Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Importance Of Silent Psychopathy

Would you guess I would write something such as this? Well, yea you would actually, so that it's what I do 24/7. So in this post I will try my best to not go out of topic as possibe. We will focus on the "importance" of being silent when being in a mental state of psychopathy. Well, I know this sounds like bullsh*t but believe me you won't call it a bullshit after you finish. Because it is even more pointless than bullsh*t.

Related imageSo this article hasn't really gotten any informative purpose or any academic perspective but only a bit of humor I'd say. Yea we're doing humor here. It is indeed a must of being a cool modern movie-faked wannabe person and act like a serious though man with top level emotions and etc. You still won't get girls with it but at least be the cool kid that they point with their fingers (shaking, trembling little fingers... errr).

Today, your role is to be a silent psychopath. And in order to complete this very mission carefully , you may need my advice. Because I'm a specialist on this very topic you know. I had a masters degree about being a humor blog writer and co-operated with central intelligence agencies to train them better at writing humor blogs. Don't believe me? HA-hA-Ha! Poor sh*t a*s b*tch!

As shown in the image right above, which is most probably something I stole from a movie scene that I have never ever seen in my life of eighteen billion trillion years, and yes it was on google images bruh.
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The thing with silent psychopathy is all about the idea that I have been f*c*ing in my mind recently (10 seconds before writing this blog post). The idea was that, or the "if" clause was that if I were to be a psychopath (you know I am very normal and suitable for the society... hmm) , what would I be like to give the "cool" impression that those people got in the horror movies. Well, being silent sounds cool. Just stare at your victims with cold bare eyes with no sleep. hell yea.

Also, we have a sponsor for this video, his name is poor a*s B*tch:

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-Yunus Emre Vurgun (Blog Owner)


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