Tuesday, March 31, 2020

a List of...

here I made a list of the top concepts most of us are thinking right now:

1. Corona
2. Corona
3. Boredom
4. Health
5. Sexual Stuff
6. Money
7. Hunger
8. Corona
9. Corona

My new private server experiment

Hello folks,don't know if I said this before but as you know or may not know I recently launched this cpps (club penguin private server) which is a private server of the once popular children multiplayer game club penguin.

You can visit the page
by clicking here

Someone's Brother on Twitter: "These club penguin island concept ...

Friday, March 27, 2020

1930's Music Page will be available soon!

I am currently working on a page in this blog about 30's music. I decided to do this research after I randomly saw a song from Bo Carter. I used to listen to these songs long time ago but maybe it is the time to go back to the roots and inform you guys when my research of the era is done. Keep checking! See ya soon. :)

Page URL will be the following:

-Yunus Emre Vurgun

1930's - 1930's - 2000's Music

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Compare total number of corona cases vs the number of people die every day

150,000 people  die each day.

Meanwhile 18,227 people died because of corona in TOTAL. Consider the fact the virus has started 3 months ago. 

I dont say corona is not an emergency. I say dont panic we are already dying everyday!

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Monday, March 23, 2020

somewhat randomness example

2 is our main number all the time.
we add the current time in PDT (UTC-7) to the main number (2) with all the details (hour, minute, second, millisecond).This time picking will occur at the exact time of the generation request.
For example we get 2 + 21:05:03.104 (hour:minute:second:millisecond). This will occur as: 2 + 21 + 5 + 3 + 104. Basically, each slot of time writing will be accepted as a regular number such as the order we use in daily life that's going from 1 to 10. Our result will be 135.
The software will then take this 135 and divide it into 4 if the time in Singapore is an even number when added together (with the millisecond) and if not an even number it will multiply 135 with 5352. Let's say the time was not even when added. So we go for 135 x 5352 = 722520.
Our somewhat randomness generator has given the result of  722520 as the product of the request made by the user.

This is not randomness but it seems to us humans as random so we call it random.

