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Chinese Leader Visits U. S. Shops For Sneakers - HAHAHAHAHA!

This is what fair trade is all about, he said. ├┤You give us things to make, and we make them.
Hu Jintao, the leader of China, began his four-day trip to the United States by doing something that made him feel right at home. Landing in Seattle, he was driven immediately to a Footlocker, where he purchased a pair of Nike sneakers. He proudly held them up to the camera, displaying the label on the inside of the tongue that heralded, ├┤Made in China.├ ├┤This is what fair trade is all about,├ he said. ├┤You give us things to make, and we make them.├ His next stop was at the tastefully restrained $100-million home of Bill Gates, where he gave an affable dinner talk. There was no discussion of whether he would allow equal time for a visit to Steve Jobs. His trip includes the inevitable meeting with

Image result for sneakers meme chinesePresident Bush, where they├ćll discuss all of the topics they├ćre bound to agree to disagree about, such as the touchy subject of human rights and whether or not Taiwan can somehow be re-stitched to mainland China, how to divvy up the world supply of oil so both economies can keep chugging along on the black gold of the Middle East, if China might join us in restraining the nuclear ambitions of scandalously belligerent Iran, and if China might value its currency appropriately before our trade deficit with them turns our own pockets completely inside out. While we may quibble with the lack of progress the two are likely to make, just seeing the gentleman here, smiling and dressed in an accommodating suit and tie gives us some cause for hope that amity and progress between the two nations will increase, especially those of us who remember Mao and his monstrously debilitating ways, toward the finest potential of his own people and toward our own now much maligned but persistently well-intentioned nation.

Tennis And "The Ugly Parent Syndrome"

Summary: Article discussing ugly behaviour of parent(s) towards their tennis playing children. 

There's a syndrome in tennis circles that has come to be widely known as "The Ugly Parent Syndrome." It is one in which teenaged players, or even those in their pre-teens, are placed under enormous pressure by over-zealous parents determined to see their children scale the heights of tennis greatness. The pressure these parents exert can come in many forms -- from subtle psychological techniques that play one child off against another ("How come Johnny's forehand is much better than yours? -- Don't you think you should practise more often?") to threatening a child with a loss of some value if he doesn't perform ("Forget about that new racquet if you don't beat Johnny").

 It can involve becoming deaf to their child's concerns if those concerns conflict with what the parent has determined to be in the child's "best interests". ("I know you'd rather spend some more time with your friends, but I know what's best, and what's best is that you spend two more hours practising forehands.") And in some extreme cases, the pressure can even take the form of actual physical abuse. On an international scale, the most (in)famous "ugly parent" of all is Jim Pierce, whose daughter, Mary, has been for a number of years one of the game's top women players. In the early 1990's, Jim Pierce's behaviour became so threatening to his daughter that she hired bodyguards and took out restraining orders to protect herself from him. In 1993, he was banned by the Women's Tennis Association from attending tournaments, although that ban was lifted a few years later. There have been many other documented instances of what can only be described as child abuse leading, in most cases, to premature retirement and the destruction of the parent/child relationship. Bearing in mind that it is only those instances where the child reaches an international level of play that any 

publicity is brought to bear on an abusive parent, consider how much of this sort of thing goes on at the lower levels. When I look at some of the tennis parents today -- in contrast to 20 or 25 years ago, when most parents were able to draw the distinction between a supportive influence and an overbearing, constraining one -- I can't help but observe the same sort of unhealthy obsession with their child's performance that characterises the more notorious of tennis' ugly parents. Forgetting that the most important thing for a child to develop is a love of the game, these parents all but guarantee their child's involvement with the sport will be short-lived. As anyone who has competed at a high level of sport knows, there is nothing worse than having to deal with the added burden of unwanted pressure, particularly from a parent (or coach) who has zero understanding of what the game is about 

-- but who thinks they do. Living vicariously through their child, or attempting to impress other parents with their child's ability, or secretly hoping to one day live off their child's earnings, the ugly parent is driven by a compulsive desire to control every single aspect of his or her child's career, often based on a groundless assumption that their child is destined for tennis stardom.

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Burn them galaxies

Have you ever thought like you are in an empty nonsense creation of a useless existence? Or are you on the other side where they believe everything is fine and god controls all? Doesn’t matter, because we all see one page ,one world and one violence. Sometimes we see people dying in front of us, sometimes we see children suffering while their parents kick them with some heavy boots. Or sometimes we have to stand seeing grandparents torturing their grandchildren with sharp knives and machine guns. Ok , ok this is a bit heavy. Not a good idea neither. Neither? What was the first thing then? Well, that’s a secret I shall keep to eternity, understand son? No papaaaaaa?
“Burn them galaxies,
burn them evil,
burn them galaxies,
burn them souls,

What we deserve will come back for us. A zombie virus might haunt your dreams but when that zombie virus SHOOTS YOU IN THA HEAD,you gotta freeze the time to shoot’em back in tha head nigga. Did you say the “N” word? Yea, cuz i ain’t no american and I don’t give a sh*t about the world and it’s people.
Da dA Da dA DA da Da
Ga GA gA ga Ga
Ba bA ba
Aa aa
0 0
-0 -0
– 9 9 9
– 6 6 6
6 6 6

10 Tips On Choosing The Best Arts Culinary school

Summary: Every enthusiast wishing to become an exceptional chef needs to choose the best Arts Culinary School. An ideal school provides the students with all the training and learning necessities to excel in this field. These schools include different specialization fields such as food writer, gourmet, restaurant owner, a baker and so on. It entirely depends upon the students that what kind of work in culinary field they need to consider after graduating from the culinary school.

