What to Look for in Inexpensive Hearing Aids

With hearing aids costing thousands of dollars each in some cases, it's easy to become discouraged.  It's easy to give up and say to yourself that you'll just have to learn to live with not being able to hear.  Maybe you can learn to lip read, you think.  But, what if you can find hearing aids that you can afford?  Maybe you can.  You just need to know what to look for in inexpensive hearing aids. 

There are some devices that send the sound to your ear with very little processing except a bit of amplification.  Some of these are not even sold as hearing aids, but are sold to hunters who want to be able to hear wildlife noises very well.  These are rightfully called listening devices.  They do not meet FDA guidelines that describe what constitutes a hearing aid.  At prices usually under $20 each, they claim to be inexpensive hearing aids, but they are not considered by most to be hearing aids at all. 

Watch out for companies that insist on you signing a waiver of medical care before they will send you your hearing aids.  These companies do not expect to go through a hearing professional.  If that's what you want, then so be it.  Just make sure you are aware of the consequences of this decision.  If you have a medical condition that is causing your hearing loss, it might be serious and it might be better if you had it checked out.  But, that is your call.  Maybe this is the way you want to go about getting inexpensive hearing aids. 

Your best bet is to look for deals on well-known brands and models of hearing aids.  These can be found at better prices than the manufacturer offers, if you look on the internet.  Just make sure you are comparing the exact same brand names and models of hearing aids to the same inexpensive hearing aids you have found.  Also, make sure that they are new and have a warranty.  Find out about trial periods and return policies.  If you go through your ENT doctor, you will find that you will be given a rather long trial period.  At any time during this period, you can bring the hearing aids back for a full refund minus a very small restocking fee.  The same policy does not go for all sellers, especially internet sellers. 

Another thing to look for is how the inexpensive hearing aids are fitted, both in physical conformity to your ear canal and in volume, frequency, and sound memories.  Some inexpensive hearing aids are BTE hearing aids that come with a universal ear mold to start you off.  They also come with the capability of providing a custom fitted ear mold by taking the aid to your audiologist. 

Some inexpensive hearing aids are designed for you to do the programming of the hearing aid yourself with the help of computer software.  You have to decide if you are up to that challenge if you choose a package like this. 

Some of these inexpensive hearing aids can be fitted through an ENT doctor and some are done without any doctor.  Whatever you choose to do about your hearing problems, look for reliable yet inexpensive hearing aids for the solution. 


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