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Thursday, March 19, 2020

- 1 -
- 2 -Terms and Conditions
The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible
in  the  creation  of  this  report,  notwithstanding  the  fact  that  he  does
not  warrant  or  represent  at  any  time  that  the  contents  within  are
accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.
While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in
this  publication,  the  Publisher  assumes  no  responsibility  for  errors,
omissions,  or  contrary  interpretation  of  the  subject  Matter  herein.
Any  perceived  slights  of  specific  persons,  peoples,  or  organizations
are unintentional.
In  practical  advice  books,  like  anything  else  in  life,  there  are  no
guarantees of income made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their
own  judgment  about  their  individual  circumstances  to  act
This  book  is  not  intended  for  use  as  a  source  of  legal,  business,
accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek services
of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting and finance
You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading.
- 3 -Table Of Contents
Chapter 1:
The Benefits To Unleashing Your True Potential
Chapter 2:
Decide What Areas Of Your Life Need Change
Chapter 3:
Channel Positive Energy Into Your Life
Chapter 4:
How Important Is Goal Setting
Chapter 5:
How To Set Goals Correctly
Chapter 6:
Define Who You Look Up To And Them Emulate Them
Chapter 7:
Draw Good Karma By Always Being Grateful
Chapter 8:
Why It Is Important To Keep Learning
Chapter 9:
Don’t Be Afraid Of Change
Chapter 10:
The Downside Of Not Being Where You Should Be
Wrapping Up
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- 6 -Foreword
I'll bet that there‟s one excuse you have in your life that's holding you
back  from  executing  particular  things.  They  may  range  from
particular excuses like „I‟m timid so can‟t get any place in life‟ to basic
excuses like „great things don‟t happen to individuals like me‟.
Either  direction,  these  excuses  are  irrelevant  and  unneeded.
Occasionally  it‟s  not  even  that  we  bear  excuses  which  stop  us  from
getting someplace, it‟s merely the fact that our goals are little and they
don‟t test our limits.
Don‟t begin living up to your potential tomorrow, do it now, even if it
means you're curtailing your lunch break. Really put these steps into
action  and begin being the individual you wish to be, the individual
you're meant to be.
Unleash The Beast
The Ultimate Handbook For Unleashing Your True Potential And
Live A Fulfilling Life
- 7 -Chapter 1:
The Benefits To Unleashing Your True Potential
Drifting through life on the nonchalant attitude does not really allow
an individual to get the absolute potential out of life. Sometime
people don‟t even realize there is more to life than their little worlds.
In the quest to finding what is out there, first one should learn how to
unleash the potential powers from within.
- 8 -The Advantages
Being  able  to  sleep  well  every  night  is  just  one  of  the  benefits  of
reaching one‟s true potential. When the mind is open and free there
are no restriction to its calm comfort, hence the ability to sleep well.
Breezing  through  a  day  without  feeling  the  stress  and  worries
everyone  else  seems  to  have  in  their  lives  is  also  a  benefit  to
unleashing one‟s potential.
Having a constant mind set of peace, helps to bring  on the experience
of  true  happiness  and  contentment.  Attaining  this  level  of  peace  in
the only way complete one‟s life.
Unleashing the true potential also allows a person to be at peace from
within.  This  then  protects  the  mind  from  having  to  deal  with  the
competitiveness  and  negativity  in  the  work  environment.  This  also
ensures  the  individual  does  not  resort  to  using  such  negativity
The eagerness to interact with love ones is enhanced, when one has
comfortably attained the true potential in life.
There is no further need to chase after things that have little lasting
value. Time spent with family is time well spent.
Being comfortable in the company of people from all walks of life and
all different ethnic backgrounds clearly shows the achievement to the
true potential in an individual. 
- 9 -Most people tend to stick to the things they are comfortable with and
avoid anything new, but a person who has learnt how to get to reach
their potential lives by a different mindset altogether.
