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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Why people hate you?

In some occasions you may feel or realize some people around you act or talk accordingly to a hatred towards you. It will most probably make you feel horrible and if you are a normal being you will start thinking about the reason behind these. You ask the question "Why?" and try to find the answer most probably. Is it because of my actions or is it because of my words? This is the question you need to ask yourself. You have a second option though. You can ignore the facts and hypnotize yourself with the slogan: "Those worthless ignorant people hate me because I am better than them." But no, it would be really ignorant of you to think that way. It will make you sick on the long run. You may not be a bad person but it is not that simple when it comes to goodness and badness. You have an evil side in you. This side is the part of you that causes others to feel bad when they are around you. Or maybe in your case. You need to cut these habits before you can accuse others for being evil against you: 1. Arrogance 2. Abnormal self-esteem 3. Secret Arrogance that you don't realize 4. Urge to be better than others for the goal of being superior.

These might seem confusing or meaningless but trust these words. If you can cope with these urges and habits, you can literally be the person that can spread goodness and joy around you without losing your "library of wisdom".

I need to admit, these evil habits are living among most of us. They are like the virus. Spreads...
The more you know and the more you learn, you will start to see people as ignorant little bugs walking around you and causing nothing but problems to the great social goals of a nation. You might be wrong more than ever. Taming people as if they are animals is nothing but an evil thought. You are not the God, you are not the Lord of the universe. Be careful with what you say. It will stay for a long time. "The more you know the more you hate" is only true in the case of ignorance. If you are unable to cope with the chaos surrounding you, you will use your brain power as a weapon. Be careful, your diploma is not the certificate of divinity. Academia is academia, same as school being school and a rock being a rock. The meaning you put to the words and terms will change you. Find the fault in everything you face, and you will become a real demon among the society. As I said, no matter how much you know, it won't change the truth. You may say truth is relative. Not in all cases. Besides, truth will always stay the same even if no one sees, no one hears the scream in the forest, it is still there if it is there.

- Yunus Emre Vurgun

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