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Monday, February 4, 2019

The Lion Flock - a Short Story

Once upon a time there lived a lion flock. Wierdly ,it was quite like a sheep flock. The Lions would follow the leader, the leading lion that they have chosen before hand and if the lion was to jump off the cliff,all of them would do the same too. This was a matter of intelligence among the animal kingdom but who would expect the lions to act like a sheep flock where we consider the sheep as the least intelligent and the least powerful in the hierarchy of animal society. This unusual formation of a lion flock dates back to the 19th century in the planet far away from our galaxy ,named the "AniMa".
This very particular planet was formed similar to planet earth during the big bang explosion that had occured millions and millions of years ago in a dark empty existence which maybe is not even an existence. 
If we come back to the lion flock in the planet AniMa, the lion flock was a group of fifty different lions species but so that they had a thing in common, it didn't stop them from becoming a flock which they were forced to be during the armament of the tigers living in a near wild forest to theirs. It was not the idea of the lions, not their will, not their interest either. It was a necessary decision of continuing to exist or to not exist for the rest of the existence of planet AniMa. Some choices are ment to be forgiven if they are wrongly decided upon, these choices are the ones you didn't wanted to be a part of. This mentality was what kept them motivated against the enemy which are tigers of the near wild forest, which are the armed forces everyone was scared of. 
                                          Part II : The "Wildern" War

In the dark times of the forty hour nights, the great battle begun at the field between the two big forests. The tiger army was well armed compared to the lions'. It looked like the lions had no chance over these tigers who were more powerful and well trained and also more in numbers.
The lions remembered their mottos. "Some choices are ment to be forgiven if they are wrongly decided upon, these choices are the ones you didn't wanted to be a part of. " .

The battle lasted four hours at night. Tigers were so determined and were really serious about winning and expanding their control space. But the lions and their belief of being forced to fight gave them a much bigger will to fight, to win and to never return. In the end, the lions won the battle. With this being said, the lions were let to be the rulers for the rest of the existence.

-Yunus Emre Vurgun


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