- 10 -Chapter 2:
Decide What Areas Of Your Life Need Change
Making  decisions  to  embark  on  something  new  is  quite  scary.
Furthermore if it involves something totally new and foreign the level
of  fear  is  further  enhanced.  There  are  usually  many  factors  to  deal
with and this will put further pressure on the decision to change.
- 11 -Choose
Adding  to  this,  making  a  decision  to  change  does  not  usually  occur
when  the  positive elements  in  the situation  outnumber the  negative
and thus the usual scenario is to  stay in the rut and continue with the
current situation.
However when the case is the opposite, where the current situation‟s
negative elements outnumber the positive, and then  something needs
to be done to improve the odds of gaining success.
One way  to encourage the individual to take the first crucial step is to
step back and look at the situation as objectively as possible. Making a
firm decision to make a change is very important.
Then deciding what changes are needed to be made would enable the
situation  to  start  turning  itself  around.  Besides  these  seemingly
simple  steps,  each  individual  must  also  weigh  the  odds  of  success
when considering the changes to be made.
Have  a  “working  paper”  done  on  the  perceived  changes  and  its
workings  to  achieve  these  possible  changes.  This  will  give  the  mind
set  a  clearer  picture  of  the  requirements  needed  in  the  exercise  to
make the change.
Upon looking at a situation or predicament objectively, the process to
change  can  start  to  take  place.  The  most  common  things  that  most
people consider changing are their careers.
Very  few  people  are  truly  satisfied  with  their  current  situation  and
always perceive that there is something better available.
- 12 -Another areas that most people aspire to make a change in, is in their
relationships.  As  these  changes  most  times  have  to  go  through
unpleasant phases before the calm is gained there is usually a lot of
apprehension in making the decision, as it is indeed enormous.
- 13 -Chapter 3:
Channel Positive Energy Into Your Life
It  is  a  popular  belief  both  in  the  scientific  and  non  scientific  world
that everything is connect to and by energy. There is good energy and
there is bad energy, as everything is energy.
Using this basis of thought process, the conclusion that everything an
individual  experiences,  consist  of  either  positive  energy  or  negative
energy, which in some corresponding way is dictated by the actions in
a particular situation.
- 14 -Favorable Influence
To be the beneficiary of only good and positive energy, an individual,
must be aware of its connection and corresponding reactions all the
A  very  powerful  train  of  thought  to  consider  is,  we  manifest  into
existence  what  we  think  and  feel  strongly  about.  Scientific  studies
have  shown  that,  thoughts  and  feelings  are  actually  pure  energy
entities, thus these energy entities, be it positive or negative is what
dictates  the  outcome  of  the  thought  process  and  corresponding
Plainly  put,  think  positive  get  positive,  and  think  negative  get
negative.  There  are  several  tried  and  true  methods  that  are
recommended in order to channel positive energy into one‟s life. Here
are some of those recommendations:
  Control the amounts of media exposed to the individual. Being
constantly  bombarded  with  negative  images  and  loud
aggressive music does not create a positive and calm mind set.
  Develop  a  good  affirmation  system  and  constantly  repeat  the
affirmation  but  with  complete  conviction.  This  will  allow  the
subconscious to get used to it and start to accept it as a reality.
- 15 -  Be  wary  of  the  people  and  conditions  surrounding  the
individual.  The  positive  minded  people  surrounding  the
individual will not only be able to create a positive mind set in
the  individual  by  also  radiate  positive  energy  constantly.  This
energy can be strongly felt and is contagious in a positive way.
- 16 -Chapter 4:
How Important Is Goal Setting
Getting the best out of life often requires a lot of focus and hard work.
Without these two elements it can prove to be an uphill task  or even
impossible. Almost nothing comes at the drop of a hat. However there
are  some  methods  that  can  prove  to  be  quite  useful  along  the  way.
Having a plan in place before embarking on the journey is definitely a
good idea.
