How Phonak Hearing Aids Make Listening Easy

Paying attention to your surroundings at all times isn't easy for anyone.  It's even harder for those with hearing deficits.  Sounds seem muffled or far away.  Voices are indecipherable.  Furthermore, some hearing aids amplify all sounds, even the ones that are just distracting.  Phonak hearing aids can make listening easier for those with hearing loss. 

Phonak hearing aids come with different levels of technology.  Analog is the least advanced.  These are manually adjusted and do not accommodate themselves to a person's preferences automatically.  They just receive sound, amplify it, and send it to the ear. 

Digitally programmable, also known as analog programmable, is a type that is actually an analog device that can be programmed by using computer software.  This allows for some of the advantages of a digital Phonak hearing aid, such as preprogrammed settings, without the expense of a digital. 

The digital Phonak hearing aids are where Phonak really shines.  With digital technology, it is possible to acquire a hearing aid that is suited to your own personal preferences.  This process begins with the fitting, but it doesn't end there. 

As you use your Phonak hearing aids you will naturally set the volume as you see fit for the way the setting around you sounds.  You will adjust it differently in a crowded football stadium than you will in the relative quiet of your own back porch.  After awhile, the Self Learning technology will adapt to the way you do things and will begin to take over the volume adjustments. 

Self Logging in you Phonak hearing aids will store information about your choices for use by your audiologist.  Then, there is the AutoPilot feature.  This element of the hearing aid will automatically change to any of several preset adjustments.  The SurroundZoom feature diminishes sounds you'd rather not hear in the background. 

Phonak hearing aids offer a version of their aids called the microPower.  It is tiny.  It only weighs about 2 grams.  It is also powerful enough for people with greater hearing loss, because it is essentially a behind the ear, BTE, hearing aid.  Its tiny speaker rests in the ear canal.  As with other BTE's the speaker and microphone are separate from the speaker and rest behind and on the ear.  The tubing they are connected with in this case is extremely small.  In fact, all the microStyle hearing aids are similar in size of both the case of the hearing aids and of the tubing.  They are also very lightweight. 

Phonak hearing aids come in the usual styles.  There are ITE, in the ear, hearing aids.  These are fine for hearing loss that is not too severe.  The BTE, behind the ear, aids are more appropriate for such user with any treatable level of hearing loss and also for children. 

Neither Phonak hearing aids nor any other hearing aids are capable of giving your hearing back the way it was before you suffered hearing loss.  But, they can make it easier to hear and understand the world around you. With that goal in mind, the use of Phonak hearing aids is worth exploring.   


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