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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Dark Hours - short story

It was cold and pretty freezing, very abnormally. Ardashir  and Bahram were on their way to the lost city. The climate of the area was normally between 25-30 celcius during the season. It was a surprise for the people that the gods of sky were making it colder and colder every minute. It was as if the ice age has come back.

Bahram was thinking deeply, into the depths of his thoughts of past. He was thinking how beautiful the city was before it was deserted and left behind as a souvenior of war. The lost city was not always as it is called. It was originally City Of Faith. The war and crimes made it horrible and unbearable. Then it was suitable to call it "lost".

Ardashir was more likely to stand what he will see as they arrive. He was somewhat stronger and more experienced with saddenning situations since early ages. He could imagine how horrible the view would be. The ruins of life, ruins of children playing and the ruins of life...

They could never arrive, never live longer. Both died an hour after they started the walk due to a previously planted dinomite.

-Yunus E. Vurgun 2020


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