Thursday, January 31, 2019

Lost Kid In Quwero - a short story of a blog writer

In the depths of a dark planet that is kind of similarly created to our planet. It almost looks like earth but has some aspects of the planet Mars too. It was called The Quwero by the local living organisms there. These organisms were not just some non-intelligent life forms but instead pretty close to what we humans are except the outlook and the biological structure. They are capable of thinking, thought processing and answering questions in their languages. Indeed they do not use vocal cords to communicate but instead they do use something we can't: their eyes. Interestingly the residents of Quwero were quite intelligent and that was the reason they could use their eyes to communicate. More intelligent than humans. The main thing with their eye contact was that their brain-like organ was actually capable of analizing the little movements of the eyes. Yes they had two eyes like us humans.

One day, the Quwero's department of police was in great panic due to a saddenning event that has just occured. It was the loss of a kid. But not a "loss", ,instead the kid was just missing basically. I mean, LOST. Yes , a kid from Quwero was lost. All the resident aliens of the planet paniced greatly and were so horrified to hear something this rare that happened to be announced and all the aliens who heard about the missing of the kid , they all gathered around and eye contacted to solve or in other words to find a way to get back their lost little member of the society.

Two days passed (32 planet earth hours) but there were still no sign of the lost alien kid but instead there was a great panic surrounding their minds because there was a fact that if someone there is lost for some certain time, it is almost impossible for them to return or come back in one piece due to the existence of a deadly monster that lived in the deapths of the mountain Fr'edo. The short name for the mountain was "The F". Because it was so hard to pronounce the full name so that it has an extra letter that they also need to pronounce which is this: '

Even more days passed but there was still no sign of the lost alien kid whatsoever. They started to panic and started to get even more scared and hopeless. What about the monster? has he caught the poor little alien? Hope not, hope not my dear brothers and sisters of Quwero.

-yunus e. vurgun

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Am I Being Watched? ­čĹÇ

Image result for big brother Is there really some secret power that has an eye on us? Is the big brother watching every move we make? Are the governments planning a similar plan to the China's new plan that we know as the "social credit system". If we need to explain what it is China has been up to recently, this is that the Chinese government has been working on a high-tech system that is or will be able to track down people living in their country with every move they make, their choices, their talks, their schedule for work, for family weekend programs and etc. You may question why would a government want to see every single move of it's citizens even if they are not related to crimes or against the law actions or decesions?

The answer might be complicated, or above our understanding but in this blog post, I will try to uncover what might be the ideology behind this high-tech powerful plan. 

     China's New Plan: 

"The Social Credit System (Chinese: šĄżń╝Üń┐íšöĘńŻôš│╗; pinyin: sh├Ęhu├Č x├Čny├▓ng tăÉx├Č) is a national reputation system being developed by the Chinese government. By 2020, it is intended to standardise the assessment of citizens' and businesses' economic and social reputation, or 'credit'."

"The "social credit system," first announced in 2014, aims to reinforce the idea that "keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful," according to a government document. The program is due to be fully operational nationwide by 2020, but is being piloted for millions of people across the country already. The scheme will be mandatory. At the moment the system is piecemeal — some are run by city councils, others are scored by private tech platforms which hold personal data. Like private credit scores, a person's social score can move up and down depending on their behavior. The exact methodology is a secret — but examples of infractions include bad driving, smoking in non-smoking zones, buying too many video games and posting fake news online."

-Yunus E. Vurgun
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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Importance Of Silent Psychopathy

Would you guess I would write something such as this? Well, yea you would actually, so that it's what I do 24/7. So in this post I will try my best to not go out of topic as possibe. We will focus on the "importance" of being silent when being in a mental state of psychopathy. Well, I know this sounds like bullsh*t but believe me you won't call it a bullshit after you finish. Because it is even more pointless than bullsh*t.

Related imageSo this article hasn't really gotten any informative purpose or any academic perspective but only a bit of humor I'd say. Yea we're doing humor here. It is indeed a must of being a cool modern movie-faked wannabe person and act like a serious though man with top level emotions and etc. You still won't get girls with it but at least be the cool kid that they point with their fingers (shaking, trembling little fingers... errr).

Today, your role is to be a silent psychopath. And in order to complete this very mission carefully , you may need my advice. Because I'm a specialist on this very topic you know. I had a masters degree about being a humor blog writer and co-operated with central intelligence agencies to train them better at writing humor blogs. Don't believe me? HA-hA-Ha! Poor sh*t a*s b*tch!

As shown in the image right above, which is most probably something I stole from a movie scene that I have never ever seen in my life of eighteen billion trillion years, and yes it was on google images bruh.
Image result for bruh
The thing with silent psychopathy is all about the idea that I have been f*c*ing in my mind recently (10 seconds before writing this blog post). The idea was that, or the "if" clause was that if I were to be a psychopath (you know I am very normal and suitable for the society... hmm) , what would I be like to give the "cool" impression that those people got in the horror movies. Well, being silent sounds cool. Just stare at your victims with cold bare eyes with no sleep. hell yea.

