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If you are constantly visiting our website Yunus Blog, you most probably know that we have a lot of bulk content going on in here. I am writing this to clear up all the question marks if there is any. Basically the concept we have here is mainly in the style of new generation blogging which we consider as sharing as much information with our readers. You may have realized that this is not a personal blog all the time and we are not sharing what we did on a lovely summer evening. What we are doing with this website is that we are sharing both our own writings and other people's. The logic here is to create a community. We share science, art, literature, comedy, gaming and many more just to make sure there is something for everyone. The content we write are under our copyright of course and the content we don't write is either public or private domain depending on the content. The reason you sometimes might not see the author's name under or above the content is/might be because of the fact that he/she doesn't want or because it is under a public domain that allows not mentioning the author or he doesn't want. What we normally do is we gather content by searching public domain archives or we buy the rights of some content that is for sale. When you see an article written by us you will most probably see the name of either Yunus or another writer under or above it. Be aware that "posted by" doesn't mean written by (we have posted by .... on all our content regardless of if it is public domain or under our copyright) us. Don't forget that if you want to become a content creator for our site, you can simply contact us via the methods mentioned on the "about" page. We expect our writers to create their original content and not copy other's work (you can still mention other works as long as you give them credit). Currently we don't pay our writers because neither we get paid. Keep in mind that we can write in any language you want as long as it is original.

-Yunus Blog Team


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