Every enthusiast wishing to become an exceptional chef needs to choose the best Arts Culinary School. An ideal school provides the students with all the training and learning necessities to excel in this field. These schools include different specialization fields such as food writer, gourmet, restaurant owner, a baker and so on. It entirely depends upon the students that what kind of work in culinary field they need to consider after graduating from the culinary school. Tips To Choose The Best Arts Culinary School (ACS): Few basic tips an individual needs to follow are as mentioned below: 1.Accreditation by government bodies: This is the foremost and crucial step while selecting the best ACS. Check out the school├ćs accreditation. 2.Level of Courses: Individuals need to decide whether they want to take admission for short duration courses, diploma, certification courses or degree. 3.Peers ratings: Check from the graduated friends about the teaching standards and overall quality of the particular ACS. 4.Affiliations with companies: An individual needs to see if the school provides any placements after completion of the courses. Some schools have their hotels, so student need not have to search for job. 5.Strength of the students: Select the school having ample amount of international students. It enables them to get acquainted with diverse groups, which is useful in hospitality learning. 6.Competency of Teachers: Teachers in the school need to be competent with strong experience levels. They help in creating better students. 7.Other facilities: Check the accommodation, transportation, meals, free internet and other facilities. 8.Location: The culinary school needs to be located at ideal place. It has to be readily accessible and free from any health concerns. 9.Practical Training: The best ACS is the one which provides hands on training in popular restaurants. It also helps the students to earn a stipend during their vacation break. 10.Education costs: Check the fees structure of culinary school. Compare the fees with other ACS and choose the best arts culinary school. Importance of Choosing the Right Culinary School: There are various culinary schools located across various places in the world who claim that they are the best. An individual can directly visit the school or can surf the federal websites that rank and provide the accreditation to the arts culinary schools. But choosing the right school becomes really difficult. Hence, a student needs to adhere to certain guidelines before choosing the best ACS. How to Find the Best Culinary Arts School (ACS)? 1.Verify the specialization field: An individual planning to take admission to any ACS need to first determine the area of interest. The ACS offer various training options. By identifying the field of specialization, an individual can determine the ideal school as per the needs. Research about the various cooking school and determine their key niche area. 2.Categorize the various ACS: After discovering about the peculiarities of each school, an individual needs to set criteria of his own. Judge everything from accreditation to career placements, internships to degrees offered, fees structure to faculty members. Besides these, also remain aware of the mission, ideology, academic records, and reliability of the programs of the specific ACS. 3.Pay a personal visit to the school: This will help an individual in getting a genuine view of the ACS. Interact with the enrolled students, observe the teachings and develop an impression, subsequent to which take the final decision.

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How to Grow Your Website?

One of the modern techniques to build brand awareness, increase online visibility, or boost a high return on investment is by creating a website. But it’s not as easier as you imagine. Website creation is tough. Growing your site is even harder.
Don’t worry! Along with a good website platform, there are effective ways to achieve constant site growth, high traffic, and unexplainable sales.

Here are some of the experts-recommended tips:
·         Never stop advertising. Business is never simple. It becomes complicated as time goes by. As the client’s demand increases, the competition becomes difficult.

When promoting your services, take advantage of social media, paid search, and display advertising. They are proven to attract potential visitors, increasing high conversion rates.

Related imageUnfortunately, only a few can maximize these advertising techniques. But for a startup, you can get the job done like a pro. Adjust or modify your paid strategies to suit your objectives. Also, consider high intent keywords. You can seek assistance from a qualified expert to streamline the process.

·         Don’t overlook the opportunities of getting social. Producing quality and meaningful content is not enough. As an aspiring business owner, you should be proactive. Using a range of social media channels is good to go. Twitter and Instagram are ideal. Google promotion can also help. Optimize your content to appear it on top of the search ranking. Make it mobile-friendly to reach millions of audience, too.

·         Start blogging. Another way to increase website growth is by writing blogs. If you have expertise in writing, why don’t you offer this type of content? Just provide unique and quality articles to avoid penalties. Or outsource the project to a qualified team of writers.
There you have it! Increasing web traffic can be challenging. But the moment you find the techniques, you will be on top and stand out from the competition.

World's Luckiest Man

Image result for Frane SelakEscaping the cliff of death only happens in movies. Surprisingly, it does not only transpire on a big screen. It can also occur in real life like Frane Selak’s stories. Well, many of us would believe it to be unrealistic. But, it’s not.

Who is Frane Selak?

As the world’s luckiest man, Frane Selak cheated death not once, but seven times. Born in 1929, Selak was raised in Croatia. He was just like the typical Croatian citizen with humble beginnings.

Seven Incidents Where Selak Escaped

·         In 1962, a train from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik flipped off the track and crashed into a river. There were 17 reported casualties, and Selak survived. He was able to swim to the shore despite a broken arm and the extreme cold.

·         In 1963, Frane took a flight to Rijeka. Unexpectedly, the plane crashed, killing 19 people. Selak survived. Thanks to the haystack where he was found unconscious.

