Sunday, January 27, 2019

My paranoid mind

Folks, the title sounds a bit wierdo and a bit saddening but we'll it is some truth of mine to spit. I mean, to tell..yea to tell you. Don't worry I'm more of an anxiety person. (Yes I know you don't care). This Paranoia came up with or triggered by the death of my grandma yesterday. We went through some Islamic rituals and some secularistic procedures and it was sad man. You know I'm not a believer but as an atheist I figured out more about the connection between the death of loved ones and the religion. Briefly, (my battery about to die) they accept it as a truth because the religion gives them hope about the afterlife and tells them every one will be alive again. Don't think I am not full of saddness cuz of this loss of mine, I am sad, I am broke (my uncle threw away my cigarette and yes I am paranoid enough for this). So the title Paranoia has been given so that I , in a this sad day, still think on this paranoid sh#t that is if my uncle will put me in a cage and never allow me to smoke again. But I'm legally allowed. But why do I get paranoid when there is anotjer option: don't smoke near your uncle. HAHAHAAH my lovely Paranoia ahhh cute.

-YeV (blog owner)


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