Also, we have a sponsor for this video, his name is poor a*s B*tch:

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-Yunus Emre Vurgun (Blog Owner)

Priory of Sion - The Secret Cult

Related image
The Priory of Sion (Prieure de Sion) is affirmed to be a mystery society established in the eleventh century its said reason to save and ensure the first statutes of Christianity and go about as watchman to Jesus and Mary Magdalene's consecrated bloodline.

The standard open were at first acquainted with the Priory through various disputable BBC Two documentaries and books by authors Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh. 
The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail (advertised as Holy Blood, Holy Grail in the U.S.) particularly cocked eyebrows. In this provocative book the writers expressed "There was a mystery arrange behind the Knights Templar, which made the Templars as its military and authoritative arm. This request, which has worked under an assortment of names, is most much of the time known as the Prieure de Sion (Priory of Sion). The Prieure de Sion has been coordinated by a succession of Grand Masters whose names are among the most celebrated in Western history and culture. In spite of the fact that the Knights Templar were devastated and disintegrated somewhere in the range of 1307 and 1314 the Prieure de Sion stayed sound." 

Different attestations incorporate the accompanying: The Priory of Sion was established in 1099 CE and is pledged to restore the Merovingian administration whom they accept to be the relatives of Jesus and Mary Magdalene to control; its pioneers or Grand Masters have incorporated any semblance of Isaac Newton, Robert Fludd, Victor Hugo and Leonardo da Vinci; the Priory is devoted to an assembled Europe and new world request; and the Catholic Church has been locked in, truly, in a war to demolish the tradition and its defenders the Cathars and Knights Templar so as to hold expert managed it through a male centric line of Popes starting with Peter rather than the real inherited progression that started with Mary Magdalene.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Interesting Facts About Staying Home For a Long Time

Home is a fundamental human need. In any case, remaining inside throughout the day may fuel nervousness, a sleeping disorder and that too-natural sense that people simply aren't intended to spend the entire day inside. You miss a ton when you encircle yourself with dividers, and daylight beat the rundown.

Image result for messed up bedroomDr. Wright’s research has shown electric lighting and the absence of natural light may throw off your internal rhythms. He says jet lag and an erratic sleep-wake schedule (the kind which most shift workers face) also disrupt your circadian clock. Research has linked working nights to impaired health and wellbeing, increased risk for obesity, diabetes, substance abuse, depression and other diseases, Wright says.

As every year lived crashes like a wave onto the shorelines of our childhood, it gathers up granules of hesitance, the significance of shallow objectives, and FOMO propensities. Valid, alongside each slamming, the sun likewise gradually sets on our childhood or whatever, yet I'd contend all in all, maturing is something to be thankful for. We resign our gathering shoes from normal turn, at long last understanding and regarding that seething all the time is a bizarre, destructive endeavor at broadening our youth. Every birthday celebrated (for a large portion of us, at any rate) develops always manageable, yielding less headaches in their wakes, yet additionally less episodes of disgrace about spending the following day in bed with takeout. You feel progressively certain and secure in yourself, your connections, your direction. It's pretty dope. Alongside all these new grown-up feels and points of view, the strain to "go out" and "delight in youth" winds down. Remaining in isn't just at last accessible on the end of the week night menu, it's the extraordinary. To be genuine, remaining in is superior to anything going out quite often.

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Anime Obsession

Some people on this topic wrote that the reason people  get obsessed with anime is that they can almost never get tired of watching it. There is an abundance , a mass of so called "good"shows and on a wide variety of topics to choose from under the topic of anime. This provides a lot of products to choose from (videos,films) for everyone from different tastes.

Related imagePrivij from Quora forums say; "Anime ….. It’s a parallel universe which is more lively and heart-warming than the real world."


Sunday, January 27, 2019

My paranoid mind

Folks, the title sounds a bit wierdo and a bit saddening but we'll it is some truth of mine to spit. I mean, to tell..yea to tell you. Don't worry I'm more of an anxiety person. (Yes I know you don't care). This Paranoia came up with or triggered by the death of my grandma yesterday. We went through some Islamic rituals and some secularistic procedures and it was sad man. You know I'm not a believer but as an atheist I figured out more about the connection between the death of loved ones and the religion. Briefly, (my battery about to die) they accept it as a truth because the religion gives them hope about the afterlife and tells them every one will be alive again. Don't think I am not full of saddness cuz of this loss of mine, I am sad, I am broke (my uncle threw away my cigarette and yes I am paranoid enough for this). So the title Paranoia has been given so that I , in a this sad day, still think on this paranoid sh#t that is if my uncle will put me in a cage and never allow me to smoke again. But I'm legally allowed. But why do I get paranoid when there is anotjer option: don't smoke near your uncle. HAHAHAAH my lovely Paranoia ahhh cute.

