Why Seimens Artis Hearing Aids Are Popular

Seimens has no problem selling hearing aids.  In fact, they make about 20 percent of all hearing aids.  Seimens Artis hearing aids are some of the best they have available.  There are many reasons why Seimens Artis hearing aids are so popular. 

The Artis 2 is the newest model available.  It has several features that make it more desirable than other aids.  For example, these Seimens Artis hearing aids offer a technology called e2e wireless.  When you have this technology, your hearing aids will function as one unit even though you're wearing them in both ears.  You don't have to keep adjusting one and then the other to get the volume right.  It's all done with the touch of one button.  They each have microphones to take in sounds and circuitry to process it and send it to the ear.  The only difference is that they are linked in control and directionality.  To make this even easier, a device called an ePocket remote can be used to control the two aids simultaneously. 

These Seimens Artis hearing aids use a system of acquiring data about the volume and setting levels a person who wears them uses the most.  After a short while, these adjustments will become more automatic, something like tivo technology.  It is called DataLearning.  Also available on the Artis 2 is DataLogging, which keeps track of data that the audiologist will be able to put to good use in doing your next fitting. 

Seimens Artis hearing aids can emphasize speech sounds while putting background noises in the background where they belong, and they are very advanced in recognizing the difference.  They do this automatically with a dozen channels of frequency bands.  It makes using them a breeze. 

By the way, Seimens Artis hearing aids can reduce or eliminate the noise the wind usually makes when it whistles in and around your ears and hearing aids.  This is called the eWindscreen.  These aids also are good at controlling feedback, that squealing noise you hear when people put in or adjust their hearing aids.  A poorly made hearing aid will squeal at other times as well, but the Seimens Artis hearing aids will not have feedback in any of these situations. 

Autophone is featured, too.  This allows a person wearing a hearing aid to talk on the phone while wearing their aid.  It comes on automatically when you put the receiver up to your ear, and you will hear a small beep to let you know it has switched.  Then, it will switch back when you take the phone away from your ear again. 

Seimens Artis hearing aids also come in another version, which is the Seimens Artis Life.  It has many of the same features as the Artis 2, but it is a tiny BTE hearing aid that is both inconspicuous and comfortable.  If you've ever worn ear plugs all day, you will remember that clogged up feeling you got and how glad you were to take them out.  The Artis Life is designed in such a way as to eliminate that feeling, otherwise known as the occlusion effect. 

These hearing aids make hearing comfortable, easily managed, and accurate.  They are the best that the company offers at this time.  With all the features they offer, it is clear that there is good reason that Seimens Artis hearing aids are so popular. 


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