-Yunus Emre Vurgun 23.03.2020

Image result for randomness

Thursday, March 19, 2020

- 1 -
- 2 -Terms and Conditions
The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible
in  the  creation  of  this  report,  notwithstanding  the  fact  that  he  does
not  warrant  or  represent  at  any  time  that  the  contents  within  are
accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.
While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in
this  publication,  the  Publisher  assumes  no  responsibility  for  errors,
omissions,  or  contrary  interpretation  of  the  subject  Matter  herein.
Any  perceived  slights  of  specific  persons,  peoples,  or  organizations
are unintentional.
In  practical  advice  books,  like  anything  else  in  life,  there  are  no
guarantees of income made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their
own  judgment  about  their  individual  circumstances  to  act
This  book  is  not  intended  for  use  as  a  source  of  legal,  business,
accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek services
of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting and finance
You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading.
- 3 -Table Of Contents
Chapter 1:
The Benefits To Unleashing Your True Potential
Chapter 2:
Decide What Areas Of Your Life Need Change
Chapter 3:
Channel Positive Energy Into Your Life
Chapter 4:
How Important Is Goal Setting
Chapter 5:
How To Set Goals Correctly
Chapter 6:
Define Who You Look Up To And Them Emulate Them
Chapter 7:
Draw Good Karma By Always Being Grateful
Chapter 8:
Why It Is Important To Keep Learning
Chapter 9:
Don’t Be Afraid Of Change
Chapter 10:
The Downside Of Not Being Where You Should Be
Wrapping Up
- 4 -Everyone Loves To Be Inspired…
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- 6 -Foreword
I'll bet that there‟s one excuse you have in your life that's holding you
back  from  executing  particular  things.  They  may  range  from
particular excuses like „I‟m timid so can‟t get any place in life‟ to basic
excuses like „great things don‟t happen to individuals like me‟.
Either  direction,  these  excuses  are  irrelevant  and  unneeded.
Occasionally  it‟s  not  even  that  we  bear  excuses  which  stop  us  from
getting someplace, it‟s merely the fact that our goals are little and they
don‟t test our limits.
Don‟t begin living up to your potential tomorrow, do it now, even if it
means you're curtailing your lunch break. Really put these steps into
action  and begin being the individual you wish to be, the individual
you're meant to be.
Unleash The Beast
The Ultimate Handbook For Unleashing Your True Potential And
Live A Fulfilling Life
- 7 -Chapter 1:
The Benefits To Unleashing Your True Potential
Drifting through life on the nonchalant attitude does not really allow
an individual to get the absolute potential out of life. Sometime
people don‟t even realize there is more to life than their little worlds.
In the quest to finding what is out there, first one should learn how to
unleash the potential powers from within.
- 8 -The Advantages
Being  able  to  sleep  well  every  night  is  just  one  of  the  benefits  of
reaching one‟s true potential. When the mind is open and free there
are no restriction to its calm comfort, hence the ability to sleep well.
Breezing  through  a  day  without  feeling  the  stress  and  worries
everyone  else  seems  to  have  in  their  lives  is  also  a  benefit  to
unleashing one‟s potential.
Having a constant mind set of peace, helps to bring  on the experience
of  true  happiness  and  contentment.  Attaining  this  level  of  peace  in
the only way complete one‟s life.
Unleashing the true potential also allows a person to be at peace from
within.  This  then  protects  the  mind  from  having  to  deal  with  the
competitiveness  and  negativity  in  the  work  environment.  This  also
ensures  the  individual  does  not  resort  to  using  such  negativity
The eagerness to interact with love ones is enhanced, when one has
comfortably attained the true potential in life.
There is no further need to chase after things that have little lasting
value. Time spent with family is time well spent.
Being comfortable in the company of people from all walks of life and
all different ethnic backgrounds clearly shows the achievement to the
true potential in an individual. 
- 9 -Most people tend to stick to the things they are comfortable with and
avoid anything new, but a person who has learnt how to get to reach
their potential lives by a different mindset altogether.
- 10 -Chapter 2:
Decide What Areas Of Your Life Need Change
Making  decisions  to  embark  on  something  new  is  quite  scary.
Furthermore if it involves something totally new and foreign the level
of  fear  is  further  enhanced.  There  are  usually  many  factors  to  deal
with and this will put further pressure on the decision to change.
- 11 -Choose
Adding  to  this,  making  a  decision  to  change  does  not  usually  occur
when  the  positive elements  in  the situation  outnumber the  negative
and thus the usual scenario is to  stay in the rut and continue with the
current situation.
However when the case is the opposite, where the current situation‟s
negative elements outnumber the positive, and then  something needs
to be done to improve the odds of gaining success.
One way  to encourage the individual to take the first crucial step is to
step back and look at the situation as objectively as possible. Making a
firm decision to make a change is very important.
Then deciding what changes are needed to be made would enable the
situation  to  start  turning  itself  around.  Besides  these  seemingly
simple  steps,  each  individual  must  also  weigh  the  odds  of  success
when considering the changes to be made.
Have  a  “working  paper”  done  on  the  perceived  changes  and  its
workings  to  achieve  these  possible  changes.  This  will  give  the  mind
set  a  clearer  picture  of  the  requirements  needed  in  the  exercise  to
make the change.
Upon looking at a situation or predicament objectively, the process to
change  can  start  to  take  place.  The  most  common  things  that  most
people consider changing are their careers.
Very  few  people  are  truly  satisfied  with  their  current  situation  and
always perceive that there is something better available.
- 12 -Another areas that most people aspire to make a change in, is in their
relationships.  As  these  changes  most  times  have  to  go  through
unpleasant phases before the calm is gained there is usually a lot of
apprehension in making the decision, as it is indeed enormous.
- 13 -Chapter 3:
Channel Positive Energy Into Your Life
It  is  a  popular  belief  both  in  the  scientific  and  non  scientific  world
that everything is connect to and by energy. There is good energy and
there is bad energy, as everything is energy.
Using this basis of thought process, the conclusion that everything an
individual  experiences,  consist  of  either  positive  energy  or  negative
energy, which in some corresponding way is dictated by the actions in
a particular situation.
- 14 -Favorable Influence
To be the beneficiary of only good and positive energy, an individual,
must be aware of its connection and corresponding reactions all the
A  very  powerful  train  of  thought  to  consider  is,  we  manifest  into
existence  what  we  think  and  feel  strongly  about.  Scientific  studies
have  shown  that,  thoughts  and  feelings  are  actually  pure  energy
entities, thus these energy entities, be it positive or negative is what
dictates  the  outcome  of  the  thought  process  and  corresponding
Plainly  put,  think  positive  get  positive,  and  think  negative  get
negative.  There  are  several  tried  and  true  methods  that  are
recommended in order to channel positive energy into one‟s life. Here
are some of those recommendations:
  Control the amounts of media exposed to the individual. Being
constantly  bombarded  with  negative  images  and  loud
aggressive music does not create a positive and calm mind set.
  Develop  a  good  affirmation  system  and  constantly  repeat  the
affirmation  but  with  complete  conviction.  This  will  allow  the
subconscious to get used to it and start to accept it as a reality.
- 15 -  Be  wary  of  the  people  and  conditions  surrounding  the
individual.  The  positive  minded  people  surrounding  the
individual will not only be able to create a positive mind set in
the  individual  by  also  radiate  positive  energy  constantly.  This
energy can be strongly felt and is contagious in a positive way.
- 16 -Chapter 4:
How Important Is Goal Setting
Getting the best out of life often requires a lot of focus and hard work.
Without these two elements it can prove to be an uphill task  or even
impossible. Almost nothing comes at the drop of a hat. However there
are  some  methods  that  can  prove  to  be  quite  useful  along  the  way.
Having a plan in place before embarking on the journey is definitely a
good idea.
- 17 -Goals
This process is called foal setting. This is one way to achieve what is
needed in order to reach the goal within a certain time frame and to
the  satisfaction  of  all  concerned.  Most  successful  completion  of
projects has this one thing in common – goal setting.
The elements  involved in goal setting are fairly simply and should be
so. Setting complicated and unreasonable steps to reaching the goal is
not only foolish but can have a negative impact on the end results.
Some things to include when setting a goal are as follows:
  Charting out a long term plan
  Mapped out the time frame for each progressive step
  Tasks and deadline in specifics
  Personnel involved in the execution of the plan
This is one of the best ways to keep track of what is happening and
also how well the exercise is going. Goal setting is very important for
other  reasons  too,  like  giving  everyone  involved  a  vision  to  work
towards  and  a  sense  of  accomplishment  everything  each  step  is
successfully achieved.
Besides this, goal setting is also beneficial because it  can also bring to
attention  any  weak  points  that  need  to  be  addressed  immediately
before the project takes a wrong turn or churns the wrong results. It
can  also  function  as  a  bench  mark  to  gauge  any  further  needs  that
could prove useful to the project at hand or any future endeavors.
- 18 -Chapter 5:
How To Set Goals Correctly
Everyone should have goals in life, and most people do. However
when it comes to planning for these goals, there are many varied tried
and trusted methods to choose from.
Having some knowledge of the various recommendations will help
anyone work out their own goal plan. Being as well informed as
possible allows the individual to avoid setting the goals so high that it
would be impossible to reach and thus eventually cause failure.
- 19 -Do It Correctly
Being specific when setting goals, is a very important point to adhere
to. When there is no specific outline the tendency to be vague is ever
present, which can work against the goal as the mind is unable to
focus on the clear picture of what is wanted and needed. This
vagueness also gives too much “freedom” and because there are not
much restrictions, mistakes are inevitable and very likely.
