Friday, February 1, 2019

Cola Addict - a short story (2019)

It was a cold night in Zan Grancisco , the city where no human being has been to since then. It was so cold that the winter of this year was very harsh and caused many civilians to suffer while trying to do the mandatory actions and things to do outside to keep their lives going and to be their lives to be on track.
James OliS was one of the people who has been living in Zan Grancisco for a quite long period of time now and had concerns over his personal safety besides his other concerns about his young son and the upcoming daughter that his wife is pregnant to and the birth time was getting even closer day by day. The main concern James OliS had with the upcoming daughter and her wife was that he was getting tired of telling her wife, and sometimes even yelling at her about why she should avoid drinking cola during her pregnancy to their upcoming baby. It was not chilling, nice or sweet that she did not care about her cola habit during her pregnancy. James alreay experienced very dangerous conditions and very saddening results from his previous marriages with other women and his other children that he does not know the names of. Once upon a time when James OliS was married to a woman named Alicia B. , this woman was also pregnant to one of his dont know who babies. Basically she was doing drugs and it was the no way out road for her but at that time, when he considers the pregnancy of his girlfriend, that was no joke to laugh about and it was a serious life-death situation for him, her and the baby he still doesnt know the name of. (because Alicia has taken away the baby before they could even give a name to her/him).

This time with his new wife, James was really serious about this health issue even more compared to the more severe case that was present when he was dating Alicia. He wasn't so wrong calling Alicia "acidia".
James kept telling his wife to not drink more cola, and that the cola addiction she had was not healthy and affecting all three of them (including the upcoming sweet baby). But his wife kept resisting and resisting till that very day came.

It was a cold night again when she had her cramps and when the yelling woke up James from his poor dirty old bed that he shared with her.She was yelling or in aother words cursing and shouting, saying these same words over and over again: IT'S COMING JAMES.

James understood the situation even if he was in a deep state of hallucinating nightmares and he immediately picked up his Nokia 3310 and called the ambulace or you can name it the emergency service of Z.G.

James realized the ambulance was not there in time and the time was running against them , running backwards to their hopes, luck and life struggles. James stopped waiting for the ambulance outdoors and went inside rushing for his wife. During that half second when he was running to her, he realized she was not shouting anymore, there was just silence. When he arrived a half more second later, he saw his wife with a pale face unconscious and not breathing at all. One second later, the sirens were heard but it was not the ambulace, it was the police knocking his door. Police asked his name. When he answered it was too late. His baby and wife was gone and no way to bring them back. But there was a new issue he had to face: He was getting arrested over possession of illegal substances in his property. You guess why.... Because of the secret pile of illegal stuff that has been reported to the police by one of the house cleaners long time ago. Even if James OlivS didn't know where this sh*t was hidden in the house, well the police knew. Boom! Bye-bye James, welcome to life time prison service, no fun anymore.

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