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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Mercy has gone - a short story

It was a cold evening in the borders of the lost souls city. People were agressivly reacting to any source of distraction. No matter where the source of it was, even if a dog barks , these people would kick the hell out of it. No mercy was around, you could only smell the anger and hatred dancing in the air.
The lost souls city was named after the great ruler George the fifth. George the great ruler was himself very agressive and whatever George the fifth done, it was holy as the first Bible ever found inside a cave with golden cover and page sides.
Who on Earth would find George a nice and equal ruler? Of course the Sandra's great son. Sandra was the ruler of a totally different continent on Earth but she somehow had known the greatness of the king George the fifth.

The great disaster :

Another day in the middle of this lonely continent, in middle of nowhere, a big explosion took place. It was enormously distracting that even the most careful farmers were shocked and lay down on the crops and ground. Why would anyone , or would a monster or even any form of living would do or cause this annoying explosive sound? It was the great son of Sandra. It was quite surprising that it was him who was the only big and powerful fan and supporter of George the fifth.

Sometimes, people on your side are the most harmful ones.


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