Monday, January 7, 2019

Rodger's Villains - a short story

It was a dark monday morning in the city of LER. Brian was busy doing his google research on the topic that has been given to him due to the position he's got in the office. It was pretty urgent so that the boss is getting even more angry at him because of the prior mistakes Brian has made so far. The boss was a nice guy actually. He was nice to everybody but Brian. His name was Albert but they would call him Mr. F. in the office so that he was the boss and no other employees would want to get fired at this time of the year where they were getting ready for a holiday trip for christmas. Rodger was the least handsome employee out there in the office. He was quite shy and disrespectful to jokes made to charm him. He was considered kind of a maniac or a unsympathetic man. No one would waste their time talking to this boring and disturbingly wierd man when there are other good looking educated personnel to take job advices and to coorperate with in an upcoming task. Brian was not a bad guy though. He was jsut too much of a sheep in the flock. Obedient and happy as a hippo hippie. Not fat though. Rodger was not that dangerous afterall. He was just sad about almost anything he faces. Women, payments, sallery, house, cars and many more things he was busy figuring out in a week.
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Interestingly, Brian didn't know much about Rodger when he knows all the unnecessary information about most of the employees in the working place. Rodger was a real unlucky bastard. He was so sad and excluded in the society that even Brian didn't notice Rodger. Mr. Albert F. was not happy with both Rodger's and Brian's work and was planning to fire them in the next season. But he didn't really needed to fire and he also needed those guys to keep it up going with a good motivation. More employees the better it is. Is it?

One day Rodger got so sad and mad all in once that he tried to cut this hair with a knife angrily. He ruined it and the next day as he went to the office the shouting of the boss Albert was heard all around the huge noist city. Even the cars stopped and gave it a listen to figure out if it was a terrorist attack or not. Rodger was sadder and broke. This time it was even worse. Briefly, he lost it all, lost his one and only job as he lost her wife that never existed and was only living in his mind. It was sad when people become conscious and become isolated due to their anxiety like Rodger does.

Rodger spent the next five years trying to figure out what was his purpose in life and has a couple of suicide attempts. None were any good. He gave up all the hope in his "esprit"(fr.).

R.I.P. to Rodger and the villians he worked to create chaos starting from the fifth year he left the job and until his death...... DÉCHIRURE. (fr.)

-Yunus Emre Vurgun

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