·         After three years, another tragic incident happened. While riding a bus, it plunged again into a river, having four casualties. Frane survived again.

·         In 1970, his car caught on fire. Luckily, he had escaped before it exploded. Three years after, another freak car accident happened. The same thing happened. He managed to survive.

·         In 1995, Selak was hit by a bus. Again, he was lucky to escape death. After a few years, he won a million dollars in the lottery. Approximately, it was around £600,000. He used it to buy a luxurious home. But he sold it in 2010 and returned to a humble life. He also spent the money on his hip operation.
Whatever happened in the coming years, Frane’s story has a happy and peaceful ending like anyone else. Enjoy life to the fullest.
A fulfilling life is not about how long you live. It is how you enjoy every moment.

How Did Bill Gates Become Rich?

Imagine living in a high-end building that’s worth a million dollar, using the fanciest cars, traveling across the globe every day. It’s stress-free.
However, it’s easier said than done. Despite the challenges, even the wealthiest people in the world never lose hope to reach their dreams, help others, and become an inspiration to many just like Bill Gates.
Image result for bill gatesAs one of the wealthiest man on earth, Bill Gates is known as the founder of Microsoft Corporation. Most people envy him for his achievement. It’s no wonder why he became a motivation for people of all ages. But how did gates become rich?

He refused to take venture capital

Gates’ refusal to engage in venture capital was one of the reasons why he became one of the richest men alive.
It’s true that some reputed internet providers now trade shares for successful venture capital investments. The cash enables them to establish substantial businesses before they get worried about becoming profitable.
Twitter, Facebook, and Google are a few examples.  The main downside is that when they need to pay their investors, they don’t have much left. On the contrary, Mark Zuckerberg emerged well with approximately 28 percent.
Before Microsoft went public, Bill Gates mainly owned 45 percent of his company. If Gates hold on to his stake, he would be worth $193 billion today.
The point here is that Gates refused venture capital to achieve a faster expansion. While his rivals Ashton-Tate and Lotus Development went public to acquire piles of cash, he tried to avoid it.

Cascade Investment LLC

After the anti-trust case, Gates began removing himself from Microsoft. In January 2000, he stepped down as CEO and worked part-time jobs in 2006 although he remained the chairman till 2014.
After a long run as the richest man in the world from 1995 to 2007, he has been devoting his life to charitable works. What’s surprising is that his net worth has doubled, bringing him back on top of the ranking. Thanks to his Cascade Investment LLC.
Most importantly, Bill Gates remains dedicated to achieving his goals. For those people who want to succeed, perseverance and other good qualities are a key.

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Understanding The World Wide Web ☄️ (WWW.)­čîÄ

Hello guys and gals! In today's Yunus Blog post, we will discuss the concept of "www". Have you ever wondered what it stands for? Yes most of us know that it is the short for world wide web. Why do we still use it anyways? How did people invent this? What would happen if it never existed? How much do we understand the internet and world wide web? Let's take a journey into the virtual galaxies!!! Hurraaayy!

Image result for world wide web"Even though we all use the World Wide Web regularly for both work and pleasure, most of us would be hard pressed to define exactly what it is, describe much about its history, and/or articulate details of its impact. "

We all know it's impact I guess? Do we?

We tend to use the terms Web and Internet interchangeably and think of them as being the same thing, but they’re not. As Webopedia describes them: The Internet is a massive network of networks, a networking infrastructure. It connects millions of computers together globally, forming a network in which any computer can communicate with any other computer and of course as long as they are both connected to the Internet. The World Wide Web, or shortly The Web, is a way of accessing information over the medium of the Internet. It is an information-sharing model that is built on top of the Internet … The Web is just one of the ways that information can be disseminated over the Internet. The Internet, not the Web, is also used for e-mail…, Usenet news groups, instant messaging and FTP.

So now we all know that these two are totally different concepts right?

Well, the web is actually this:

"Distinct from the Internet, the World Wide Web refers to hypermedia using Hypertext Markup Language or HTML. This unique language allows information to be linked so when a person selects or clicks on one part of a link their browser automatically finds the designated information."

If you did blogging before, you will recognize the complicated text that they call the "HTML". Or maybe one day you got bored and looked for the source code of a web page via your web browser right? And then you got confused even if it was made of words easy to understand. Don't worry people like us who don't know to code deal with these stuff , you are not alone.

So, you may say, well all right we learned all these information but when did these stuff even started? I mean who is this guy after this fancy eye opening invention? Well take a look at this then:

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989.  

Image result for Sir Tim Berners-Lee and computer
The First Ever Web Server In The World 
 "Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a British computer scientist. He was born in London, and his parents were early computer scientists, working on one of the earliest computers."

and let's take a step forward:

"The web became more than just an interesting experiment in 1993 with the development of a graphical browser. Up until this point, even the World Wide Web was terminal-based, meaning that the user depended on the use of a keyboard. Marc Andreesen, who was working with a team at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) created the first graphical browser, one that was not terminal based, called Mosaic."

But you know, when you invent (or make it graphical) something amazing like this, you have to share and spread right? And also you deserve to earn some money from this too! and yes, you can guess what happened next..

"Andreesen and a few team members left NCSA in 1994 to commercialize the graphical browser and form the company Netscape Communications."

Let's finish our article with the last paragraph which will surprise you even more....