-YeV (blog owner)

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Race to the Moon

All through the 60s, the United States was secured challenge with its Cold War equal, the Soviet Union (USSR), to demonstrate matchless quality through space travel. Alongside the warmed atomic weapons contest, the space race turned into a route for every nation to demonstrate their mechanical ability. It had its foundations in philosophy as well, as both Cold War powers attempted to demonstrate the quality of their country's economy and legislative issues through the achievement of their space programs. 

The NASA Mercury space programs started in 1958 and were the primary kept an eye on space flights, acquainting the American open with its first space travelers. Task Mercury made six flights with space travelers on board somewhere in the range of 1961 and 1963 with the objective of deciding capacities for sending people into space, just as circling a kept an eye on specialty around the Earth. 

Subsequent to being the first to dispatch a satellite into space in October 1957, the USSR progressed in front of the US and its Mercury program again with another space investigation achievement. On April 12, 1961, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was propelled into space in the Vostok I, making him the principal man in space. Three weeks after Gagarin circled the Earth, the US sent Alan Shepard into space in the principal Mercury flight, the Freedom 7. Shepard's flight went superbly yet the US was as yet one stage behind the USSR. 

After two thrashings by the Soviets, the US was edgy for a success, and the following basic achievement was sending a man to the Moon. Since neither one of the countries had the important rocket innovation to accomplish this objective yet, the US would not be beginning off guard. It moved toward becoming President John F. Kennedy's objective to arrive a man on the Moon before the decade's over.
The United States' Gemini venture, a second kept an eye on spaceflight program, started in 1961 and decided and test the prerequisites for NASA to effectively achieve the Moon. The Gemini's targets were to test space travelers in space for significant lots of time, vehicle docking and circling strategies, and safe rocket reentry and landing techniques. The Gemini flights were the main kept an eye on missions to include numerous team individuals and investigate long haul space travel. 

The USSR Voskhod shuttle propelled in 1965 and on March eighteenth cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov accomplished the first ever spacewalk, going through twenty minutes outside of the specialty connected to an umbilical line framework. After three months, space explorer Edward White, on board the Gemini IV, turned into the principal American to ever stroll in space. White was additionally the first to utilize fly impetus which enabled him to drive his body the other way and intentionally move his activities amid his spacewalk. Despite the fact that the Soviet Union had all the earmarks of being in front of the US in the Space Race, NASA was following a deliberately arranged program to guarantee a moon arrival with the Apollo missions in the coming years.
On December 21, 1968, the United States' Apollo 8 mission was propelled and made a six-day excursion to circle the Moon, orbiting it an aggregate of multiple times. Space explorers Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders were the first to consume profound room pictures of Earth. Looking as Earth ascended elated, each of the three space explorers started snapping photos, causing some disagreement about who really delivered what wound up a standout amongst the most famous pictures in American history. General society could encounter the Apollo 8 mission with the team by means of live TV inclusion, and on Christmas Eve the group's incredible Genesis perusing was communicated over radio transmission to everybody tuning in back home. 

Apollo 8 accomplished numerous firsts, including the principal kept an eye on mission in the Saturn V shuttle, sending men around the Moon and returning them securely to Earth. NASA went out on a limb sending the space explorers to circle the Moon, realizing that transmission would be lost once the shuttle was specifically behind it. Without heading from the NASA war room, the team effectively consumed the motors at the correct position expected to bend the shuttle around the Moon's back and return home. The United States was drawing nearer to overcoming the Moon.
As the due date for President Kennedy's objective drew nearer, NASA started an endeavor to accomplish a lunar landing. Told by Neil Armstrong and steered by Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, Apollo 11 propelled on July 16, 1969, from Cape Kennedy (presently known as Cape Canaveral), Florida, with a direction to the Moon. 

The nation viewed from their parlors, transfixed by a standout amongst the most notable minutes to ever communicate over live TV. Utilizing more fuel than anticipated, the plunge of Apollo 11's lunar module was rough, and the mission verged on being prematurely ended. Be that as it may, the space explorers skillfully handled the module on the Moon on July 20. With America watching, Armstrong and Aldrin ventured onto its surface and planted an American banner in its dirt. "That is one little advance for man, one goliath jump for humankind," Armstrong broadcasted. The team burned through over two hours on the Moon leading analyses, taking photos, gathering tests of lunar surface material, and setting their calling card (a dedicatory fix and plaque) superficially for the following being to discover. On July 24, Apollo 11 plunged through Earth's climate and ejected straight into the Pacific Ocean where the team was securely recouped. The race was finished—the United States had won.