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500 Instagram followers = 20.00 USD (only bitcoin payments accepted)   Package Code: a748g4

1000 Instagram followers = 40.00 USD (only bitcoin payments accepted)  Package Code: r74fg4

500 Instagram likes = 5.00 USD (only bitcoin payments accepted)  Package Code: t7418g1

1000 Instagram likes = 10.00 USD (only bitcoin payments accepted)  Package Code: k74eg4

100 Instagram comments =  12.00 USD (only bitcoin payments accepted)  Package Code: 374bg4

How to buy?

If you have decided your choice from the above options now copy the package code that has been written next to it. Send the package code, your Instagram profile URL (but your post URL if you choose likes and comments) and before sending us the email make your bitcoin payment to this bitcoin account: "3Kw8uq98oXBucK2qcZJVP8tE8nnrHPgSof" . Do not forget to send us the screenshot proof of your payment attached to the email. We will check your mail and we will start your order as soon as possible. If you have a problem or if we are late responding to your mail, please directly inform us by WhatsApp: +90 530 760 62 55

Are these followers, likes and comments from real people?

Some of them are real people and some of them are bots. It is not possible to know which one is which actually. We are not going to lie you like other service providers that "all our users are real". No they are not and those people are lying to you to be honest.


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