Having a measurable way to determining the progress of the goal is
also another way to ensure completion and success. Every goal must
have a time frame that is measured against tangible materials. The
progress made must match the time frame and the expected results
based on the said time frame. This check and balance method ensures
the necessary adjustments are made immediately upon discovery and
not only when the progress had encountered problems
Achievable goal scenarios are something that should be carefully
considered before actually mapping out the method to achieve the
goal is done. The feeling of excitement and zest to complete the
project will quickly wane once the realization dawns that the goal is
Perhaps seeking opinions of those around who know the capabilities
of the individual is an indication of sorts as to whether the goal will
Besides being a gauging tool along the process towards reaching the
goal, time lines are also wise because this ensures the completion date
target is met. If there is no time line in place then there is no sense of
urgency and no discipline.
- 20 -Chapter 6:
Define Who You Look Up To And Them Emulate Them
Having a mentor of sort is another way of successfully achieving goals
that have been set. Usually when a goal is set, it is to achieve a specific
idea, item, or feeling, to name a few. Therefore having a real and
tangible point to focus on is very encouraging.
- 21 -People Who Know How
Today  a  lot  of  people  idolize  others  because  they  like  what  they  see
and  because  they  want  to  be  the  person  they  idolize.  The  same
concept can be applied to the individual looking to set a goal.
Defining the specific points that draw the individual to be attracted to
the  person  they  are  trying  to  emulate  is  both  interesting  and
enlightening.  Often  this  requires  an  in  depth  study  of  the  idol  or
object of idolization itself.
By listing all the admired points of the person or object idolized and
slowly  incorporating  these  points  into  one‟s  own  life  does  allow  the
person  to  grow  more  confident  in  themselves  and  even  cause  an
improvement in their lives along the way.
As each point is successfully met or achieved, the confidence level of
the  individual  becomes  more  apparent  and  this  further  gives  the
individual the mush needed boost to strive for even bigger things.
In  defining  and  emulating  someone,  the  individual  also  get  to
physically  see  the  “end  product”  in  which  they  find  such  strong
admiration for.
This  is  beneficial  if  the  qualities  sought  are  positive  and  thus  by
emulation  the  positive  qualities  the  person  own  life‟s  circumstances
Caution should be exercised when making this choice as it will have
an  impact  on  the  success  of  the  goal  and  the  processes  required
reaching it. Even the goal is finally reached these qualities that were
- 22 -used in the emulation process may have become such an integral part
of the individual that it further benefits other parts of the individual‟s
- 23 -Chapter 7:
Draw Good Karma By Always Being Grateful
Breezing through life is a wonderful way to life. Everything comes so
easily and the circumstances are always wonderfully bearable. This
scenario is rare indeed, in today‟s world of mainly worry and stress,
but nonetheless a wonderful thing to be able to attain.
- 24 -Pull In Good
The popular thought is, do good –  get good, does perhaps ring true to
some extent. Kindness and gratitude are virtues that can be cultivated
and  strengthened  but  it  would  be  prudent  to  practice  both  these
virtues together. Both these elements need to be entwined in order for
it to come across as genuine.
Doing  things  with  the  intention  of  benefiting  someone  else  helps  to
promote the virtue of kindness which in turn allows the individual to
experience  an  inner  peace  and  joy.  However  the  exercise  must  be
genuine  for  this  good  by  product  to  manifest  itself.  When  an  act  of
kindness  has  been  extended  the  feeling  of  gratefulness  from  the
recipient  is  tremendous  especially  if  the  act  itself  was  timely  and
much needed.
Besides being beneficial to the recipient, of the kind act, good karma
can also be derived for the recipient who learns how to be grateful for
the act of kindness received. When one is in a state of gratefulness the
body and mind undergo a certain change, which soften the heart. The
humbling effect it has, genuinely allows the individual to appreciate
things more and be more in tuned with surrounding elements.
For those who have been on both sides of the coin, so to speak, realize
that gratitude is the corner stone for the law of attraction. In learning
how  to  be  grateful  for  everything  one  has,  the  good  karma  that  is
drawn from this attitude is not only phenomenal, it is also very real.
- 25 -Chapter 8:
Why It Is Important To Keep Learning
Constantly being eager to learn things no matter at what age is not
only beneficial in terms of knowledge but also help to keep the mind
and body alert.
Keeping abreast with the latest information of various kinds allows
the individual to be well informed and generally knowledgeable in
almost any topic or fields.
- 26 -Keep Growing
Most people associate learning with education and this is not entirely
correct.  Being  willing  to  be  exposed  and  informed  to  anything,
anytime and anywhere is a form of the learning process. The process
of learning is ever present in an individual‟s life, from  learning new
skill  to  handling  family  issues.  Even  taking  up  a  new  hobby  is  in
actual fact learning or acquiring a new skill.
People who are keen to try new things and at the same time pick up a
few beneficial tips along the way are people who have come  to realize
the  importance  of  growing  from  strength  to  strength  in  life.  By
remaining stubbornly in the mindset that one does not need to learn
new  things  as age progresses  is  indeed  a  huge  folly  not only  for  the
individual concerned but also for those around him or her.
Even  if  the  new  information  learnt  does  not  bring  about  immediate
benefit  or  use  it  does  not  mean  the  whole  exercise  of  acquiring  this
new information is useless. It is not unusual for the learnt matter to
come in handy at some later stage.
There are benefits like, saving money because the information learnt
may help resolve a problem without having to hire or pay for outside
help.  In  tackling  the  problem  and  deriving  successful  results  the
individual also benefits mentally because to the satisfaction generated
from the act of independence.
Being  willing  to  constantly  learn  new  things  or  pick  up  new  skills
shows  the  individual‟s  willingness  to  grow  and  thus  allows  for  the
opportunities  to  present  itself.  Because  of  this  good  trait,  the
individual will notice a vast area of opportunities always available. 
- 27 -Chapter 9:
Don’t Be Afraid Of Change
Being afraid of change is really a common and normal experience
most people go through at one point or another in their lives.
Growing comfortable or having already reached their “comfort zone”
in life often makes people extremely wary of the prospect of change.
The results of which is strong resistance to any change at all. However
is would be to the benefit to all to embrace the prospect of change
with an open mind and a positive attitude.
- 28 -Alter Things
Some  of  the  issues  one  may  have  to  deal  with  when  attempting  or
before considering the change is fear of the unknown, doubt in one‟s
self, isolation, and agonization over decisions, forgetting to consider
other options, focusing too much on the external picture and limiting
the  resources.  All  these  issues  can  hold  an  individual  in  the  grip  of
fear to make the change.
Fear  of  the  unknown  can  be  paralyzing  indeed.  The  human  mind  is
more  that capable of conjuring up images of every possible negative
scenario  that  could  materialize  if  the  change  is  attempted,  thus
effectively sabotaging any positive steps taken to make the change.
However  if  the  human  mind  is  capable  of  doing  this  it  would  make
sense  to  correctly  assume  that  the  human  mind  is  also  capable  of
conjuring  equally  positive  images  to  bring  about  the  zest  and
confidence to step up and make the change desired.
Another  fear  to  overcome  would  doubt  one‟s  self  and  capabilities.
Most  people  tend  to  sell  themselves  short  simply  because  they  are
unwilling to step out of their comfort zones and try something totally
The correct attitude should be open mindedness and by having this,
the fear of failing becomes less of the focal point. Rather the person is
able  to  accept  that  at  the  very  worst  they  did  try  something  new,
although it failed, and there are no “what if” nagging thoughts.
- 29 -Chapter 10:
The Downside Of Not Being Where You Should Be
Many people never reach their true potential because of their fear of
failure. They would rather stay in their comfort zone and just dream
of things that could be rather than actually taking steps to make it
For some this is a situation they can accept and live with comfortably
while for others this discontent can cause serious mental and physical
health issues.
- 30 -Things To Know
One of the downsides of not being where one should be is that there is
a  constant  feeling  of  discontentment  in  the  individual‟s  life.  This
discontentment  can  and  will  lead  to  problems  in  other  areas  of  the
individual life, from health to wealth.
When  it  comes  to  the  work  environment  the  discontent  here  can
result in  losing  interest in the task at hand or not putting in the best
efforts to ensure a good job is done. When this happens the negative
repercussions  can  cause  the  individual  to  lose  the  already  tenuous
standing  in  the  work  environment  and  further  dampening  any
chances of moving upwards, career wise.
One‟s  full  potential  cannot  be  reached  if  the  current  position  in  life
does  not  match  the  perceived  capabilities  of  the  individual.  This  is
also  another  consequence  of  not  being  where  one  should  be.
Calculated  risk  are  never  taken,  thus  potentials  are  never  explored
nor  reached.  This  scenario  also  does  not  allow  the  individual  to
remember that other options maybe available as a result of taking the
extra step.
“Tying”  one‟s  self  down  because  of  the  current  perks  enjoyed,
contributes  to  the  failure  to  reach  one‟s  potential  in  life.  This  is
usually  the  case  when  the  fear  of  the  unknown  is  prevalent  in
stopping the individual from taking the risk to step out of the comfort
zone.  Fear  of  losing  whatever  is  already  available  against  whatever
could be gained is the down side of not being where  one should and
can be.
- 31 -Wrapping Up
It amazes me how many individuals I know have ambitions for where
they would like to go in the future, yet have no real plan on how they
would like to arrive there.
Rather plainly, you‟re never going to reach your full potential if you
carry on with the precise same lifestyle that you are living nowadays.
I‟m sorry, but someplace along the line things will have to switch, and
you might need to compromise.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

