How Oticon Hearing Aids Are Designed With Variety in Mind

No two people expect the same things out of a hearing aid.  Some want a hearing aid for practical reasons that affect the way they hear.  Some people are interested in the cosmetic aspect of the device.  Many have to be concerned about the price.  Oticon hearing aids offer many choices for all of these people. 

Oticon hearing aids come in a variety of models of different styles, types and technological advancement.  These are available in a wide range of prices.  Different Oticon hearing aids focus on different aspects of the hearing experience. 

The Go Pro is a relatively inexpensive model.  The digital aspect of this aid is its sound quality.  It is a simple device, yet it has the advantage of automatic features.  This is a good selection for those who want to spend less without sacrificing all the quality of the Oticon hearing aids. 

Another lower cost model is the Atlas.  It measures up to the standards of Oticon hearing aids.  However, it is made more economically because it is intended to be made on an assembly line by robots.  Some would not appreciate this, but anyone who is considering the price will take it into account. 

Different Oticon hearing aids are available for different levels of hearing loss.  Most of the models will work for mild to moderate hearing loss just fine.  The Delta model is only for those with very mild hearing loss.  For those with severe hearing loss, the Sumo DM is the best choice.  It helps the wearer to hear voices as strongly and clearly as possible with little distortion. Unlike some of the high power aids, it doesn't consume batteries at an alarming rate. 

The Safran has a different focus than most of the others: it is made to allow the user to hear a variety of sounds besides just speech.  This way they can hear nature's sounds, for instance, to enjoy the world around them.  At the same time, it still gives emphasis to speech sounds. 

Then there are the Oticon hearing aids with a higher level of technological sophistication.  The Syncro model uses artificial intelligence to sort noise and emphasize speech sounds.  It can also distinguish the difference between what we call noise and what we call sound.  It lessens the noise, which is usually unwanted, and increases the sound, which is usually what we want to hear. 

The Epoch is an Oticon hearing aid that also makes it easier for the wearer to distinguish where sound is coming from.  You can use it with mobile phones.  The Rise, in fact, can be used with Bluetooth technology and MP3 players as well.  Many of the Oticon hearing aids come with binaural sound, which means that the two hearing aids a person wears work together as one. 

To prevent occlusion, which is the shut off feeling in the ear when a hearing aid is blocking the ear canal, Oticon offers the Tego hearing aid with OpenEarAcoustics.  It is one of the aids that make changes depending on environment, and it does it automatically. 

When you are looking for a hearing aid for the first time or for a replacement, you want to have choices.  Oticon hearing aids come in such an array of types and styles that you will have many choices just staying within its models.


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