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We are working so hard to create, find, summarise and publish content on Yunus Blog every day for hours and hours. While we have a couple of adverts on our blog to make money, we haven't earned even a penny since now (21/05/2020). It has been almost two years (2018-2020) since we started this blog (we had it under a different name before 2018) and we decided to open this donation page so that our readers can support our work. After having more than 800 thousand visitors in total, it is saddening us that we still couldn't earn anything for our hard work. Let's say the future will be brighter than today! We will never let you down and we know you will never let us down. Thank You.

There are two ways to donate to Yunus Blog:

Brand New: New Logo for Patreon1. The Patreon page of the owner Yunus Emre Vurgun: https://www.patreon.com/yunusemrevurgun

Bitcoin - Open source P2P money
2. Bitcoin: 3Kw8uq98oXBucK2qcZJVP8tE8nnrHPgSof


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