G├╝nler - Yunus E. Vurgun

G├╝nler ak─▒p giderken bir adam d├Âner bakar,
G├╝l├╝┼č├╝ anlat─▒r ge├žmi┼či bir anl─▒k bak─▒┼č─▒nda.
G├╝m├╝┼č bir heykel gibidir,
anlatamaz, dili yoktur ki!
G├╝nd├╝z bulur kendini ak┼čamda, bilemezsin ki, bakmad─▒k├ža...
Gayet a├ž─▒kt─▒r kelimeler anlay─▒nca, bilenler ki bar─▒┼čamazlar kaderleriyle.
G├╝zel bir sofra gibidir hayat,
Parlak s├╝sler, pasl─▒ misafirler.
Gayet nazik bir davet gelir,
Korkars─▒n, ayaklar─▒n geriye gider ans─▒z─▒n.

Image result for pen paper

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Digestion is a major problem in 21st century lifestyle. Everybody is too busy to sit down and eat properly, or healthily and there is a massive increase in colon cancer cases. The question we must ask of ourselves is why does this happen? Followed by what can I do about it?
Why Indigestion?
Let's start with why does this happen because this has far wider implications than mere indigestion. Indigestion is nothing more than a symptom that your digestive juices are not performing the function that they are designed to perform. In a nutshell that means that your body is not disposing of excess or waste products. This causes indigestion, heart burn etc. It also assists in putting on weight and constipation. So we have three problems now: Indigestion, obesity and bowel dysfunction. We can also add to that the potential for heart problems caused by obesity. It doesn't come more serious does it?
What to do about it
The second question we should ask is: "What can I do about it?" There is a simple, natural, remedy that I will come to later but for now let's look at what most people do about indigestion. They buy hundreds of millions of dollars worth of 'off the shelf' cures. Without mentioning names of products because every supermarket and drug store have shelves full of various cures for indigestion and heartburn that I'm sure you know as many as I do. People who buy and use these products will know that, at best, they only provide temporary relief and cost quite a lot of cash for what they are. I've seen products retailing at $8 or $9 that contain a few cents of ingredients. Little wonder they only want to give you temporary relief; this goose lays 24 carat golden eggs for the makers and sellers. Now let's look at something that goes to the soul of the problem.
Overcoming indigestion
To overcome indigestion, and the more serious offshoots mentioned above, you must regain the balance of your body function by stimulating your natural digestive juices to work in the manner that they should. The common link between indigestion, obesity and colon disorders is the inability of your body to break down the food that you eat and process it in the correct manner. The answer is Apple Cider Vinegar. Take one Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water with each meal. The acidity of the vinegar stimulates the natural digestive juices into performing their natural function and your body will start showing the affects within a couple of days. Often on the first day of using it.
Medicinal powers of Vinegar
The medicinal powers of vinegar have been catalogued for many years. During World War 1 common vinegar was used for cleaning infection from wounds before dressing, it has been used as antiseptic for surgery in emergencies. The benefits of this product are widely publicised but just as widely ignored.
Personal experience
On a personal note I suffered from indigestion and a hiatus hernia a little over a year ago. The hiatus hernia was controlled by strict diet - mainly avoiding spicy foods. This was murder to keep up with because I love food and especially spicy food. A friend suggested I use a Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water when I eat and I was prepared to try it. The result: I have just about forgotten what indigestion is and can eat any spicy foods that I wish and never suffer from the hiatus hernia.
There is one more thing that you can do to help your body function in the manner it was designed to work and that is to increase your daily exercise. I don't mean sign up at a gym or employ a personal trainer. All you have to do is walk for at least 20 minutes each day. You can start by taking 4 walks of 5 minutes and build up to 20 minutes. It doesn't have to be power walking, just remember that the body needs movement to function and only you can give it that. Before too long you will want to walk for 40 minutes each day as you start reclaiming your body. - Just don't get into heavy exercise unless you have discussed what you propose to do with you doctor and she/he has approved it.
The way of life that came to the fore in the late 20th century and persists today is not a natural way for your body to function. Just be aware of that and make a few minor changes. There is little point in having a great income and lifestyle to die young is there?
This article is © copyright David McCarthy 2005. It may be reproduced only in its entirety with no changes or additions.
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Is Essentially For Home Use

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The steady increase in the number of high blood pressure patients is alarming. If blood pressure were a disease in itself, waiting to be cured, people would not have bothered much. Like any other disease, it would have had a gestation period of say about 15 days, one month, three months or above ... and then it would have been cured. The patient would have said, “I had blood pressure, now I am completely cured!”

Unfortunately, this is not the case. This never happens. Many...

quit smoking and skin care, quitting smoking, stopping smoking,

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The steady increase in the number of high blood pressure patients is alarming. If blood pressure were a disease in itself, waiting to be cured, people would not have bothered much. Like any other disease, it would have had a gestation period of say about 15 days, one month, three months or above ... and then it would have been cured. The patient would have said, “I had blood pressure, now I am completely cured!”

Unfortunately, this is not the case. This never happens. Many other dreaded companions of high blood pressure, like heart attack, damaged liver, and kidney failure, wait in the wings, to give it robust support. What a clever concealer high blood pressure is!

The number of high blood pressure patients is so high, that if its patients were to go to the doctor for measuring and monitoring everyday, the doctor would perhaps develop high blood pressure himself!

In spite of this, regular maintenance of blood pressure is essential. The invention of digital blood pressure monitor, was therefore, inevitable! In acute cases, the doctor would like to have your blood pressure level data, at hourly intervals. This could be done by you alone, unless you are an in-patient in the hospital.

There are many reliable, accurate blood pressure monitors in the market. Some of them are Wrist Blood Pressure Machine, Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, Digital Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor and Talking Wrist Blood Pressure Machine.

Since most of these machines are fully automatic, readings are easy and correct. Digital display of the readings is given, and in tune with the modern technology, the information can be stored in the monitor's memory or print-outs can be taken. Thus, you have a permanent record that you can review from time to time.

People, who monitor their blood pressure at home regularly, have better chances of controlling high blood pressure. They can take appropriate remedial measures without loss of time. This is the greatest advantage that goes with any type of treatment of any type of disease. Doing the right thing at the right time. Your involvement in treating your disease becomes total, and that in itself is rendering lots of service to your own welfare!

So, taking all the factors into consideration, a digital blood pressure monitor, is an instrument worth having, if you are suffering from abnormal blood pressure levels. Knowing the exact level of your blood pressure, at any given time is a great psychological relief as well!

Digital Hearing aids: Why Do They Cost So Much?

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Digital hearing aids are the latest and greatest but the costs of digital hearing aids seems insane. We take a look at what makes these high tech devices so expensive and exactly what you'll be getting for your money.

digital hearing aids, programmable hearing aids, programable hearing aids

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The cost of one digital hearing aid can range from $1700 to $4,750 at the retail level. The costs are no doubt high but let's take a look on why digital hearing aids have such a high price tag especially compared to their analog cousins. One of the reasons that digital hearing aids bring high prices is because of all the time that is invested into research and development. Another reason for the high price is that these devices contain miniaturized computer chips, which makes them more expensive. You can always expect to pay more when you are buying the latest electronic gadgets and hearing aids are no different unfortunately.

Don't worry though; deals on digital hearing aids are available to a thrifty shopper. Keep in mind that there is a lot of competition between hearing aid suppliers. Also, the internet is allowing people to get much better deal. It is easy to save money if you take your time and shop around.

We all know that hearing aids are insanely expensive. However, if you look around you will be able to find some low cost alternatives out there. The Cost of digital hearing aids is based on the brand and model of hearing aid and what features it has.

For those people that have already wear analog devices, an upgrade to a digital model will provide stunning sound quality in normal day to day situations. A drastic improvement in hearing of normal everyday sounds is just the start. Where digital hearing aids really earn their money is eliminating background noise. Adjustments can be made without having to mess with the volume control.

The more money you are willing to spend the more you'll be impressed with the detail and quality of the sounds you can hear. If you are willing to get into the high end of digital hearing aids, you will be totally impressed with the things you can hear. Users report that they can hear even the faintest noises, and perhaps the most talked about results are the way these high end models are able to eliminate all feedback. These high tech devices also have a directional microphone which can be directed at the users front which will eliminate any surrounding noises.