"In March 1989, Tim laid out his vision for what would become the web in a document called “Information Management: A Proposal”. Believe it or not, Tim’s initial proposal was not immediately accepted. In fact, his boss at the time, Mike Sendall, noted the words “Vague but exciting” on the cover. The web was never an official CERN project, but Mike managed to give Tim time to work on it in September 1990. He began work using a NeXT computer, one of Steve Jobs’ early products."


Article by: 

-Yunus Emre Vurgun  ☄️

Sources used: 


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So what was it all about? What was it all about when you shut the door and left the house? What was is all about when you cheated on me for a guy who won’t love you like I did? What did it mean to you to leave me in dark? What was it all about when you didn’t feel even a slight emotional breakdown and kissed him right afterwards? Right after leaving your lover? But are you really existing? Are you a hallucination? Am I a maniac? No, Jesus! Show me some mercy for gods sake!

Theresa May delaying MPs' vote? (Brexit)

Even as we talked about late upon Monday, there has already been a sense building within Westminster that the perfect minister is, maybe simply by accident, maybe increasingly simply by design, trying to almost the particular last possible minute regarding the definitive Brexit election.

While ministers speak widely of "talks" that should be given time in order to be completed with the particular EU, and officials carry on and chew over the likelihood from the "Malthouse compromise" (remember that? It already looks like months ago that will it emerged, blinking, directly into the Brexit saga) a lot more and more MPs think it is displacement action - ministers keeping outwardly busy while they operate down the clock.

In early stages Tuesday morning, Commons head Andrea Leadsom did not really accurately quash that belief within an interview with the particular Today programme.

Image result for theresa may brexitShe made an appearance to open up the particular likelihood that MPs may in the ending end up being asked to vote in a moment of maximum jeopardy, and that ministers may be willing to allow the matter run that long.

Then, on Tuesday afternoon, the top minister herself hinted that this government was prepared to do this.

May asks MPs to get more time on Brexit deal
Brexit: Are all of us running out of time?
Brexit: What could occur next?
Brexit: A really easy guide
She was answering a technical question about the CRAG (the constitutional reform and governance expenses before you ask, Brexit is nothing if not replete with acronyms).

With regard to ages, the existence of that bill has built a theoretical pause among a vote on the deal, and our actual departure from the EUROPEAN UNION.

But today the primary minister said that process could be placed on fast forward.

So, in practice, in case she wants to drive this vote later, and later, then only to the very last minute (and remember the EU does not want to budge until then), that bit of legislation might not be a block, because if MPs approve it, she can get round it.

Which always a large if, of course, but it certainly suggests that the government can at least foresee a situation where they possess to take dramatic last-minute action, regardless of the present regulation says.

What's also rising though is how previous Remainers wish to stop that will happening.

They will not be making use of up their energy this particular week on votes that may not get anywhere.

Yet their concerns have pressed the PM now in order to promise a vote may take place on twenty-seven February.

And there may be another go through the prominent Labour frontbencher Yvette Cooper, working along with backing from Tories such as Sir Oliver Letwin plus Nick Boles.

They may again attempt to force by means of legislation that will delay Brexit if the government aren't get a deal required for time, removing the likelihood of that last-minute kamikaze choice.

But that may only work if sufficient Tory Remainers are prepared to vote with all of them.

And the way the particular numbers stack up, that will probably has to suggest ministers being ready in order to quit.

One person in the particular government told me upon Tuesday: "They have in order to realise which is it : and if no mature member of the cupboard is willing to perform it, then we're proceeding for that terrible selection. "

Another minister, a single of those who is usually thinking about departure, mentioned: "I have to appearance the PM in the particular eye and ask exactly what she is absolutely willing in order to do. But for we it's party versus nation, and the Tories avoid excel if we place ourselves prior to the public. inch

Some of those arranging the push to get the March "deal or even no deal" choice away the table believe presently there are at least ten government ministers who might be ready to stop.

Probably so.

On past proof, ministers who see on their own as moderate and practical hang back in the particular end.

But the conclusion of February really will appear to be the particular last moment where these people could do more in order to stop no deal compared to just pass a quality the federal government could then disregard.

If they happen to be not willing in order to give up their ministerial red boxes on twenty-seven February, their chance actually will have gone.

Main Source: BBC 

(- Laura Kuenssberg ,Political editor)

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Fred Knows Everything - a short story

"Fred knew it". This was the only word she said before jumping off from life's cliff. Who was Fred?
He was the most wanted serial killer in Las Vegas. Everybody knew his name, everyone would fear him and would have nightmares of him when they go to sleep.

Fred was the kind of guy that would carry only a small handgun but nothing else really. He would look like a normal security guard in a point for the first impression of a foreigner meeting him.
Related image
Once upon a day, Fred made a mistake. He drank too much and it got his demons stronger. The demons woke up. He took his machine gun and got out of his house, went straight to the bar and shot every single one including the Uncle Jack while he was sleeping.

Fred killed'em.....   Fred killed'em.....   Fred killed'em.....   Fred killed'em.....  Fred killed'em.....

-Yunus Emre Vurgun

Grego is insane - short story

Grego, is insanely stupid. He, the former leader of the maniac motorcyclers club in Ohio. He is a strict christian but he once burned down a church just because he couldn't get along with the priest just once in the entire time of their meetings.

Image result for insane manGrego is insane.

