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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Where You Look

Isn’t it a funny disaster that we all have our own way of seeing and processing? The opposit is also a disaster but really, when we think and try to have a common area in our visions for a standard.

Let’s take the example of a playground. Two children are playing with sand. One starts crying because the sand got into his eye. The other child doesn’t understand and makes a weird face, trying to express that he doesn’t understand why he is crying. Mother of the crying child approaches and she also tries to understand the case. So that she doesn’t really care about what the children say in the first place, she guesses what has happened and acts accordingly. She thinks the wierdly looking kid just hit her child so the confused kid must be guilty. She tells the other kid to never hit her child again and takes her kid and walks away. This makes a traumatic experience for the child left in the park.

What I try to tell in this story is how bad having a personal perspective and/or a prejudice is. More than that, in bigger cases this may cause (it actually does) a huge conflict that has violence in it. The solution to me first seemed to be giving the same perspective to every human (magically) and let see what would happen but I realized if so, it would be a world of insanity (more severe than the current world). So what shall we say? Maybe the God knows what is best. Otherwise if we see the world as pure chaos, we are lost in sadness and desperation. This is a whole other topic and it is best to cut this here.

Thank You,

-Yunus E.V.

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