- 17 -Goals
This process is called foal setting. This is one way to achieve what is
needed in order to reach the goal within a certain time frame and to
the  satisfaction  of  all  concerned.  Most  successful  completion  of
projects has this one thing in common – goal setting.
The elements  involved in goal setting are fairly simply and should be
so. Setting complicated and unreasonable steps to reaching the goal is
not only foolish but can have a negative impact on the end results.
Some things to include when setting a goal are as follows:
  Charting out a long term plan
  Mapped out the time frame for each progressive step
  Tasks and deadline in specifics
  Personnel involved in the execution of the plan
This is one of the best ways to keep track of what is happening and
also how well the exercise is going. Goal setting is very important for
other  reasons  too,  like  giving  everyone  involved  a  vision  to  work
towards  and  a  sense  of  accomplishment  everything  each  step  is
successfully achieved.
Besides this, goal setting is also beneficial because it  can also bring to
attention  any  weak  points  that  need  to  be  addressed  immediately
before the project takes a wrong turn or churns the wrong results. It
can  also  function  as  a  bench  mark  to  gauge  any  further  needs  that
could prove useful to the project at hand or any future endeavors.
- 18 -Chapter 5:
How To Set Goals Correctly
Everyone should have goals in life, and most people do. However
when it comes to planning for these goals, there are many varied tried
and trusted methods to choose from.
Having some knowledge of the various recommendations will help
anyone work out their own goal plan. Being as well informed as
possible allows the individual to avoid setting the goals so high that it
would be impossible to reach and thus eventually cause failure.
- 19 -Do It Correctly
Being specific when setting goals, is a very important point to adhere
to. When there is no specific outline the tendency to be vague is ever
present, which can work against the goal as the mind is unable to
focus on the clear picture of what is wanted and needed. This
vagueness also gives too much “freedom” and because there are not
much restrictions, mistakes are inevitable and very likely.
Having a measurable way to determining the progress of the goal is
also another way to ensure completion and success. Every goal must
have a time frame that is measured against tangible materials. The
progress made must match the time frame and the expected results
based on the said time frame. This check and balance method ensures
the necessary adjustments are made immediately upon discovery and
not only when the progress had encountered problems
Achievable goal scenarios are something that should be carefully
considered before actually mapping out the method to achieve the
goal is done. The feeling of excitement and zest to complete the
project will quickly wane once the realization dawns that the goal is
Perhaps seeking opinions of those around who know the capabilities
of the individual is an indication of sorts as to whether the goal will
Besides being a gauging tool along the process towards reaching the
goal, time lines are also wise because this ensures the completion date
target is met. If there is no time line in place then there is no sense of
urgency and no discipline.
- 20 -Chapter 6:
Define Who You Look Up To And Them Emulate Them
Having a mentor of sort is another way of successfully achieving goals
that have been set. Usually when a goal is set, it is to achieve a specific
idea, item, or feeling, to name a few. Therefore having a real and
tangible point to focus on is very encouraging.
- 21 -People Who Know How
Today  a  lot  of  people  idolize  others  because  they  like  what  they  see
and  because  they  want  to  be  the  person  they  idolize.  The  same
concept can be applied to the individual looking to set a goal.
Defining the specific points that draw the individual to be attracted to
the  person  they  are  trying  to  emulate  is  both  interesting  and
enlightening.  Often  this  requires  an  in  depth  study  of  the  idol  or
object of idolization itself.
By listing all the admired points of the person or object idolized and
slowly  incorporating  these  points  into  one‟s  own  life  does  allow  the
person  to  grow  more  confident  in  themselves  and  even  cause  an
improvement in their lives along the way.
As each point is successfully met or achieved, the confidence level of
the  individual  becomes  more  apparent  and  this  further  gives  the
individual the mush needed boost to strive for even bigger things.
