Are Deals on BTE Hearing Aids by Mail Too Good To Be True?

BTE hearing aids can be very costly if you go to your hearing professional to get them.  Some people with hearing loss enjoy the privacy and convenience of ordering BTE hearing aids by mail.  They feel that they can get a better deal and save themselves a trip to the doctor's office.  But, are these deals too good to be true? 

One thing to be aware of is that so-called hearing aids that do not meet FDA guidelines and simply amplify sound are actually known as listening devices.  They are very cheap, both in price and in quality.  Some BTE hearing aids by mail like this cost as little as $6.99 per ear.  In this case, you probably get what you pay for. 

If sellers are not going through an ENT doctor, they will be required by the FDA to make sure that you sign a waiver and turn it in to them.  They want to make sure that burden rests squarely on your shoulders.  And, maybe it should.  You do want to make your own decisions about BTE hearing aids by mail, and this is what you will have to do if you choose not to be fitted by an ENT. 

In any case, most hearing aid sellers require the results of a hearing test, which can be done by an audiologist.  They will not sell the BTE hearing aid by mail without one.  An audiologist is simply a person who does tests on hearing  They are not medical doctors and cannot determine if you have an illness or other medical condition.  However, they can deliver an audiogram that can be used to adjust the settings on a hearing aid. 

The best deals on BTE hearing aids by mail, according to price, are to be found on E-Bay.  One reconditioned hearing aid was recently sold there for under $70.  It was a Beltone brand hearing aid that was said to have cost over $1000 new.  The Siemens High Power 278 BTE aid was sold for around $200.  Siemens is a well respected brand name as well.  Also available by signing a waiver was the Siemens Infinity Pro, which was priced at about $400.  If you can't afford a more expensive set, then you might consider trying this type of BTE hearing aids by mail. 

Some sellers of hearing aids by mail expect to deal with hearing professionals.  These vendors sell products that usually run the buyer into the thousands for a fraction of the cost.  The Siemens Intuis is now being offered for a slim $499, while its retail value is around $1800.  It is equipped with directional microphones, an auto phone device, and technology that reduces noise and feedback.  It is a totally digital aid.  There is a similar deal offered in another brand of hearing aid that has similar features.  This one lists for $2200 and sells on E-Bay for a mere $399. 

It may be to your advantage to buy BTE hearing aids by mail.  It is always in your best interest to explore the possibilities.  Just remember to find out what it is that you are actually getting for your money.  After all, a few hundred dollars spent sounds a lot better than a few thousand, but if the hearing aids aren't what they claim to be, it may be a few hundred dollars wasted.  And, who needs that?


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