Apple Smart Glasses

Have you heard about the idea of developing smart glasses? Most probably yes. What about VERY smart glasses? For example what about extended reality glasses? Taking a walk and seeing the social media information of the person in front of you taking a walk? Maybe he or she is a professional runner and let everyone see the twitter profile via the smart glasses? Wouldn't that bring more followers to him? Of course yes! It is still far from real though, it is in it's early stages of development currently. There have been numerous theories and whisperers telling the public about these new high-tech gadgets coming to reality. Surprisingly, we have "smart" glasses currently but they are not very similar to extended reality concept. They are working on it but not achieved a satisfactory position yet. 

There have been rumors that apple is working on a high-tech extended reality wearable glasses and according to Barış Özcan's latest video on YouTube, they bought several companies that are working on this project which will help them make it sooner for release. If it is in the near future (and is most probably), we will be able to walk and see the latest tweets on the upper side of our glasses as we walk maybe. Maybe we will look at the sky while we are walking and the AI of the glasses will spot the weather conditions and put a pop-up on our glasses informing us about the weather. Maybe we will be able to play games that are taking place in our living room where two big robots are fighting each other. Who knows? 

-Yunus Emre Vurgun


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