In  defining  and  emulating  someone,  the  individual  also  get  to
physically  see  the  “end  product”  in  which  they  find  such  strong
admiration for.
This  is  beneficial  if  the  qualities  sought  are  positive  and  thus  by
emulation  the  positive  qualities  the  person  own  life‟s  circumstances
Caution should be exercised when making this choice as it will have
an  impact  on  the  success  of  the  goal  and  the  processes  required
reaching it. Even the goal is finally reached these qualities that were
- 22 -used in the emulation process may have become such an integral part
of the individual that it further benefits other parts of the individual‟s
- 23 -Chapter 7:
Draw Good Karma By Always Being Grateful
Breezing through life is a wonderful way to life. Everything comes so
easily and the circumstances are always wonderfully bearable. This
scenario is rare indeed, in today‟s world of mainly worry and stress,
but nonetheless a wonderful thing to be able to attain.
- 24 -Pull In Good
The popular thought is, do good –  get good, does perhaps ring true to
some extent. Kindness and gratitude are virtues that can be cultivated
and  strengthened  but  it  would  be  prudent  to  practice  both  these
virtues together. Both these elements need to be entwined in order for
it to come across as genuine.
Doing  things  with  the  intention  of  benefiting  someone  else  helps  to
promote the virtue of kindness which in turn allows the individual to
experience  an  inner  peace  and  joy.  However  the  exercise  must  be
genuine  for  this  good  by  product  to  manifest  itself.  When  an  act  of
kindness  has  been  extended  the  feeling  of  gratefulness  from  the
recipient  is  tremendous  especially  if  the  act  itself  was  timely  and
much needed.
Besides being beneficial to the recipient, of the kind act, good karma
can also be derived for the recipient who learns how to be grateful for
the act of kindness received. When one is in a state of gratefulness the
body and mind undergo a certain change, which soften the heart. The
humbling effect it has, genuinely allows the individual to appreciate
things more and be more in tuned with surrounding elements.
For those who have been on both sides of the coin, so to speak, realize
that gratitude is the corner stone for the law of attraction. In learning
how  to  be  grateful  for  everything  one  has,  the  good  karma  that  is
drawn from this attitude is not only phenomenal, it is also very real.
- 25 -Chapter 8:
Why It Is Important To Keep Learning
Constantly being eager to learn things no matter at what age is not
only beneficial in terms of knowledge but also help to keep the mind
and body alert.
Keeping abreast with the latest information of various kinds allows
the individual to be well informed and generally knowledgeable in
almost any topic or fields.
- 26 -Keep Growing
Most people associate learning with education and this is not entirely
correct.  Being  willing  to  be  exposed  and  informed  to  anything,
anytime and anywhere is a form of the learning process. The process
of learning is ever present in an individual‟s life, from  learning new
skill  to  handling  family  issues.  Even  taking  up  a  new  hobby  is  in
actual fact learning or acquiring a new skill.
People who are keen to try new things and at the same time pick up a
few beneficial tips along the way are people who have come  to realize
the  importance  of  growing  from  strength  to  strength  in  life.  By
remaining stubbornly in the mindset that one does not need to learn
new  things  as age progresses  is  indeed  a  huge  folly  not only  for  the
individual concerned but also for those around him or her.
Even  if  the  new  information  learnt  does  not  bring  about  immediate
benefit  or  use  it  does  not  mean  the  whole  exercise  of  acquiring  this
new information is useless. It is not unusual for the learnt matter to
come in handy at some later stage.
There are benefits like, saving money because the information learnt
may help resolve a problem without having to hire or pay for outside
help.  In  tackling  the  problem  and  deriving  successful  results  the
individual also benefits mentally because to the satisfaction generated
from the act of independence.
Being  willing  to  constantly  learn  new  things  or  pick  up  new  skills
shows  the  individual‟s  willingness  to  grow  and  thus  allows  for  the
opportunities  to  present  itself.  Because  of  this  good  trait,  the
individual will notice a vast area of opportunities always available. 