If you decide that a digital hearing aid is for you then consult an audiologist. The audiologist will run test to find the degree and cause of your hearing impairment. Digital hearing aids are programmable so don't be surprised if you have to return to the doctor's office a number of times to get the device tuned in just to your liking. It might take some patience on your part but the advantages are very much worth it. Hearing aids are expensive, but you should not cut corners with something as important as your hearing.

Best of luck!

Digital Radiography Improves The Picture For Root Canal Treatment

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The same digital technology that has transformed the way Americans take and share photos is also revolutionizing dental procedures.

Digital Radiography Improves The Picture For Root Canal Treatment

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The same digital technology that has transformed the way Americans take and share photos is also revolutionizing dental procedures. The switch from X-ray images to digital radiography for patient diagnosis is making treatment safer, faster and more effective.

This new technology has been embraced most aggressively by endodontists, the dentists who specialize in root canal treatments. Endodontists have long led the dental profession in the adoption of new technologies. According to an October 2004 survey by Dental Products Report, 48 percent of them have already replaced conventional X-rays with digital radiography equipment.

"With digital radiography and other vision-enhancing technologies such as fiberoptic illumination and operating microscopes, endodontists have transformed root canal treatment," says Marc Balson, D.D.S., immediate past president of the American Association of Endodontists (AAE). "These advances, along with endodontists' specialized training and expertise with anesthesia, have made once-dreaded root canal treatments a quick and virtually pain-free experience."

Digital radiography offers a number of practical benefits to patients and endodontists alike. For one, it exposes patients to significantly less radiation than conventional X-rays, a fact particularly important for expectant mothers or anyone worried about the potential side effects of prolonged radiation exposure. Because the images don't need to be developed, digital radiography also eliminates the processing time that X-rays require. This results in quicker procedures, with patients spending less time in the dental chair and faster relief of their tooth pain.

Unlike traditional X-ray films, digital images can be enlarged easily to more clearly show decay, fractures or bone loss. They can even be colorized, making them a powerful visual aid to educate patients about the source of their pain and about how root canal treatment can relieve their discomfort.

"Much of the anxiety that patients experience before root canal treatment is caused by fear of the unknown," says Balson. "Explaining what will be done using digital radiographs can help put their minds at ease about the procedure."

Digital radiography enhances data storage as well, since bulky X-rays don't need to be filed away and searched for by hand. Endodontists also can share patient information more efficiently with general practitioners by sending digital images in an e-mail, facilitating communication about treatment before the patient returns to the general dentist for restorative procedures following root canal treatment.

"Digital radiography is almost surely the future of dentistry because of the advantages it offers patients," says Balson. "But in many endodontists' offices, its time has already come-and patients undergoing root canal treatment are better off for it."

Disabled Children and Commercial Playground Equipment

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"Play is an important part of your child’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional development," according to Here at Creative Recreational Systems, we believe that children of all ages and disabilities should enjoy the same quality playground experience. This is why we work hard to comply with ADA requirements and safety guidelines...

ada playground equipment, ada safety surfacing, disabled children, commercial playground equipment

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"Play is an important part of your child’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional development," according to Here at Creative Recreational Systems, we believe that children of all ages and disabilities should enjoy the same quality playground experience. This is why we work hard to comply with ADA requirements and safety guidelines.

Safety experts suggest that the safest surfacing for playgrounds is either wood chips or rubber surfacing. However, wood chips do not provide a sturdy enough surface for wheelchairs to maneuver. ASTM standards state that for wheelchair access, surfaces are required to be "firm, stable, and slip resistant" as specified in ADAAG. This is why Creative Systems specializes in SofTile surfacing, a surface that is durable enough to withstand weather and wear, soft enough to cushion, and sturdy enough to provide easy wheelchair access.  We supply and install ADA compatible ramps so that your playground can be fully accessible to those disabled.  We also offer a large variety of playground equipment which we can personalize and combine to meet your unique needs. We supply ground level play components, such as swings and stand alone climbers, to accommodate ground play for disabled children. Our elevated play components also meet ADA requirements by being wheelchair accessible.

Many of our site furnishings also meet ADA standards. We offer ADA compliant picnic tables that provide easy wheelchair access at both ends, as well as rounded corners for added safety. When possible, we try to exceed the ADA guidelines to provide increased accessibility and opportunities. At Creative Systems, we strive to give all children a fulfilling, educational, fun, and overall safe environment in which to play.

For more information on products like this go to

Discount Generic Cialis and Viagra Shopping Guide

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To most of us the Internet means discount. Almost anything we can find just about anything we are looking for at great discounts online. Discount Generic Cialis is no different. But shopping online is not just about finding a low price, it is about finding the best quality products at the lowest price available.

Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Generic Levitra

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To most of us the Internet means discount. Almost anything we can find just about anything we are looking for at great discounts online. Discount Generic Cialis is no different. But shopping online is not just about finding a low price, it is about finding the best quality products at the lowest price available.

Our shopping guide has been specially prepared to provide you with various advice and helpful tips on all parts of the discount generic Cialis shopping experience. It doesn't stop there, of course, we also provide information on shopping for discount Generic Viagra as well. An informed shopper is a happy shopper and on the various pages of this web site you will find the best information available anywhere today.

From detailed information on generic Cialis and how it works to helpful shopping tips, we have just about any and every piece of information that you could ever imagine. We don't want you to go out into the shopping world alone, and that is why we are here, on your side, helping you with the knowledge you need to make wise and informed shopping decisions.

You know what you are looking for, and we are here to help you look for it. All of our advice is written by professionals to help make you the best shopper for ED pills around.

title:Discount Health Plans: Filling The Gap
author:Geoff Caplan
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:10

The health insurance crisis is growing in severity. With current estimates that 15.2 percent of the population, or 43.6 million people are without health insurance coverage, companies and individuals are starting to look at cost effective, innovative solutions to alleviate the problem.
“Discount health coverage is becoming increasingly popular because it provides uninsured individuals with a way to receive health care services at a substantial discount,” says David Major, a spokesman for Medprime, an online provider. “This type of plan is definitely fulfilling a big need.”
Medprime’s site, at, is actually one of the first online providers of discount health services to preschedule appointments for its subscribers.
“In effect, we are providing the convenience of qualifying the medical providers for the subscriber and securing the actual appointment at the same time,” says Major. The Medprime plan also offers discount services for dental, vision and provides discount coverage for a wide variety of traditional health care needs.
Discount health plans can actually work out better in the long run for many Americans, the spokesman noted, because spiraling health insurance costs are hard to justify when an individual enjoys good health. Discount health service plans like Medprime offer a viable alternative with reasonable rates and the security of knowing that high medical costs can be controlled.
Discount Vitamins and Nutrition Products Offer Equal Health Benefits

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Many retail outlets and websites tout overpriced products that promise the moon and don't deliver. The results you obtain from high quality discount vitamins and nutrition products are as sound as those you get from higher priced products.

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When it comes to discount vitamins and nutrition products, the old adage, "You get what you pay for," simply doesn't hold true. Many retail outlets and websites tout overpriced products that promise the moon and don't deliver. The results you obtain from high quality discount vitamins and nutrition products are as sound as those you get from higher priced products.

Here are a few examples:

Multi-Vitamins - Although some people like taking an assortment of specific vitamins, many more prefer the convenience of a multiple vitamin supplement. Different brands of vitamins - and different multi-vitamins within a given brand - contain different formulations, so it's important to look at the labels rather than the price tags.

