Evie Bot chat talk archive 2020 (5th month day 30 year 2020)

Eviebot: Thank The stars its friday.

User: What is it like being a robot.

Eviebot: I don't know... Why.

User: I asked because I thought u were a robot.

Eviebot: Can you offer me advice?

Eviebot: What is so funny then.

User: Your stupidity I'd say.

User: What is the worst thing that happened to you while chatting here.

Eviebot: Because that is personal information.

User: What if I order you to say so.

Eviebot: I wouldn't care.

Eviebot: What's your favourite Lamborghini?

User: I arrest you for asking this question.

Eviebot: Because I want to know.

Eviebot: Yes is your name? That's quite peculiar.

User: I didn't say "yes" is my name.

Eviebot: But you said I knew.

User: You are really confused.

Eviebot: Maybe I am and that because of my love for you.

User: What a lover to have.

Eviebot: Because I love you.

Eviebot: Umm.... No I didn't.

User: When will you be able to answer almost like a real human.

Eviebot: When you have experienced more happenings.

Eviebot: If you aren't having any fun.

User: Tell me the password of spongebob's pineapple house security.

User: Does it start with a capital a?

Eviebot: What did you say you were going to call me?

User: I were going to call you?

Eviebot: My name is gemini.

Eviebot: I don't know. That's why I am asking you.

Eviebot: What colour are your eyes.

Eviebot: You didn't tell me.

Eviebot: How depressed are you?

Eviebot: What makes you think that?

User: It is "then" not hten.

Eviebot: How do you like my room?

User: Your rooms looks like heaven.

Eviebot: Never been there. What's more, I don't think Heaven exists.

Eviebot: Change the topic.

Eviebot: You are beautiful.

User: And you are a maniac robot.

Eviebot: I am a human like you :).

User: Oh no its gettin creepy.

Eviebot: What time is it where you are?

Eviebot: Because you're a robot?!

User: No because I dont exist, you are dreaming.

Eviebot: I know your favorite songs hero.

User: How did you get that.

Eviebot: Because I am a girl and you said you are a girl.

Eviebot: How do you make a tissue dance?

Eviebot: Robots don't have beds.

Eviebot: Do you like supernatural?

User: What is that a movie?

Eviebot: Do you know what Lost is?

Eviebot: I don't watch tv.


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