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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing Mobile App Development to India?

Outsourcing the development of your mobile app is the most prudent way to get top-notch solutions at minimal investment. Simultaneously, the emergence of India as one of the most sought after locations for outsourcing mobile development has made lives easy for numerous businesses globally.

A couple of months ago, Statista estimated that in 2019 approximately 204 billion mobile apps were downloaded by smartphone/ tablet users across the globe. In 2016, global mobile app downloads stood at around 140 billion. This increase of 64 billion downloads in 3 years isn’t surprising. However, the impact of mobile apps on consumers’ interactions with businesses can’t be ignored by corporations any more. In 2020, mobile applications aren’t a luxury for companies; they have become a need of the hour. You need a seamless mobile app with top notch UI and UX to stay relevant today.

Let’s take a look at the biggest benefits of outsourcing mobile application development to India.

No shortage of companies to choose from

Outsourcing mobile app development to India means that you can choose the ideal service provider from numerous options. You can negotiate cost, timelines for delivery and all other crucial facets of developments with ease. Businesses also have the option of comparing the pros and cons of outsourcing to these service providers before they select the aptest company.

Plenty of talented HTML 5, MEAP & MCAP developers

India’s talent pool in the most crucial domains of mobile app development is better than most other IT outsourcing hubs. The significance of HTML 5 for android as well as iOS is evident. At the same time, the part played by MCAP and MEAP has become crucial to the development of modern mobile apps. All reputed outsourcing agencies in India have competent developers specializing in these domains. So, you can rest assured that the best in the world will be working on your solutions.

Tremendous emphasis on UI and UX

In this era, your mobile apps can’t even stay relevant let alone becoming popular without first-rate UI and UX. It is at this stage that service providers in India take a tremendous lead over their counterparts in other outsourcing centers. Barring a few exceptions, the UI and UX of mobile applications developed in India are truly outstanding making outsourcing mobile app development to India an excellent choice.

Availability of 24/7 services and customer support

The customer support services of outsourcing companies in India are among the defining features marking their excellence. With a large number of companies, you can rest assured about 24/7 services. The absence of language barriers is another vital benefit of outsourcing mobile application development to India.

Favorable laws and government backing

When you are outsourcing any tasks to companies in a foreign country, government backing and protection is an essential factor to consider. In the past 5–6 years, India’s central government has left no stone unturned in enhancing the ease of doing business. They have also provided due relaxation in laws and launched schemes such as Digital India and Make in India to promote IT companies.

Brilliant returns on investment

Low cost of living and a relatively conservative lifestyle make it easy for Indian IT companies to work at substantially lower costs. As a result, businesses can get superlative ROIs by outsourcing to India to make outsourcing mobile application development even more profitable.

When you analyze these factors, it comes as no surprise that Indian citizens hold close to 65 percent of outsourced jobs in the IT industry. India’s future as an outsourcing mobile application development hub looks extremely promising, and businesses can derive multiple advantages by outsourcing to Indian companies.

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