How Does The YouTuber Mind Work?

In this article I am going to discuss what is a YouTube'er, (talking about the successful ones that make a living out of this and not random video uploaders like me) and how these youtubers earn their living, how does their mind work, what tactics do they keep doing to keep us entertained and/or keep getting more hits.
I would like to start with the big question that everybody asks, "what is a youtuber?"

1. What Is a YouTuber?

A YouTuber is "a person who uploads, produces, or appears in videos on the video-sharing website YouTube". Most of the time, when we mention someone as a "youtuber" we mean a youtube celebrity and not just a small channel on youtube. (yunus blog has a youtube channel too which is under the name of yunoose t productions).

2. How Do YouTubers Make Money?

Making money on YouTube has a lot of different ways. Most of the the time you will see ads (if you don't have the premium subscription) on videos you click on to watch and those adverts are one of the ways the content creators earn their money. Another way which is not popular these days but has been a big thing back then is having contracts with big media companies/channels. These big companies either upload your videos for you and take their cut or sometimes they let you upload your video to your own channel but your ad revenue first goes to them and then they give a little portion of it to you. The reason why people team up with third-party organisations can vary. Sometimes (back then) if your genre of videos aren't supported by the official ad company you can team up with those companies who will most probably promote their products in your videos and etc.

3. How Does The YouTuber Mind Work?

When it comes to how their brains work to keep their fame still is sometimes complicated and sometimes just straight the same forever. Of course each content creator have their own strategy to promote themselves but there are basic concepts and rules they all apply to. For example you may have realized a lot of videos contain these phrases either in the beginning or at the end of the videos: "Please subscribe, like and leave a comment down below to keep getting notified when I upload new videos." These sentences vary a lot but they always point out to the same three-four things to do and those things are the like button, the subscription button, the notification bell and the comments section.

-Yunus Emre Vurgun


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