Hearing Aids GA: The Way to Get a Good Fit

Most modern hearing aids are fitted by using a computer in some way.  Hearing aids GA is a technology that allows for a fairly precise fitting.  It is a relatively new tool for the audiologist to use in helping you to have the hearing experience you desire. 

In hearing aids GA, the GA stands for genetic algorithms.  First you need to understand what algorithms are.  An algorithm is simply a way to get something done.  If you want something done, there may be several possible ways to achieve that goal.  The way you choose to do it is the algorithm you have chosen.  Different algorithms will have different advantages and disadvantages, but they should all achieve the same basic goal.  In this case, different algorithms for fitting digital hearing aids might have different qualitative results, but the fact is that in any case, you will receive some sort of fitting for your hearing device. 

These particular algorithms are called genetic algorithms because the mimic the attributes of biological genetic principles.  There is, for example, natural selection.  This occurs when one set of parameters proves to be weaker, or less useful, than another and the weaker set is discarded.  In other words, it is not selected.  The hearing aids GA have an array of possibilities available and the algorithm does its job of sorting through them and selecting the ones that work the best for you. 

This is done when the audiologist does your fitting.  The idea is that the hearing aids GA, through your audiologist, will present you with two options.  You will then say which one is better.  Then it will give you another choice of two, and so on.  The hearing aids GA will process all the information you give to come to conclusions about what your preferences are. 

One test was done that studied subjects with normal hearing who were given distorted speech sounds to listen to.  The hearing aids GA were then programmed to their preference to see if the aids would end by selecting the best solution to the problem.  In most cases, they did.  Another study was done to see if subjects would have the same preferences when it came to feedback if they were tested a second time.  They did.  So, it seems that the hearing aids GA provide an accurate fitting for most individuals. 

To be truly effective and practical in the long run, the hearing aids GA should have the capability of adjusting to the user's changes in preferences.  This is where artificially intelligent design is so important in responding to the actual use of the wearer. 

Some hearing aids GA are designed to be downloaded into a program that communicates with the hearing aid using Bluetooth technology.  The audiologist is critical in the fitting of any hearing aids GA.  This isn't something you can do for yourself, at least not at the present level of development. 

Having digitally programmable hearing aids is a plus.  Having a means to program them is just as important.  Hearing aids GA solves this problem by making hearing aid fitting both quick and accurate. 


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