When Will This Pandemic Come To An End?

Most of us are locked inside our houses (if we have one) in order to protect ourselves from the deadly corona virus (covid-19) and we are scared of getting the virus and/or if we already have it we are trying to get well back again and scared to the fact that we might get it again.

Maybe Spanish Flue was a thing (it is called the Spanish flue not because Spain made it, it's because they found the cure to it) but this pandemic of 2020 is seemingly much worse. We are the people all around the planet are very cautious when it comes to going out of our safe zone. It is a logical thing that we are doing at the moment because we have seen how much worse it can get if we get the virus and we are scared of death for our loved ones and ourselves.

This pandemic MUST come to an end like everything one day but we don't really know when. Some scientists said it would naturally disappear as the heat of the summer days arrive but according to the observations, it is not true and nothing near the truth. Summer is not the cure for this virus.

What about a vaccine we say, will it solve the issue? No, according to the WHO (World Health Organisation) it is very hard to find an effective cure because of the fact that the virus goes under mutations all the time. We can say it is still a question mark whether we will be able to find a cure or not.

When will this pandemic come to an end? We don't know.

Are we going to be sane when it is over? I don't think so.

-Yunus Emre Vurgun


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