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Friday, February 8, 2019

U.S. Has Sanctions that Are targeting Venezuela’s Oil trade, Civilians at risk.

Caracas is the capital city of Venezuela. Everything happens there first in the country. since The President of Unites States, Donald Trump put unexpected  sanctions on Venezuela (like blocking it's oil trade), aimed at bringing Nicolás Maduro down his chair (for some true important reasons), exportation of the country stopped and banks are literally 'dead' as the effects of Maduro hit the life in Venezuela harder and much faster than we expected.

It is a big unknown , how regular Venezuelans will react and adapt to the great effects of the American sanctions is still a mistery. But in these couple of days ,it has become clear that Venezuela’s state oil company, the main target of the USA sanctions as it is Mr. Maduro’s biggest source of economic power, has found a ways to survive the sanctions. Yes .. with some Russian help.

If Mr. Maduro doesn't surrender, Venezuela fears that the sanctions imposed last week will push the already suffering nation of about 30 million people into an even greater humanitarian nightmare.
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Source of main information: New York Times.


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