Hosting a Show - Short Story

Related imageJeremy, he was a sixty four year old ex-marine. He was one of the most awarded and most professional marines and was luckily not seriously injured and he didn't die in any of the battles he fought for when he was an active marine. Being that old was a thing that only the elderly could understand and he didn't have many people around him, basically he was alone by himself waiting to suddenly die because of aging. Jeremy, he always had a dream since his early childhood years and unbelievably he still managed to keep his dream alive and believable. It was becoming a TV host. Yes, this was his very singular dream in mind for over the years. He didn't know how, when, where but he absolutely wanted to get this dream true before his life ends.

Hong-Kong Years

A year later, Jeremy was in Hong-Kong , which has been a part of the British Empire for a long time till they gave it back to the Chinese rule. This was partly important that he only knew English and no other language besides. How he ended up in Hong-Kong? Well, that's another story to be told, but for now it is more important to tell you what he achieved in Hong-Kong and when.

It was the summer of 1997, Jeremy landed on Hong-Kong for the invitation he received from a Chinese television company that only broadcasting in Hong-Kong and South Pacific. They were interested in his story and his words to mark before he passes away. Why would a far away country in a different ocean would invite Jeremy? Well, it was his granddaughter who planned and paid all these services. Only Jeremy didn't know and would never learn in his life.

Jeremy became a well preferred host for the television show named "Old & Wise". He died when he turned 70 years old but before, he earned a lot of money, a lot of fame, success and happiness.

Are you the next Jeremy?

-Yunus Emre Vurgun