Would You Take a Chance on a Cheap Hearing Aid?

One of the most frustrating things for a hearing impaired person to deal with is a cheap hearing aid.  To have a hearing problem can be frustrating in itself, but to have to continually fight with a malfunctioning or low quality hearing aid is adding insult to injury.  Poor workmanship or cheap parts make hearing a nightmare for the hearing impaired.  It is understandable that some people just can't afford a good quality aid; and insurance companies have long been ornery about helping the hearing impaired.  But buying a better quality aid is better in the long run than wasting hard-earned money on several cheap aids that just don't last!

Hearing your car make a noise when starting up or traveling may be crucial to your engine being repaired properly and may keep you from having an accident.  Hearing a vehicle approach may save your life or the life of a small child who is with you.  Hearing your child scream for help may be what keeps them from being injured further or kidnapped by a stranger.  Hearing the phone ring, hearing a baby cry, hearing a warning to keep you out of danger or hearing an animal approach could all be important life happenings that you'd miss should you choose to buy a cheap hearing aid.  Suppose you were at an important event and your child or grandchild was counting on you to hear them sing or to hear their important part in a play?  If your cheap aid is inhibiting your lifestyle, maybe it would be well worth the investment to treat yourself (and your family) to a quality hearing aid.

Unfortunately, not all dealers of hearing aids will have your best interests at heart when trying to sell you a hearing aid.  Should you have the little voice inside trying to warn you about a shady deal, it pays to listen to it.  The hearing aid should be an important step to changing your life for the better.  Research the company, ask people who already have hearing aids, and check out the different brands and prices available before deciding to purchase.  In other words, shop around, not only for the best aid, but for the best person to help you make your purchase.   Ask an audiologist for references.  Make sure the person you purchase your aid from is easily available for any future questions, or can tell you the steps you need to take should any problems occur.  You should be satisfied that you are getting your questions answered clearly.  Ask about warranties and availability of any service or parts and any costs that may be involved.  Don't just assume that paying for the aid itself is all the cost you would have to incur.

Technology has made leaps and bounds when it comes to developing better hearing aids over the years.  The hearing aids of today make the older ones from years ago seem like cheap hearing aids.  Aids today allow even for whispers in some cases.  Cheap aids may lack the proper control over volume adjustment, noise filtering, whistling, and clarity of sound.


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