What makes him stupid is not as obvious as his insanity. It is a little bit more  complicated because it seems more like he is nowhere near stupidity but only gone insane because of his high IQ. It is not true at all. The time he burned down the church, why didn't any of the people living there called him so called "wise"?

Grego is stupid.

Why wouldn't we call Grego an escaper of the asylum... well, insane asylum. Grego is not living with his soul in him, it is a demon as the old men told us. Or maybe just a psychological disorder.

Grego must end

Grego is more like a waste of existence in the planet earth. Grego does harm. Grego is dangerous as hell. Grego must vanish right away.

Grego did end inside.

-Yunus Emre Vurgun

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U.S. and South Korea AGREED on Sharing Defense Costs

Related imageWashington and Seoul  signed an agreement on Sunday; on how to share the cost of the American military presence in South Korea, resolving a chaos between their allies before President Trump’s new meeting with Kim Jong-un, the North Korean dictator.

But the one-year cost share deal only addresses one issue that has become particularly contentious under Mr. Trump, who has insisted that South Korea and other allies HAS TO PAY for american presence in their countries because it costs a lot, etc, it is expensive ...

So that the new deal has been made, KOREA will contribute about  $925 million USD, this year to help cover the expense of keeping these 28,500 American troops in South Korea. That is an 8.2 percent increase from last year, when South Korea paid 960 billion won (their own currency), around half the total cost.



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Microsoft's security guy warns people to not use their own Internet Explorer because the program is now ‘outdated’.

Microsoft's cyber-security chief says that this iconic browser is outdated and developers no longer test their work and developements on Internet explorer.

Technology industry giant Microsoft’s security chief said its Internet Explorer should NOT be used as a main web browser. What does this mean? Is it dangerous?

Worldwide head of cyber-security Chris Jackson said the classic program was now outdated.

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U.S. Has Sanctions that Are targeting Venezuela’s Oil trade, Civilians at risk.

Caracas is the capital city of Venezuela. Everything happens there first in the country. since The President of Unites States, Donald Trump put unexpected  sanctions on Venezuela (like blocking it's oil trade), aimed at bringing Nicol├ís Maduro down his chair (for some true important reasons), exportation of the country stopped and banks are literally 'dead' as the effects of Maduro hit the life in Venezuela harder and much faster than we expected.

It is a big unknown , how regular Venezuelans will react and adapt to the great effects of the American sanctions is still a mistery. But in these couple of days ,it has become clear that Venezuela’s state oil company, the main target of the USA sanctions as it is Mr. Maduro’s biggest source of economic power, has found a ways to survive the sanctions. Yes .. with some Russian help.

If Mr. Maduro doesn't surrender, Venezuela fears that the sanctions imposed last week will push the already suffering nation of about 30 million people into an even greater humanitarian nightmare.
Good night....


Source of main information: New York Times.

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Hosting a Show - Short Story

Related imageJeremy, he was a sixty four year old ex-marine. He was one of the most awarded and most professional marines and was luckily not seriously injured and he didn't die in any of the battles he fought for when he was an active marine. Being that old was a thing that only the elderly could understand and he didn't have many people around him, basically he was alone by himself waiting to suddenly die because of aging. Jeremy, he always had a dream since his early childhood years and unbelievably he still managed to keep his dream alive and believable. It was becoming a TV host. Yes, this was his very singular dream in mind for over the years. He didn't know how, when, where but he absolutely wanted to get this dream true before his life ends.

Hong-Kong Years

A year later, Jeremy was in Hong-Kong , which has been a part of the British Empire for a long time till they gave it back to the Chinese rule. This was partly important that he only knew English and no other language besides. How he ended up in Hong-Kong? Well, that's another story to be told, but for now it is more important to tell you what he achieved in Hong-Kong and when.

It was the summer of 1997, Jeremy landed on Hong-Kong for the invitation he received from a Chinese television company that only broadcasting in Hong-Kong and South Pacific. They were interested in his story and his words to mark before he passes away. Why would a far away country in a different ocean would invite Jeremy? Well, it was his granddaughter who planned and paid all these services. Only Jeremy didn't know and would never learn in his life.

Jeremy became a well preferred host for the television show named "Old & Wise". He died when he turned 70 years old but before, he earned a lot of money, a lot of fame, success and happiness.

Are you the next Jeremy?

-Yunus Emre Vurgun

Mercy has gone - a short story

It was a cold evening in the borders of the lost souls city. People were agressivly reacting to any source of distraction. No matter where the source of it was, even if a dog barks , these people would kick the hell out of it. No mercy was around, you could only smell the anger and hatred dancing in the air.
The lost souls city was named after the great ruler George the fifth. George the great ruler was himself very agressive and whatever George the fifth done, it was holy as the first Bible ever found inside a cave with golden cover and page sides.
Who on Earth would find George a nice and equal ruler? Of course the Sandra's great son. Sandra was the ruler of a totally different continent on Earth but she somehow had known the greatness of the king George the fifth.

The great disaster :

Another day in the middle of this lonely continent, in middle of nowhere, a big explosion took place. It was enormously distracting that even the most careful farmers were shocked and lay down on the crops and ground. Why would anyone , or would a monster or even any form of living would do or cause this annoying explosive sound? It was the great son of Sandra. It was quite surprising that it was him who was the only big and powerful fan and supporter of George the fifth.

Sometimes, people on your side are the most harmful ones.

