somewhat randomness example

2 is our main number all the time.
we add the current time in PDT (UTC-7) to the main number (2) with all the details (hour, minute, second, millisecond).This time picking will occur at the exact time of the generation request.
For example we get 2 + 21:05:03.104 (hour:minute:second:millisecond). This will occur as: 2 + 21 + 5 + 3 + 104. Basically, each slot of time writing will be accepted as a regular number such as the order we use in daily life that's going from 1 to 10. Our result will be 135.
The software will then take this 135 and divide it into 4 if the time in Singapore is an even number when added together (with the millisecond) and if not an even number it will multiply 135 with 5352. Let's say the time was not even when added. So we go for 135 x 5352 = 722520.
Our somewhat randomness generator has given the result of  722520 as the product of the request made by the user.

This is not randomness but it seems to us humans as random so we call it random.

-Yunus Emre Vurgun 23.03.2020

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