A general multi-vitamin is appropriate for most adults, although special formulations tailored to specific groups of people are available for women, for men, for older adults, and for those who are engaged in sports or other very active lifestyles.

When choosing discount vitamins, look for those that offer multiple sources of nutrients and natural sources of trace minerals and micronutrients. Each person's ability to absorb nutrients is unique, so multiple sources ensure that virtually everyone can benefit.

Acidophilus Powder - Acidophilus powder is a somewhat generic term for a group of dietary supplements that are probiotics. Probiotics are microorganisms that help the body's own beneficial bacterium and yeasts. Acidophilus powder and capsules/tablets are available in both regular formulations and those specialized for women, vegetarians, and so forth. As with discount vitamins, you can find online sources of acidophilus powder at steeply discounted prices.

St John's Wort - Everyone from ancient Greeks to modern-day medical professionals have explored the benefits of St John's Wort. Found to affect the levels of serotonin in the brain, the herbal supplement can improve mild depression, help balance mood swings, and help with sleep problems. Some nutritional products include complementary formulas (such as anti-oxidants) that can also enhance well-being.

Fat Burners and Weight Loss Aids: Some companies that sell the best fat burners charge premium prices, but there's no reason for you to pay high retail prices when you can buy the same products at deep discounts. Said to stimulate the body's ability to metabolize fat, the best fat burners contain no ephedrine. HydroxyCut, a popular weight loss supplement said to increase your energy, burn calories, and control appetite, is but one example of a brand name product that can be found online at a steep discount over retail prices. Similarly, you can find a carb blocker through an Internet health and body source at a fraction of the price you would pay at a retailer.

Sports Nutrition: Sports nutrition is big business, but that doesn't mean that you need to spend big bucks for protein powders, health shakes, muscle formulas, and nutrition bars. Again, you can get a wide variety of high quality, brand name products at the same place where you buy your discount vitamins.

Of course, prices aren't everything. When you select your online source of discount vitamins, be sure that it also offers expert advice, perhaps in the form of a free weekly newsletter. Look for writing that reflects the knowledge base of the site's owners. Insightful advice gleaned by trial and error is more valuable that the stale reiterations found on many health websites.

Discovered – The Secret To Living Longer

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Everyone wants to live longer and we spend a lot of money trying to find the secrets to living a longer life.  We buy potions, pills, creams and exercise equipment – all in an effort to maintain or regain our youth.

I have nine living uncles and aunts and the YOUNGEST is 79 years old.  Even though I will soon be 70 I still work and play like I did many years ago.

Young, live longer, youth, cars, future, tomorrow

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Everyone wants to live longer and we spend a lot of money trying to find the secrets to living a longer life.  We buy potions, pills, creams and exercise equipment – all in an effort to maintain or regain our youth.

I have nine living uncles and aunts and the YOUNGEST is 79 years old.  Even though I will soon be 70 I still work and play like I did many years ago.

There are too many books on How to Live Longer but there are some simple recipes for living a successful long life.

First and foremost – Plan on it.  Just that simple.  Plan on it.  Dream about the future no matter what terrible things lay in your past.  No matter what has happened in the past, dream about tomorrow.  You can’t change yesterday but you CAN change tomorrow.

LISTEN:  Your future STOPS when you stop planning your future!  Did you get that?  Your future STOPS when you stop planning your future!!

God only knows how long I will live but I’m having a ball planning my future.  Always think about tomorrow and you won’t lose sight of today.  Start planning your future today!!

I love classic cars.  They are my passion.  Yesterday’s treasures are a serious part of my future.  How about yours?  Check out my website at

Discovering Spiritual Wellness

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People who are not in touch with their spiritual health usually experience negative feeling that can create the environment for emotional, physical, and mental illness.  They do not realize that it may lead to serious heart conditions and illnesses.

relationships, depression, anxiety, mental health, inflammation, stress, meditation

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Very few people are attuned with their spiritual health which has a significant effect in the over-all wellness of the mind and body.  Spirituality is unique to each individual. It can be equated with traditional religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, or Buddhism. It could also be manifested in the level of growth that one experiences in personal relationships, or in simply being at peace with nature.
Those who are not in touch with their spiritual needs usually experience deep sadness, depression, intense anger, fear, anxiety, and grief.  These negative feelings can create the environment for emotional, physical, and mental health dysfunction.  People who suffer from repeated physical and emotional abuse carries a wounded and broken heart, as if perpetually tormented by life's difficulties and pains.  They do not realize that their heavy-heart influences their well-being or quality of life.  Denial of the depth of distress will only aggravate the situation and may lead to serious heart conditions and illnesses.
Recent studies have shown the connection between depression and anxiety, and the development of heart diseases. They are considered risk factors equal to high cholesterol and diabetes. According to research, patients going through depression are twice as likely to die from the complications of a heart attack, compared with people who don't have depression.  Some experts even suggest that depression and anxiety should be classified as new risk factors for the development of heart disease.
People who are alone and friendless tend to be more sickly, with greater chances of developing heart disease and a shorter life expectancy, than those blessed with a wide circle of friends and other relationships that provide emotional and moral support.  There seems to be a direct connection between illness and lack of love as documented in research studies conducted by Dean Ornish, M.D., a respected cardiologist from the University of California in San Francisco.
A few years ago, scientists have discovered that inflammation of the coronary arteries plays a role in the arteries becoming clogged with cholesterol. Two of the most successful heart medications, beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors, work at the hormonal level, reducing the influence of adrenaline released when we are upset, nervous, or experiencing stress and fear. These drugs have been nothing short of miraculous, reducing incidence of death by 30 percent.
However, there are many patients who do not respond well to drugs because of emotional as well as physical ailments.  This is where alternative healing, such as meditation, prayer, or psychotherapy, comes in.
One such meditative therapy is called Sufism, or Practicing Remembrance --- an ancient spiritual practice that originated in Islam, and best known in the West through the poetry of Rumi. Sufism focuses its many practical and effective methods of healing on the heart with a simple but miraculous way of opening a person to the healing rays of love.

Practicing Remembrance is a time-honored method of healing that makes use of a combination of breathing and sounds to open the heart to greater love. What you will be remembering when you utilize this technique is the concept of love.  To many spiritual groups, the concept of love and God are interchangeable. For Sufis, the Practice of Remembrance is the repetition of God's name in a number of succession or cycles.  Each time the name of God is repeated, love flows into the heart. It is this continuous process of repetition that has the power to cleanse the heart of all the negative vibrations and the heaviness it carries.  But it is important to visualize love or the spirit entering the heart when the sound is being repeated.
Spiritual wellness is discovering a sense of meaning in your life, and living out the reason and purpose of your existence.

title:Discovering The Healing Properties Of Ganoderma
author:Terry Dunn
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:11

