Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Priory of Sion - The Secret Cult

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The Priory of Sion (Prieure de Sion) is affirmed to be a mystery society established in the eleventh century its said reason to save and ensure the first statutes of Christianity and go about as watchman to Jesus and Mary Magdalene's consecrated bloodline.

The standard open were at first acquainted with the Priory through various disputable BBC Two documentaries and books by authors Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh. 
The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail (advertised as Holy Blood, Holy Grail in the U.S.) particularly cocked eyebrows. In this provocative book the writers expressed "There was a mystery arrange behind the Knights Templar, which made the Templars as its military and authoritative arm. This request, which has worked under an assortment of names, is most much of the time known as the Prieure de Sion (Priory of Sion). The Prieure de Sion has been coordinated by a succession of Grand Masters whose names are among the most celebrated in Western history and culture. In spite of the fact that the Knights Templar were devastated and disintegrated somewhere in the range of 1307 and 1314 the Prieure de Sion stayed sound." 

Different attestations incorporate the accompanying: The Priory of Sion was established in 1099 CE and is pledged to restore the Merovingian administration whom they accept to be the relatives of Jesus and Mary Magdalene to control; its pioneers or Grand Masters have incorporated any semblance of Isaac Newton, Robert Fludd, Victor Hugo and Leonardo da Vinci; the Priory is devoted to an assembled Europe and new world request; and the Catholic Church has been locked in, truly, in a war to demolish the tradition and its defenders the Cathars and Knights Templar so as to hold expert managed it through a male centric line of Popes starting with Peter rather than the real inherited progression that started with Mary Magdalene.


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