Lonely World

One of those inspirations that come at night. This is one of them. Not a fictional story or etc. but more of a kind of depressed writing for the night. Imagine me right now, just imagine it in your head: Owner of blog named YUNUS Blog, a 20 year old young man living in Istanbul, writing this at 00:35 in the morning, or call it half past yesterday, and holds his %16 battery available smartphone in his hands writing this post. Could you see the picture? If so, let’s continue...

Tonight is special. I realized what Carl Sagan is saying in his book that I just started reading. Those couple of pages made me realize. He is telling us how big the universe is and how small and unimportant we are from the perspective of wast emptiness of space. This is quite important I guess. All our thoughts, family issues, heartbreaks, happy moments are only a dot in the existence of all these endless space. Oh boy, this is a lonely little world out there!

Two or three years ago, as I remember, I was thinking how my life would be better if I were abroad. If I were out of my country and live far away somewhere “better”. Now I realized, it was a lie that grew inside me more and more. The truth is, not just that I haven’t experienced living abroad, I also gave a meaning to it far bigger than it deserves. Yes I have been to many, many countries but they were short trips. Not living, not getting into the social circle or anything. So until I experience that, I better not hope too much for a perfect life outside, abroad.

I been hearing stories of lives of people being a foreigner and having bad lifestyles. This gives a clue and there is something written on this clue: “The World and the human race is very similar wherever you go.”

-Yunus Emre Vurgun
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