Siemens Artis Hearing Aids May Be the Solution for You

When you are trying to choose the right hearing aid, you may be overwhelmed by the choices on the market.  Siemens is one of the top hearing aid companies that wants to help the hearing impaired with their outstanding products.  A hearing consultant can help you narrow the many choices Siemens offers.

You'll often hear the term 'occlusion' when learning about hearing aids.  This means something which blocks the passage.  Like some hearing aids that make you feel like you have a big cotton ball stuffed in your ear, occlusion can make you more aware that you have a hearing loss.  If you've ever gone under water and tried to hear someone speaking to you who is still above water, you can understand occlusion.  You shouldn't feel intimidated by the big terms used when discussing hearing aids or hearing loss.  The person who is helping you should be willing to break the terms into more acceptable explanations so you won't walk away feeling like you just don't get it.

Siemens offers aids with digital noise management, speech enhancement, special feedback management, wind noise reduction, trial periods, and ear-to-ear aids.  There are 4 types of Artis aids alone---the BTE (behind the ear), the ITE (in the ear), the ITC (in the canal) and the CIC (completely in canal).  These can be found for $1600.

A hearing aid is not simply to allow you to hear.  It must also monitor, filter, clarify, receive, and control loudness.  For many years, people who needed aids in both aids faced additional challenges.  Siemens aids can ease that situation as well.  If your ears were damaged because of an unhealthy exposure to loud noise on a constant and regular basis, damage to both ears is often the case.  Two aids must be able to function well together rather than as 2 separate units for the best performance.  The ones Siemens makes are meant to compliment each other and work as a team.  The Artis e2e can be found for $1500.  Although with this aid, you do have the control to make manual adjustments, they work in sync.  A remote control further aids your adjustment capabilities.  It can work with only one aid or with an aid in each ear.

The Siemens Artis 2 Life sells for $1100.  Feedback is stopped before it happens so there's no uncomfortable squealing whistle to scare those around you.  A high pitched sound breaking through the air suddenly can keep a person on edge if it happens often.  The Artis 2 Life has an adaptive directional microphone to help you get the most out of the system.  If also offers wind screen and automatically adjusts for telephone usage.  Battery life is 120 hours.

The Siemens Artis S sells for $1600.  The pocket remote is optional and has readouts for volume, program number, and battery life (a whopping 190 hours!).  This aid is for mild to moderate loss. 

Siemens also offers Artis hearing aids as a full shell, half shell, canal, mini canal, and CIC at price ranges from $1350 to $1450.  All are available with the remote control option for $150.


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