Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Grego is insane - short story

Grego, is insanely stupid. He, the former leader of the maniac motorcyclers club in Ohio. He is a strict christian but he once burned down a church just because he couldn't get along with the priest just once in the entire time of their meetings.

Image result for insane manGrego is insane.

What makes him stupid is not as obvious as his insanity. It is a little bit more  complicated because it seems more like he is nowhere near stupidity but only gone insane because of his high IQ. It is not true at all. The time he burned down the church, why didn't any of the people living there called him so called "wise"?

Grego is stupid.

Why wouldn't we call Grego an escaper of the asylum... well, insane asylum. Grego is not living with his soul in him, it is a demon as the old men told us. Or maybe just a psychological disorder.

Grego must end

Grego is more like a waste of existence in the planet earth. Grego does harm. Grego is dangerous as hell. Grego must vanish right away.

Grego did end inside.

-Yunus Emre Vurgun


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