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The Lion Flock - a Short Story

Once upon a time there lived a lion flock. Wierdly ,it was quite like a sheep flock. The Lions would follow the leader, the leading lion that they have chosen before hand and if the lion was to jump off the cliff,all of them would do the same too. This was a matter of intelligence among the animal kingdom but who would expect the lions to act like a sheep flock where we consider the sheep as the least intelligent and the least powerful in the hierarchy of animal society. This unusual formation of a lion flock dates back to the 19th century in the planet far away from our galaxy ,named the "AniMa".
This very particular planet was formed similar to planet earth during the big bang explosion that had occured millions and millions of years ago in a dark empty existence which maybe is not even an existence. 
If we come back to the lion flock in the planet AniMa, the lion flock was a group of fifty different lions species but so that they had a thing in common, it didn't stop them from becoming a flock which they were forced to be during the armament of the tigers living in a near wild forest to theirs. It was not the idea of the lions, not their will, not their interest either. It was a necessary decision of continuing to exist or to not exist for the rest of the existence of planet AniMa. Some choices are ment to be forgiven if they are wrongly decided upon, these choices are the ones you didn't wanted to be a part of. This mentality was what kept them motivated against the enemy which are tigers of the near wild forest, which are the armed forces everyone was scared of. 
                                          Part II : The "Wildern" War

In the dark times of the forty hour nights, the great battle begun at the field between the two big forests. The tiger army was well armed compared to the lions'. It looked like the lions had no chance over these tigers who were more powerful and well trained and also more in numbers.
The lions remembered their mottos. "Some choices are ment to be forgiven if they are wrongly decided upon, these choices are the ones you didn't wanted to be a part of. " .

The battle lasted four hours at night. Tigers were so determined and were really serious about winning and expanding their control space. But the lions and their belief of being forced to fight gave them a much bigger will to fight, to win and to never return. In the end, the lions won the battle. With this being said, the lions were let to be the rulers for the rest of the existence.

-Yunus Emre Vurgun

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Dark Path - a short story

Every reward comes with it's price. It was the same for  Emily Anglen's newly received mysterious "reward". It was a normal and simple day in the life of Emily. She was living in the cost of Hans Crown Area and for as long as she been there, it was a calm and non-problematic area. Usually, no one would send her a cargo , neither a post mail. It was something unusual happening at that time when she learned that someone whom she doesn't know has sent her a cargo and with an etiquette written "reward". After she had opened the wierdly unknown cargo box that has been sent to her by a stranger, she found a pencil which is totally rotten (somehow) and another reward written paper inside the box. She picked up the pen and examined it with a wierd and suspicious look on her face. The pen had the same marks as a rotten cheese, those white stuff that smells so bad and unbearable. Though... It was still working fine when she tried it on the piece of paper in the box.

It was the next day and she almost forgot about the box after her long sleep. The box was still there in the livingroom as she left it the day before. She went through the box and took a look inside for no reason actually. As she leaned , she discovered a dead crow inside it. She immediately screamed and was in shock. How did that crow got in there , into her livingroom and died!? She put on her glows and picked up the dead crow right away to throw it outside of her house to somewhere green and that has some soil to get the poor animal dissapear into the nature. She randomly picked a near place and put it there gently. As she put the crow down, she realized something was there at the tree in front of her. It was a paper that was written with the same style as the one in her box and this time it was written: "Congraculations on your first step to the dark path."

-Yunus E. V.
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Friday, February 1, 2019

