Lost Kid In Quwero - a short story of a blog writer

In the depths of a dark planet that is kind of similarly created to our planet. It almost looks like earth but has some aspects of the planet Mars too. It was called The Quwero by the local living organisms there. These organisms were not just some non-intelligent life forms but instead pretty close to what we humans are except the outlook and the biological structure. They are capable of thinking, thought processing and answering questions in their languages. Indeed they do not use vocal cords to communicate but instead they do use something we can't: their eyes. Interestingly the residents of Quwero were quite intelligent and that was the reason they could use their eyes to communicate. More intelligent than humans. The main thing with their eye contact was that their brain-like organ was actually capable of analizing the little movements of the eyes. Yes they had two eyes like us humans.

One day, the Quwero's department of police was in great panic due to a saddenning event that has just occured. It was the loss of a kid. But not a "loss", ,instead the kid was just missing basically. I mean, LOST. Yes , a kid from Quwero was lost. All the resident aliens of the planet paniced greatly and were so horrified to hear something this rare that happened to be announced and all the aliens who heard about the missing of the kid , they all gathered around and eye contacted to solve or in other words to find a way to get back their lost little member of the society.

Two days passed (32 planet earth hours) but there were still no sign of the lost alien kid but instead there was a great panic surrounding their minds because there was a fact that if someone there is lost for some certain time, it is almost impossible for them to return or come back in one piece due to the existence of a deadly monster that lived in the deapths of the mountain Fr'edo. The short name for the mountain was "The F". Because it was so hard to pronounce the full name so that it has an extra letter that they also need to pronounce which is this: '

Even more days passed but there was still no sign of the lost alien kid whatsoever. They started to panic and started to get even more scared and hopeless. What about the monster? has he caught the poor little alien? Hope not, hope not my dear brothers and sisters of Quwero.

-yunus e. vurgun