evidence to the hypothesis "Are we in a simulation?" : 

"Almost universally every religious tradition say that the world has a beginning and the end. That it does not continue forever. That is almost a universal truth throughout the religions."

My personal view upon this is that, I just see this statement as a historical and current truth about the belief systems but nothing more. I do not think that it can be an evidence only itself to the idea of us living in a virtual universe. But... Who knows ha?

"humans will CHOOSE to live in computer simulations, tech firm claims" - The Sun (UK)

"Chip maker company AMD, which runs Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles, is banking on virtual reality taking over the world."

Ok, all right, thank you AMD, but why? Why do we need this to take over everything we have? There may be few reasons; Maybe we the humans are very stressed and tired of the real world and the obstacles it has and maybe, just maybe we don't wanna live this life anymore, rich or poor doesn't matter at all.... 

Fast Company also has an opinion on this topic we are discussing, they say this:

"Starting in 2003, graphical virtual worlds like Second Life took the technology world by storm. But while they presented fascinating social, economic, and technological innovations, worlds like Second Life were fundamentally limited–they were 2D, mostly had keyboard-only interfaces, and were often so difficult to learn to use that the vast majority of people who created accounts bailed before spending any meaningful time in-world."

According to Elon Musk, (says BBC) ; "The idea that we live in a simulation has some high-profile advocates. In June 2016, technology entrepreneur Elon Musk asserted that the odds are "a billion to one" against us living in "base reality".

Also, (so that we got into giving a space here for what other websites says...) , According to the website The Verge , someone will take this new trend into something further and will try to do this:

"Next year, artist Mark Farid wants to give up a month of his life to virtual reality. If a crowdfunding campaign succeeds, he’ll spend 28 days in a gallery, wearing a VR headset and a pair of noise-canceling headphones. For the duration of the show, all he’ll experience will be video and audio captured by a complete stranger, going about their daily life. When they eat, he’ll eat. When they sleep, he’ll sleep. As much as modern technology permits, he will let his individual identity evaporate."

-Yunus Emre Vurgun (Blogger & Spotify Artist).

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