C.Y. Lee, ‘Flower Drum Song’ Author, Is Dead at 102

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The manuscript had been rejected by more than a dozen publishing houses. Finally, an elderly man who was screening new books for what was then Farrar, Straus & Cudahy read it and liked it. Too ill to write a full critique, he just scrawled, “Read this.” And then he died, the manuscript beside him on his bed. “Without those two words, the novel would have never been ” C. Y. Lee, the manuscript’s author, told The in 2002. The novel was “The Flower Drum Song,” a story of generational and cultural conflict among newly arrived Asians in San Francisco’s Chinatown. It was published in 1957 and became a best seller. It was adapted as a Broadway musical, which received six Tony nominations, and then as a movie, which was nominated for five Academy Awards. With “The Flower Drum Song,” Lee, who died on Nov. 8 at 102, became one of the first Asian novelists to find commercial success in the United States. Lee’s daughter, Angela Lee, said he died from complications of kidney failure under hospice care at her home in Los Angeles. Word of his death appeared at the time in Chinese-language newspapers; Ms. Lee said the family did not think to reach out to the English-language news media. The Washington Post recently learned of the death and became the first English-language news outlet to report it. Lee, who was born in China, wrote other books, including “China Saga” 1987 and “Gate of Rage” 1991, about the 1989 uprising in Tiananmen Square. But none achieved the fame of “The Flower Drum Song,” which Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II turned into a musical, directed by Gene Kelly. The first big Broadway show with Asian-American actors in leading roles, “Flower Drum Song,” as the adaptation was known, ran from 1958 to 1960. The next year it became a movie, with a cast that included Nancy Kwan, Miyoshi Umeki who also starred in the stage version, Jack Soo and James Shigeta. It was among the first major Hollywood productions with a mostly Asian-American cast. But for all the commercial success of the play and the movie, and the pride felt by many Asian-Americans at seeing Asian actors, the reviews were mixed. Critics complained that the story line — more nuanced in the novel — was simplistic and dated in the adaptations, and that all three versions perpetuated stereotypes about Chinese immigrants. As time went on, the story was also seen as sexist. And some dismissed the music as second-tier Rodgers, not on a par with “South Pacific” or “The King and I.” The criticism did not bother Lee, as he said in an interview published in 2004 for the Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States. He said he had been writing about a particular period, when people were more traditional. And he was happy with changes made for the dramatic versions; his real desire, his daughter said in a telephone interview, was to be successful. “Dad really liked being popular,” Ms. Lee said. “He wasn’t trying to be a highbrow literary author. He just wanted to reach the widest audience possible.” The playwright David Henry Hwang, best known for “M. Butterfly,” was a longtime fan of Lee’s novel and spearheaded a revival of the musical in 2001. He updated the original libretto, written by Hammerstein and Joseph Fields, and tweaked the characters and the plot. He felt the novel had a bittersweet tone that had been lost in other adaptations. “C. Y. brought complexity and humanity to Chinese-American characters and stories during a period when American culture portrayed Asians as caricatures: oversexualized women and men to be ridiculed or killed in battle,” Hwang said in an email. After opening successfully in Los Angeles, the revival moved to Broadway in 2002, where reviews were mixed. It received three Tony nominations and ran for 169 performances. Chin Yang Lee was born on Dec. 23, 1915, in Hunan Province, the youngest in a family of eight boys and three girls. Ms. Lee and her brother, Jay, said that his father was essentially a feudal lord. “The family called our grandfather a ‘philosopher king’ because he never worked,” Jay Lee said. “He walked around the property writing poetry and contemplating nature.” The family was well off until the Communist revolution in 1949, when they lost everything. C. Y. Lee, who had enrolled at Shandong University in Jinan, was often on the run from military clashes that took place during the second Sino-Japanese War of 1937-45. He graduated from National Southwestern Associated University, in Kunming, in 1942. He worked for a time as a secretary for a maharajah on the border between China and Burma, now Myanmar. He said in the interview published in 2004 that this was the best year of his life. In China, he said, “I was a refugee all the time,” escaping bombing, war, bandits and famine, but on the border, “life was so relaxed, the countryside so beautiful.” In that job, he translated letters, but he mainly entertained the maharajah’s bored young wife by playing badminton with her. Lee came to New York in 1943 after fleeing the Japanese on the Burma Road on foot, with a pen and a typewriter, his children said. He enrolled at Columbia University and studied literature but had a hard time because of the language barrier. He transferred to the Yale School of Drama, where he felt liberated when a professor told him not to worry about using proper English and to focus on telling his story. His final project at Yale, from which he graduated in 1947 with a master of fine arts degree, was a play about working with the maharajah. It became a series of short stories for The New Yorker, then a book called “The Sawbwa and His Secretary: My Burmese Reminiscences” 1959. Later, while living in California, he met Joyce Lackey, an American, at a writer’s group that also included Ray Bradbury. Ms. Lackey and Lee married in 1963; she died in 1997. Lee’s son and daughter are his only survivors. Lee struggled as a writer for many years in San Francisco, working for Chinese-language newspapers and barely making a living when he began “The Flower Drum Song.” When no one would publish it, his agent suggested he try another profession. And, as the often-recounted story has it, his career as a writer might have ended then, if not for the unnamed man who read the manuscript on his death bed.

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Poverty not an obstacle to excellent healthcare in Africa: Gates

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Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates said Sunday that excellent basic healthcare that would prevent easily treatable but deadly conditions was achievable even in Africa's poorest nations. "The good news about health is that by spending modest amounts on the prioritised areas, you can get phenomenal benefits," he told AFP on the sidelines of the African Union summit in Addis Ababa. "You don't have to get all the way to middle-income before you can run a great primary healthcare system." The Microsoft founder mentioned interventions such as vaccines, safe delivery for mothers and the availability of antibiotic drugs as ways to drastically improve health outcomes. Gates, whose foundation has spent around $15 billion in Africa since 2000, on Saturday took part in the launch of an initiative to increase investment -- mainly on the part of governments -- in the health sector. Rwandan President Paul Kagame, who sparked the initiative, called on African nations to put at least 15 percent of their budgets towards healthcare.  In 2016, an average of 7.5 percent of budgets was spent in this sector on the continent, according to AU figures. Gates noted that while efforts to improve healthcare in Africa have cut child mortality and increased life expectancy, "the numbers are still quite troubling". According to the AU, more than half of all Africans don't have access to essential healthcare services, 70 percent of people affected by HIVAIDS live on the continent and infectious diseases eradicated elsewhere remain key causes of mortality. "If you look at the big killers of children, these are things that we have cheap interventions for, diarrhoea, pneumonia, malaria," said Gates. "The first 10 percent of spending in rich countries gives you 90 percent of the benefit." He praised Rwanda, which has achieved universal health care coverage despite being one of the world's poorest countries, as a "fantastic example". According to the World Health Organisation WHO, Rwanda halved mortality in children under five between 2005-2010, while the mortality rate due to malaria has decreased nearly 85 percent.

