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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Why is Baby Yoda Trending?

You may heard about the new trend "baby Yoda" on many social media platforms (mostly Twitter).
Yoda is a well known Star Wars figure for decades. Even those who has never seen a Star Wars movie most probably have heard of Yoda or at least seen a photo or a short clip, or a meme about it.
The Mandalorian is a new TV series created by Disney. Within the series, people have given a great reaction to the newly created version of Yoda, The Baby Yoda.

The baby Yoda is highly sensative to anything like magic and the Star Wars' "force" and considered as a special creature.

One other important fact is that the baby Yoda is not the Yoda itself and only from the same specie.

Image result for baby yoda

The reason why the Baby Yoda is trending is simple. It is because more people started watching the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian and started to share it on socail media because of the cuteness of the movie figure.

When we searched for #BabyYoda on Twitter, we found quite funny and cute tweets about this new version of Yoda.

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