What You Should Know About Digital Hearing Aids

There are digital hearing aids available without a doctor's prescription or testing.  Some of the aids you can buy that go in the ear canal are digi-ears, which range from $300 to $700 and have various additions.  They're versatile to fit either ear, so if you bought two of the same type, you wouldn't have to worry about which aid would fit each ear if you got confused.

Many different digital hearing aids are available.  Some of them include a  two channel value aid, which is a low cost aid, a mid-level four channel aid that provides feedback reduction and a speech amplifier, and the best level (also a four channel aid), which offers echo suppression and layered noise reduction.  All of these aids come with a wax remover.  (Wax seems to be a problem for hearing aid wearers and must be kept to a minimum for the best reception.)

You may want a carrying case for your digital hearing aid, to keep it safe by the bedside or in the nightstand while you sleep.  The carrying case can help protect it from insects or dust or even a naughty cat who likes to knock things off furniture!  Keeping your digital aid clean and dry is important for proper function and long-lasting use.

Digital aids use microprocessors to process sound for you to hear and should adjust volume according to sound levels.  There are different frequency levels an aid must allow for; each level will have its own amount of hearing loss.  This makes the correct purchase of an aid even more important.  An ill fit, improper adjustment, or neglect to the proper levels you will need help with are reasons you should be properly tested and should use a professional to help you choose the right aid for you.  Your lifestyle and budget are, of course, two other important factors to consider.  You'll want to work with a quality hearing aid supplier, purchase an aid made by a reputable company, and go through the proper medical channels to help you make the best decision.

Almost any company that sells hearing aids will now have digital aids available for purchase.  Digital aids can reduce or eliminate feedback while the person wears them.  They have gain processing, which reduces microphone noise and environmental sounds.  Speech recognition is more accurate with less annoying interruptions to filter through to hear what someone is saying.  If you've ever held a large seashell up to your ear, you should recall the loud whitenoise it makes.  Suppose you had to walk around every day with that noise in your ear, making it hard to decipher what anyone is trying to tell you at any time of the day or night.  Digital aids have been improved to overcome that type of obstacle.  They have been improved to help cut down on the equipment a person used to be burdened with when wearing a hearing aid.  Digital aids are more easily adjusted with more built-in capabilities than ever before.  They even include signal generators to increase accuracy with your fittings.


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