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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Distance Education

When the distance education concept has started in 1840s it was only available via mailing, post cards and so on. The University of London was the first school ever to offer distance learning to its students in the year of 1858.

 When the internet age came, everything changed and so did the distance education.
With the internet on the scene, more possibilities appeared such as the online education.

The online education also has it's branches like the virtual classrooms and e-learning.

So, how was the virtual classrooms different from it's previous model, the distance education via mailing?

Image result for virtual classroom

First of all, the virtual classroom is mostly as follows: Some student(s) connecting to the normal classroom simultaneously via internet (video chat).

On the other hand, the previous method which was distance education via mailing was not simultaneously and required a great time lapse between the real time classroom and the distance learner.

The mail guy had to pick up your writing and take it to the teacher and the teacher had to be at school and had to be free at the time to review your scores.

Are Virtual Classrooms a branch of e-learning?

Yes, it is a brach of e-learning. This is because the virtual classroom is not the solitary method of distance learning via technology.

Other methods of e-learning can be listed as;

E-mail learning,
Forum based learning,
Auido and Video learning,
CD and App learning.

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