How To Combine Multiple .txt Files Into One With Command Prompt

In this article I will show you how to combine multiple .txt files into one single txt (text) document. It is easy to do this when we use cmd (command prompt). You will be able to understand the concept by following the below images step by step.

1. First, we go to the search bar of our windows computer and search "cmd".

2. We click on "Command Prompt" as the next step to converting our multiple .txt files into one.

This is the screen you are supposed to be seeing when clicked on the command prompt.

3. We copy the file path to the folder where we keep our bunch of .txt files. For example like this: "C:\Users\Userone\Desktop\Mytextfiles"

4. Now we take this path and paste into the command prompt but before doing that we need to add "cd" and then press space before we paste the path. Like this:

5. After doing this, we press enter. After pressing enter we simply type: "dir" and press enter again. After doing that we paste this code: copy *.txt newfile.txt and press enter also.

6. Everything is done! Now you can check the folder again and you will see a new .txt file named "newfile" there. It is the file that has all the other text files in it combined together.

Here is the whole command prompt screen when the job is completed:

and here is the the folder with the new file in it:

Thank You for reading, please don't forget to share with your friends on social media and if you found this tutorial helpful or you didn't understand, please comment below. Thanks

-Yunus Emre Vurgun


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