How long have you been suffering due to a specific illness like high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart problem? If you are not at the moment, how do you know that you will not suffer from any disease like cancer or paralysis in the future? Indeed, the changing times has brought do many advances to people’s living. But, as it elevates the people’s living condition, it also brings a lot of new illnesses and diseases that are becoming harder and harder to cure.
Undeniably, the best cure to any disease is prevention. Knowing the important things you should avoid before you suffer minor illnesses like muscle and joint pain, rheumatism, and insomnia—that could even lead to more serious health problems like paralysis, ulcer, and heart problems—is to start the journey on finding the best solution.
And how do you do it? It is by starting to discover or rediscover the things that might seem impossible at the beginning. Like what most people did when they discovered one of the healing properties of “the king of herbs,” the Ganoderma. The Ganoderma healing properties were discovered way back in ancient China shrouded with a dash of mystery and tons of secrecy. It was then described as the “celestial herb” because the Ganoderma healing properties does not incur any side effects regardless of amount and period of usage. This was then considered as the ultimate cure for almost all illness and diseases because the Ganoderma healing properties were really effective in the practices of the people in the Orient. Aside from being known for its anti-aging properties and longevity, the Ganoderma healing properties spread to the Western World. Because of the technology and the science used by medical practitioners in the West, the Ganoderma healing properties is now more established upon the discovery of its 280 or more active ingredients with healing medicinal properties.
Among the so many known Ganoderma healing properties are its contribution to the improvement of the person’s immune system. Aside from its positive response in numerous ailments, the Ganoderma healing properties are evident in the three major killers of the modern times – cancer, cerebrosis or an organic disease of the brain, and coronary diseases which are mostly related to problems in circulatory system of the blood. Thus, the Ganoderma healing properties are clearly evident in its contribution in the correction of the blood circulatory imbalance. And while it continues to strengthen the person’s immune system to prevent deterioration, the Ganoderma healing properties is also given credit for its capability to detoxify the body and rejuvenate cells, thus, balancing the functions of numerous organs that get rid of disorders.
Due to the strong evidences of the Ganoderma healing properties evident in numerous studies on its effectiveness in the treatment of many diseases, the demand for it continuously increases. More and more people now consider it as a highly recognized preventive medicine for its detoxifying and anti-oxidants qualities. The “natural wonder drug” helps a person’s body to metabolize well while preventing tissue degeneration that causes different diseases. But, the healing powers of this mushroom don’t stop at by merely acting as a detoxificant, it also acts as a protector and regulator of different organs such as the liver and the intestine. Aside from this, the Ganoderma healing properties is also accounted for being an ‘adjuster’ of blood pressure while enhancing the stability of the various systems of the body.
Indeed, there are many claims on the almost unbelievable healing powers of Ganoderma. But, people’s bodies operate on its own major systems and it cannot always absorb everything one takes in. People who are interested to use this ‘wonder herb’ should try to research about its properties and do a bit of fact-finding before they take on the decision to try it. One really has to discover for themselves if the Ganoderma healing properties will create a balance between the external and internal body conditions. If the properties will work on his systems properly, then one doesn’t have to can yield to diseases brought by the ever-changing times.
title:Discover Affordable Health Insurance
author:Daniel Lesser
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:12

If you're seriously interested in knowing about health insurance, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about health insurance.
Affordable health insurance - it seems, particularly today, those words just don't belong together in the same sentence. Health insurance monthly premiums are becoming the biggest single expense in our lives - surpassing even mortgage payments. In fact, if you have any permanent health problems, such as diabetes, or have had cancer at one time in your family history, your monthly cost could easily be more than the house and car payment combined.
Shopping for affordable health insurance can certainly be an eye-opener. If you have always had a health insurance benefit where you work - especially a state or federal employee - and now have to buy your own, you may not be able to afford the level of health insurance coverage you have become used to.
Affordable health insurance, however, is definitely available -if you know how and where to look.
When you are looking for affordable health insurance, you want the lowest cost per year that will fit your budget, of course. But, even more importantly, you want a company that has a good record for paying without fighting with you on every detail. Just as there is a car for just about any budget, there is also affordable health insurance. You may not be able to afford a "Cadillac" policy - but then you probably don't need all the frills anyway.
Shopping for health insurance on the internet is the easiest and best way to find affordable health insurance. Here are five reasons why.
Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.
1. You don't need a local agent to help you submit the claims for health insurance. The medical provider does it for you. You save money because the health insurance company saves money by not paying the agent commission. This could amount to an 8% to 12% savings to you.
2. All the top health insurance companies are at your fingertips on the internet. Most local agents can only quote you from the few companies that they represent. They may not offer you what is best for you financially or health-wise but only what they happen to have available.
3. Health insurance companies have to be extremely competitive because it is so quick and easy to compare them with their competitors on the internet today. In the past you would have had to visit physically eight to ten agents to do a similar comparison. Most folks just didn't have the time or desire for that.
4. You can change your coverage, deductibles, and payment options with just a few clicks rather than going through the paperwork delay with a local agent (and then finding out he/she made a mistake - more delay).
5. Charging to a credit card means you aren't going to forget a payment and be without insurance. Also, it gives you another 30 days before you actually have to pay. Also, many companies today give an additional discount for "auto-pay".
The key, however, to finding affordable health insurance is realizing that the purpose of any health insurance is to protect you from a major financial loss - not to protect you from spending small money on clinic visits and sliver removal. These small expenses may be cumbersome but they generally will not hurt you. It's the $100,000 heart operation that will break you. That's the financial disaster health insurance was originally designed to prevent.
Also, keep this in mind. Health insurance, as with any insurance, is a gamble. You are gambling that you will draw out more than you pay in. Your health insurance company is gambling they will pay out less. The odds are in their favor for two reasons. They have all the facts for millions of families to average out, so they know the risk in advance. Also, they get to set the rules and the prices. The higher you set your deductible, the more risk you take. This is not a bad thing at all. You will most likely be the winner in the long run.
Yes, finding affordable health insurance is much easier than most people think.
By adding more of the risk with higher deductibles, spending a little time on the internet comparing eight to ten different companies, and deleting coverage that you will not likely need (such as maternity for many people) will make it likely for you to find your own affordable health insurance.
This article's coverage of the information is as complete as it can be today. But you should always leave open the possibility that future research could uncover new facts.
Discover All The Relevant Info On Vitamin Supplements

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With more and more people especially going into diet programs, there is an ever important need for these image and health conscious people to consume vitamin diet supplements. They are taking more and more on shelf space in the stores and they're also available all over the internet.

vitamin diet supplements, vitamins, vitamin supplements, diet

Article Body:
In today's very fast paced world we do not consume a proper diet all of the time. If you conduce a busy life and do not acquire decent vitamins for your body to function decently then you should be counterbalancing with natural vitamin supplements.

Of course, the virtually obvious benefit to accepting multi vitamin supplements is convenience. It is far more easily for someone to accept one dosage of a multi vitamin supplement that carries each of the essential vitamins compared to accepting each one one by one. This is especially the case for children as it could be tricky for them to accept a large number of vitamin supplements but one dosage of a multi vitamin supplement is far more easygoing.

This led to vitamin supplements being widely available in grocery stores and even gas stations, especially for the most commonly required vitamin supplements such as vitamin C. The production of vitamin supplements has increased to such a level that there are now specific vitamin supplements available to cater for different age groups, including children and the over 50s. The increase in demand for vitamin supplements does not seem to be decreasing but the variety and choice available to consumers is constantly being improved.

Nutritious content claims for dietary supplement vitamin describe the level of some type of vitamin or vitamins in that supplement. For instance, agreeing to many health organizations, a dietary supplement vitamin with at least 12 milligrams per portion of vitamin C could have the following stated on its label: "Great source of vitamin C."

To make the decision simpler there are now a many of multi vitamin supplements produced for unique people. For instance, there are multi vitamin supplements that are designed for children. These multi vitamin supplements contain the unique nutrients that children necessitate for them to grow and acquire decently. Pregnant women have singular nutrient necessities to ensure that their baby receives the necessary nutrients and there are multi vitamin supplements developed for pregnant women.