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Ballard-Powered New Flyer Fuel Cell Electric Buses Ready to Deliver Zero-Emission Transit Throughout United States

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VANCOUVER and ALTOONA, , Feb. 12, 2019 PRNewswire - Ballard Power Systems NASDAQ: BLDP; TSX: BLDP today announced that the New Flyer Industries Canada ULC and New Flyer of America . collectively "New Flyer" 40-foot and 60-foot Xcelsior fuel cell-electric buses FCEBs, powered by Ballard FCveloCity®-HD 85 kilowatt kW modules, have completed rigorous testing at The Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center under a program established by the Federal Transit Administration FTA. With this important accomplishment, New Flyer's 40-foot and 60-foot FCEBs, using Ballard's FCveloCity® -HD 85kW module, are commercially available for sale utilizing FTA funding. Both models will also be eligible for California's Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher entive Project HVIP. HVIP is part of California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of cap-and-trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment — particularly in disadvantaged communities.  The current $300,000 voucher incentive covers 40-foot transit buses and Class 8 trucks powered exclusively by hydrogen fuel cells. Both funding opportunities enable transit agencies to support the transition to zero-emission operations. New Flyer's Xcelsior FCEBs offer a complement of important advantages to battery-electric alternatives, including: extended range in excess of 260 miles; rapid refueling with hydrogen in less than 10-minutes; 95% material recycling; and full route flexibility. Rob Campbell, Ballard's Chief Commercial Officer said, "This is an exciting development for New Flyer and we are very pleased to be working with this dynamic, leading bus OEM. Frost & Sullivan projects that 40% of new heavy duty transit buses in the U.S. will be electric by 2022. Ballard provides zero-emission, high performance fuel cell modules to power FCEBs within this rapidly-growing transit segment."  Chris Stoddart, President of New Flyer noted, "New Flyer, along with many major automotive manufacturers, strongly believes that hydrogen and fuel cell technology remains a viable complementary electric propulsion option for clean cities with extended range operations. We celebrate this important milestone in deploying zero-emission bus propulsion technology on a proven, safe, and reliable bus platform." As cities and new regulations push transit agencies to accelerate the transition of bus fleets to zero emission vehicles, FCEBs – powered by Ballard's FCveloCity®-HD module – will offer a one-to-one replacement for diesel and CNG buses, with no compromise in terms of service and no road-side recharging infrastructure.  Testing at the Altoona, Pennsylvania facility included evaluations of safety, structural integrity and durability, reliability, performance, maintainability, noise, fuel economy, and braking.

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overlaying up animal abuse in Southern Baptist church buildings doesn't protect Jesus' recognition

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coping with animal abuse sexual corruption is a sin against God and a criminal offense towards the civil adjustment. In each case, if there's doubtable animal abuse of a child the abbey may still file the incident to the civil authorities. With the animal advance of adults, the abbey may still supply a refuge for survivors and should walk with them towards involving the authorities and bringing perpetrators to justice. In all of this, the abbey should still accord brazenly with what has took place in the abbey whereas caring for all people who had been afflicted. nobody who has committed such offenses should still ever be in any ministry area the place such could conceivably take place once more. in addition, abbey freedom is not any excuse for a scarcity of accountability. sure, in a Baptist ecclesiology each and every congregation governs its personal affairs, and isn't dependable to any individual,bigger up" in a church device. And yet, the selections a church makes autonomously check whether that abbey is in first rate acquaintance with others. A church that excuses, say, sexual immorality or that opposes missions is accounted out of fellowship with other churches. The equal should be proper of church buildings that cowl up abduction or animal corruption. What chiefly does this look like in a church ambience? Our denomination now has a animal corruption Presidential analyze community assigned with investigating all options and reviewing what different denominations and organizations accept completed to retain track of abuses, while listening to from law enforcement, cerebral and psychiatric experts, survivors and a lot of others. Our strategy is searching for to motivate policies and practices that offer protection to babies and the susceptible from animal abuse in independent however cooperating churches, the entire whereas promoting acquiescence with laws and proposing compassionate care for those who accept survived trauma. proper, we haven't any bishops. however we've a priesthood of believers. And a key assignment of that priesthood is maintaining the witness of Christ within the asceticism and security of his abbey. That capability working towards church buildings to admire sexual predation and the way to contend with costs or suspicions after they emerge, and accouterment churches to cease the sample, of their church or from their abbey to others. faithful churches that have dealt with these well, and there are many, may still rekindle their dedication, and will be fashions for others. faithful Christians may still lament this lousy aspersion, and may refocus our commitment that the church buildings should still be safest locations on the earth for vulnerable americans. sure, we need godly sorrow, but the variety the apostle Paul mentioned produces repentance and results in salvation 2 Corinthians 7:10. We should see this scandal in terms of the abbey as a army, now not as a company. abounding, whether in Hollywood or the finance industry or in other places, see such horrors as accessible relations issues to be managed. The church commonly thinks the equal way. nothing can be further from the style of Christ. Jesus does not cowl up sin inside the temple of his presence. He brings every thing hidden to mild. We should still too. once we downplay or cowl over what has happened in the name of Jesus to these he loves we don't seem to be."holding" Jesus' recognition. we're instead fighting Jesus himself. No abbey may still be frustrated by means of this media document, however should thank God for it. The acumen bench of Christ might be far less reticent than a bi-weekly collection to discover what should not ever have been hidden. Russell Moore is admiral of the ethics and religious alternative fee of the Southern Baptist convention. This cavalcade aboriginal regarded on his weblog.

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