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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Dark Path - a short story

Every reward comes with it's price. It was the same for  Emily Anglen's newly received mysterious "reward". It was a normal and simple day in the life of Emily. She was living in the cost of Hans Crown Area and for as long as she been there, it was a calm and non-problematic area. Usually, no one would send her a cargo , neither a post mail. It was something unusual happening at that time when she learned that someone whom she doesn't know has sent her a cargo and with an etiquette written "reward". After she had opened the wierdly unknown cargo box that has been sent to her by a stranger, she found a pencil which is totally rotten (somehow) and another reward written paper inside the box. She picked up the pen and examined it with a wierd and suspicious look on her face. The pen had the same marks as a rotten cheese, those white stuff that smells so bad and unbearable. Though... It was still working fine when she tried it on the piece of paper in the box.

It was the next day and she almost forgot about the box after her long sleep. The box was still there in the livingroom as she left it the day before. She went through the box and took a look inside for no reason actually. As she leaned , she discovered a dead crow inside it. She immediately screamed and was in shock. How did that crow got in there , into her livingroom and died!? She put on her glows and picked up the dead crow right away to throw it outside of her house to somewhere green and that has some soil to get the poor animal dissapear into the nature. She randomly picked a near place and put it there gently. As she put the crow down, she realized something was there at the tree in front of her. It was a paper that was written with the same style as the one in her box and this time it was written: "Congraculations on your first step to the dark path."

-Yunus E. V.
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