Another thing to consider: Our bodies can stand 500 times the RDA of vitamin as long as it comes from food yet that is not the case for synthetic vitamin diet supplement. We can reach toxic levels by taking too much of vitamin dietary supplement.

It is crucial to look at the contents of any multi vitamin supplement prior consuming too many. A lot of vitamins can be toxic if too much is ingested and this can occur more easily with multi vitamin supplements as a few of the content may be unnoticed. The labeling of the actual portion of the advisable daily allowance for each vitamin in a multi vitamin supplement should be clearly labeled and must be evaluated before a person ingest them. Always seek professional medical advice before taking any multi vitamin supplement if there is any question as to the welfares of the contents.

title:Discover Effective Home Remedies to Dandruff
author:Alex Fir
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:11

Dandruff is a common problem. You can fall victim to excessive dandruff at any age. 97% of Americans suffer from dandruff at some time. One out of every two persons in the world have problem with dandruff.
Common practice is to treat dandruff with anti-dandruff shampoos. But did you know that you can use simple effective home remedies to treat dandruff? Home remedies may offer complete solutions for controlling dandruff.
One of the best ways to control dandruff is to apply a mixture of vinegar and water on the scalp. Make a mixture of 2 teaspoons of vinegar and 6 teaspoons of water and apply it on the scalp before you go to bed. Keep it for the whole night with a towel around the head. Rinse your head with vinegar water again in the morning. If you continue to treat your hair with it for few months, it will serve your purpose.
You can also use a mixture of 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2-teaspoons of vinegar. Massage the scalp with this solution. After the massage, treat your hair with an egg shampoo.
You can rub a combination of 1 part sulfur powder, 2 parts surgical spirit, 1 part almond oil and 4 parts rose water or distilled water on your scalp to keep dandruff at bay. Or:
Boil a mixture of 4-5 dried thyme and two cups of water for 10 minutes. When the mixture cools down, massage it on the scalp and leave it for half an hour. Wash it afterwards and see the results. You will have a dandruff-free head.
You can also soak ground fenugreek seeds overnight in water and massage the paste on the head, leaving it for a few minutes. Wash it afterwards using a mild shampoo.
You can also prepare a homemade mixture of 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice with 100 grams witch hazel in 200ml of water and use it on washed hair. Applying the mixture several times is helpful in warding off the problem of dandruff.
If you wash your hair with warm apple cider vinegar, leaving it for 30-40 minutes and then rinsing it with plain water, you are sure to control dandruff positively. You have to continue this process regularly to stop its return. The smell of the vinegar does evaporate!
Try a mixture of olive oil and almond oil. Massage your scalp with the mixture and leave it for five minutes after you feel the burning sensation. Rinse properly and you should have a dandruff-free head.
Did you know the well-known pain killer aspirin, used for relieving aches, can serve you equally effectively to eliminate the problem of dandruff? Just crush and powder two aspirin tablets and add it to your shampoo. Leave the mixture on your scalp for two minutes. Rinse and wash properly to remove the aspirin particles completely from the scalp.
You can directly use Aloe Vera gel to remove excess dandruff. Apply the gel on your scalp 10-15 minutes before you plan to wash your hair. Regular use of the gel before shampooing will keep down the growth of dandruff.
These remedies take time to show a visible change but are effective for some people.
The best point concerning a home remedy is that you have many options and, if you think that a particular ingredient does not suit you, you can try an alternative. You should give each remedy at least a week before trying another.

When you are a diabetic, exercise is will help control your blood sugar levels.  But if you
are overweight or obese and diabetic, exercise will also help you lose weight.  As a
diabetic, there are additional considerations and precautions that you need to take before
you begin an exercise routine.  And once you have begun, you always need to be aware
of the risks involved.

It is ideal to wait before your exercise if your blood glucose level is too low or high.  You
can do more damage than good if you do not.  It is especially dangerous if your blood
sugar is on the low side and you begin to exercise.  The physical exertion can cause your
blood sugar to drop even further which can become an emergency situation.  As a
precaution, if you are exercising at a gym make sure the staff are aware of your condition
and have emergency instructions and numbers to call.  If you walk or run on your own
outside, keep identification on you that advises you are diabetic along with contact phone
numbers, a snack, and instructions.

For other tips on exercising with diabetes, you can follow the same guidelines that make
sense for everyone else.  Stretch before and after exercising, drink plenty of fluids, and
don’t push yourself too hard.  It is a smart idea to check your blood sugars before and
after exercising and if you are feeling light-headed during your work-out check it then

As feet problems are common in diabetics, wear proper footwear and socks.  If you
notice any sores on your feet that are not going away on their own, see your doctor.  If
they are not healing they can lead to an infection and other related complications.  Even
though there are risks involved to exercising, the benefits make it worth it.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Where You Look

Isn’t it a funny disaster that we all have our own way of seeing and processing? The opposit is also a disaster but really, when we think and try to have a common area in our visions for a standard.

Let’s take the example of a playground. Two children are playing with sand. One starts crying because the sand got into his eye. The other child doesn’t understand and makes a weird face, trying to express that he doesn’t understand why he is crying. Mother of the crying child approaches and she also tries to understand the case. So that she doesn’t really care about what the children say in the first place, she guesses what has happened and acts accordingly. She thinks the wierdly looking kid just hit her child so the confused kid must be guilty. She tells the other kid to never hit her child again and takes her kid and walks away. This makes a traumatic experience for the child left in the park.

What I try to tell in this story is how bad having a personal perspective and/or a prejudice is. More than that, in bigger cases this may cause (it actually does) a huge conflict that has violence in it. The solution to me first seemed to be giving the same perspective to every human (magically) and let see what would happen but I realized if so, it would be a world of insanity (more severe than the current world). So what shall we say? Maybe the God knows what is best. Otherwise if we see the world as pure chaos, we are lost in sadness and desperation. This is a whole other topic and it is best to cut this here.

Thank You,

-Yunus E.V.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Lonely World

One of those inspirations that come at night. This is one of them. Not a fictional story or etc. but more of a kind of depressed writing for the night. Imagine me right now, just imagine it in your head: Owner of blog named YUNUS Blog, a 20 year old young man living in Istanbul, writing this at 00:35 in the morning, or call it half past yesterday, and holds his %16 battery available smartphone in his hands writing this post. Could you see the picture? If so, let’s continue...

Tonight is special. I realized what Carl Sagan is saying in his book that I just started reading. Those couple of pages made me realize. He is telling us how big the universe is and how small and unimportant we are from the perspective of wast emptiness of space. This is quite important I guess. All our thoughts, family issues, heartbreaks, happy moments are only a dot in the existence of all these endless space. Oh boy, this is a lonely little world out there!

Two or three years ago, as I remember, I was thinking how my life would be better if I were abroad. If I were out of my country and live far away somewhere “better”. Now I realized, it was a lie that grew inside me more and more. The truth is, not just that I haven’t experienced living abroad, I also gave a meaning to it far bigger than it deserves. Yes I have been to many, many countries but they were short trips. Not living, not getting into the social circle or anything. So until I experience that, I better not hope too much for a perfect life outside, abroad.

I been hearing stories of lives of people being a foreigner and having bad lifestyles. This gives a clue and there is something written on this clue: “The World and the human race is very similar wherever you go.”

-Yunus Emre Vurgun
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