Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How Poor Parents Manage Out Over The Christmas. etc.

A woman, 32 years of age, is looking forward to Christmas holiday. She sees this as a rare opportunity to spend a whole day with her two 8 year old children. But she’s also worried― so that she’ll not be able to make them happy because she can’t afford to buy them the few gifts they asked for the very holiday season. She reported that she feels some days she feels like she is failing their hopes. This woman is a single mom who works at two different jobs at the same time, told to a US based internet magazine.It almost makes her feel like she is not trying as hard as she thinks she is. The holiday season is in getting everywhere out there.

Image result for poor christmas pictureAccording to christmas based ads and movie classics, this should be the most joyful, magical time of the year, when families g─▒ve the─▒r children and loved ones nice gifts and enjoy cool and sweet meals. But for low-income families and those living waiting for the paycheck and are in short of money, it can be the most stressful time out there in a year.

There are some serious issues about how to gather money together to buy some gifts and raise money for holiday meals like christmas. Then there are concerns about lost wages for taking time off or child care costs if parents are working or has to work while the kids are at home. There’s serious anxiety about the basic expenses for christmas and other holidays too.

When school or day care is closed, this actually also means children don’t have access to meals they typically get during the day which are affordable for the families and now a little problem out there for them. If you think about low-income families, there are really ongoing financial issues throughout the year in the life of a poor parent.

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 Those financial pressures can even get more pressured during the holidays. For these poor income families, it isn’t about making more sacrifices from work or even working more and harder.

For many of these people on a short icome, actually there are no more frills left to cut and also there are no more hours left in the day available so that they can make some money for stuff like holiday expenses.

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