- 27 -Chapter 9:
Don’t Be Afraid Of Change
Being afraid of change is really a common and normal experience
most people go through at one point or another in their lives.
Growing comfortable or having already reached their “comfort zone”
in life often makes people extremely wary of the prospect of change.
The results of which is strong resistance to any change at all. However
is would be to the benefit to all to embrace the prospect of change
with an open mind and a positive attitude.
- 28 -Alter Things
Some  of  the  issues  one  may  have  to  deal  with  when  attempting  or
before considering the change is fear of the unknown, doubt in one‟s
self, isolation, and agonization over decisions, forgetting to consider
other options, focusing too much on the external picture and limiting
the  resources.  All  these  issues  can  hold  an  individual  in  the  grip  of
fear to make the change.
Fear  of  the  unknown  can  be  paralyzing  indeed.  The  human  mind  is
more  that capable of conjuring up images of every possible negative
scenario  that  could  materialize  if  the  change  is  attempted,  thus
effectively sabotaging any positive steps taken to make the change.
However  if  the  human  mind  is  capable  of  doing  this  it  would  make
sense  to  correctly  assume  that  the  human  mind  is  also  capable  of
conjuring  equally  positive  images  to  bring  about  the  zest  and
confidence to step up and make the change desired.
Another  fear  to  overcome  would  doubt  one‟s  self  and  capabilities.
Most  people  tend  to  sell  themselves  short  simply  because  they  are
unwilling to step out of their comfort zones and try something totally
The correct attitude should be open mindedness and by having this,
the fear of failing becomes less of the focal point. Rather the person is
able  to  accept  that  at  the  very  worst  they  did  try  something  new,
although it failed, and there are no “what if” nagging thoughts.
- 29 -Chapter 10:
The Downside Of Not Being Where You Should Be
Many people never reach their true potential because of their fear of
failure. They would rather stay in their comfort zone and just dream
of things that could be rather than actually taking steps to make it
For some this is a situation they can accept and live with comfortably
while for others this discontent can cause serious mental and physical
health issues.
- 30 -Things To Know
One of the downsides of not being where one should be is that there is
a  constant  feeling  of  discontentment  in  the  individual‟s  life.  This
discontentment  can  and  will  lead  to  problems  in  other  areas  of  the
individual life, from health to wealth.
When  it  comes  to  the  work  environment  the  discontent  here  can
result in  losing  interest in the task at hand or not putting in the best
efforts to ensure a good job is done. When this happens the negative
repercussions  can  cause  the  individual  to  lose  the  already  tenuous
standing  in  the  work  environment  and  further  dampening  any
chances of moving upwards, career wise.
One‟s  full  potential  cannot  be  reached  if  the  current  position  in  life
does  not  match  the  perceived  capabilities  of  the  individual.  This  is
also  another  consequence  of  not  being  where  one  should  be.
Calculated  risk  are  never  taken,  thus  potentials  are  never  explored
nor  reached.  This  scenario  also  does  not  allow  the  individual  to
remember that other options maybe available as a result of taking the
extra step.
“Tying”  one‟s  self  down  because  of  the  current  perks  enjoyed,
contributes  to  the  failure  to  reach  one‟s  potential  in  life.  This  is
usually  the  case  when  the  fear  of  the  unknown  is  prevalent  in
stopping the individual from taking the risk to step out of the comfort
zone.  Fear  of  losing  whatever  is  already  available  against  whatever
could be gained is the down side of not being where  one should and
can be.
- 31 -Wrapping Up
It amazes me how many individuals I know have ambitions for where
they would like to go in the future, yet have no real plan on how they
would like to arrive there.
Rather plainly, you‟re never going to reach your full potential if you
carry on with the precise same lifestyle that you are living nowadays.
I‟m sorry, but someplace along the line things will have to switch, and
you might need to compromise.
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