Thursday, January 3, 2019

How To Make Telephone Scammers Angry.

We all know the phone scammers no matter where we are from. Those people are (mostly the Indians (Hindu) ) calling from India if you are an american) not smart, it is you that  needs to be smart. This is essential. It is not them you need to fear, it is you yourself that you need to fear. Why?

Learn How To Scam a Scammer
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The important thing with this is that you have the ultimate right to back flip the situation. You really can. A bit of courage and you are fine with it. The scammers that call you are not from an evil secret service agency with all the high tech intelligence tools to beat you. They are not even close to being smart. They are seriously stupid and disgusting. They are poorly educated and they are what I consider as digital criminals that are responsible to steal from dumb rich people. Use their tactics to win the fight. For example; In a case where the scammer says, "Good evening Sir, I am calling from the police department of Alabama and you will be under arrest if not pay us one thousand US Dollars in 24 hours." So that this is our case, we need to act as if we are dumb. Act as if you are panicked. Tell them you will send the money but ask them where to send and who to send it. If they give you information for it, take that and report it to the police without them realizing. The plan B is that the scammer wants to see you eye to eye, then it is time for a serious emergency alarm. In this situation, say okay to the scammer and wait for them to arrive to a fake home address that you are not living at but that is near your house. What you need to do it to write down the fake address and immediately call the local police department and explain them the situation and what you have done. This way the police will be able to catch the scammer and even if the scammer gets away somehow, would not know your address.

How To Get Rid Of a Scammer In a Minute

This is another option if you are not on your day and not feeling like James Bond. You can basically say hello and then tell them to never call again and shut the phone.

-Yunus Emre Vurgun (Turkish Blogger and Musician)


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