And Now In Australia!

RACGP - Australia's coronavirus containment efforts intensifyEvery day we hear bad news about police force against black people in this world. Wasn't it already enough when George Floyd got murdered and now we hear some news from Australia. These are the world's big countries and hearing news like this is very sad. We as the world and humanity were trying to recover from the death of Floyd but now we see another one and most probably more are happening but we don't see yet or they have not been recorder on camera.

The footage from Australia is heartbreaking, saddening, and more that words can't be enough for. The below photo from BBC  is the most heartbreaking scene I have seen today.
A split image from a video showing a police officer tripping up teenager; and the teen pinned down on the ground

I can not understand why do we need to be evil, brutal, unjust and racist in this world of miracles and our short lives? Isn't this world big enough for all of us? Isn't this planet the home of billions of beautiful creatures? Why shouldn't we be one of them beautiful miracles? I don't understand.

What is keeping us from being understanding, peaceful humans? We may have different opinions but it shall not make us walking death machines, racist zombies and brutal blind angry racist attackers. Maybe it seems like we say #blacklivesmatter only for today but don't forget we will be saying it forever no matter where we are from, what color we are.

-Yunus Emre Vurgun


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