Tuesday, March 12, 2019

If you can't do this , you are not welcome.

Sometimes we get to see catchy titles on Internet like this one. But so that I have used it for this post, I'll make it mean what it means.

What I mean is the life that we have created as humans in the last centuries. We have a lot of must do's and we are quite wrong about choosing the work force. We filter the men via their diplomas but most of the time we bypass their mental and intellectual capacities. After working at an engineering office for half a year as a bank swift paper editor, I realized not everyone there is capable of even the basic emotional and intellectual abilities. When I started working I was a high school graduate and haven't started University yet. How did I get the job? My dad of course. But anyways it is a serious job afterall. I was thinking during the time I spent at the office, what would the company be like if all the employees were highly intellectual , passionate, intelligent, and innovative in an extent that were able to make a change in the sectoral area of engineering. What makes us different between the big names and the losers?
Answer is clear: Work harder, think more, question more, read hundred times more on other topics too.



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