Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I feel like internet is all about showing us adverts that are related to sexuality.

I am Yunus Emre Vurgun, the owner of In this post I would like to talk about the over-sexualization of the internet. You may recognize what I am talking about when you see the title but to explain things up, I am addressing the issue of seeing sex-related content all over the internet even if I search for it or don't. I feel like the media companies are really knowing the truth about the human instinct. We all know how it rushes our adrenaline levels when we see something sexual on the internet. We all know how much joy it gives to us when we see something sexual. This joy doesn't last very much though. After a certain time, you realize that it is not you having the "award of pleasure" but rather someone else who makes money out of it. 
Gender Sex Symbol - Free vector graphic on Pixabay
symbols of two genders
We as people and especially the males, love seeing naked things. This is in our blood and nature. We are not capable of changing our instincts. What we can change is the way we process it. We can train ourselves to say "no" to those attractive things we see on the internet (mostly clickbait). Put yourself in the position of a CEO who earns a lot of money by putting his company's ads that has a tendency to be related to sex. We can not even count the amount they earn out of this business. I wish it was illegal to out sexual things on the internet but I am not that person who is clean and totally ethical about things. I also do write and publish catchy things and some are related to sexuality to be honest. For example when I first wrote a book, it has around 80% sex. I called it a novel but it was only a junk. A horny and depressed junk. 

The internet is full of sex. I can't even say it in numbers because we all know there are countless of sex-related information on the web that no one can get out of or pretend not to see (unless you have your very special search engine that filters everything). I started to get sick of these ads and articles and mostly VIDEOS that are all targeted to the audience of horny people and mostly the young ones they are... This is out of control I'd say. We can't stop sex things popping up every corner of the internet. Whenever I visit YouTube (I am sure the same happens to you too), sometimes it is a sex-free main page I see. UNTIL I click on a video and then click to the one next to it and so on and on. What happens there is the more related content you visit, the more out of context it gets. For example, there was this cat video recommended to you and while you are half-way through the video you see a dog video and you click on that too, after that there is a "how to build a house for animals" video and you click on that too, and after that there is a video called "sexy women love luxury houses". Where did we start our journey and where did it end? Obvious. You know what comes after that and what websites you go to satisfy your instincts with a false reward cycle. This is a very well made trap for the surfers of internet. I want to study something and boom a half-naked women picture is there looking at me! What happens to my dedication to knowledge? Gone.

I can see there is a lot of money in the sexual advertisement industry but it is out of control. I see YouTubers putting out of topic pictures on their thumbnails to attract people. It isn't even clickbait actually it is "sexbait". Why would you put a half-naked picture of a woman licking a lollipop on the thumbnail of a video about why candy is bad for health. What is more dangerous than that candy is you, your videos and your damn thumbnail. 

I think I did a good job explaining my anger about the over-sexualization of the digital world and here I believe the time to end this post has come.

-Yunus Emre Vurgun


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